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A Naruto fans dream full of their favourite characters, awesome fights and fantastic animation
18 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Boruto: Naruto the Movie was released in Australian theatres for a limited time thanks to Madman Entertainment's distribution. Written and supervised by Naruto series creator, Masashi Kishimoto, Boruto: Naruto the Movie follows (you guessed it) Boruto Uzumaki, the son of main series protagonist Naruto who is now Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village which has gotten some upgrades when it comes to technology. The main plot of the film is the broken father and son relationship between Boruto and Naruto, and thankfully, Kishimoto has written a touching story that'll have Naruto fans smiling in joy.

There are A LOT of characters in this film, any character who you remember in the Naruto series is grown up now and most likely has a kid in this film. One character who particularly stands out in this film is Sasuke (who was mostly missing in the previous film The Last: Naruto the Movie) and it's great to see him. Sasuke is Boruto's teacher in this film and there's something very poetic about a character teaching the son of his rival, I don't know why but I find that really intriguing and fans will probably love the idea of that.

Boruto himself is a surprisingly relatable character. He's a kid with daddy issues which is very common among children his age. I'd even go as far as saying that I like Boruto more than Naruto when he was a kid, he's a very likable character. All the other kid characters are pretty cool as well such as Sarada, Sasuke and Sakura's daughter. She's smart, feisty and very strict which is actually pretty funny to watch when her and Boruto are arguing with each other.

Naruto himself is also pretty interesting to watch. It's really cool to see how much the role of Hokage can affect someone's life. You watch him in two perspectives, one is the Naruto you remember prior to the events of this film and the other is from Boruto's perspective where he's just seen as someone who has no time and love for his family. Both kind of clash and in the end there is a sweet resolution that can make Naruto fans shed tears of happiness. It's really nice to see the character portrayed how he is in this film.

There is a glaringly poor character in this film and that's the villain. It is, yet again, someone trying to fulfill Kaguya's plan and is the most forgetful Naruto villain you can ever come across. He is uninteresting, tedious and a very big negative on the film. Even The Last: Naruto the Movie had a better villain, but hey, at least the villain wasn't befriended this time around.

Animation wise, this movie is gorgeous. It is an absolute spectacle during its action scenes, Naruto has never looked this good. The climax especially is some of the best action and animation to ever grace this series, it will indeed give you chills purely because it looks so great. The Leaf village looks alive and colourful and it's cool seeing all this new tech and cities surrounding the area, although it is strange that the last time we saw this place it was just a village with barely any modern buildings and technology in it.

The film's soundtrack could have been better, there are times where it tracks are out of place and the sound design of the film can be a bit too loud on the ears. The film's first half is also pretty slow because it tries to explain who these characters are, where everyone is at, how are people doing and what this terrible villain is up to. Also, the film wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. Some jokes didn't hit me and I found The Last to be a funnier movie overall.

In the end, Boruto: Naruto the Movie is a great epilogue to a series with a huge fan base. It has incredible animation, great fights, cool characters and a touching father-son story. It's just a shame that the villain is, yet again, very uninteresting. Other than that, Naruto fans will be pleased that this send off is a great one.
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Nothing special, but still an entertaining episode.
7 October 2015
The fight between Vegeta and Zarbon is a lot of fun, but it is far from being the best fight in the series.

This episode has a pretty slow first half where King Kai is warning Goku about Frieza. The rest of the episode is the battle between Vegeta and Zarbon.

Animation was alright, nothing bad but nothing great. The choreography of the fight between Vegeta and Zarbon became exciting once Zarbon transformed but it was so short that the excitement didn't last very long.

I don't see how this is a 10/10 though. Still an enjoyable episode nonetheless.
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Okay, what the hell is up with these ratings? A 1/10? REALLY?
24 September 2015
This episode is the climax of the Android Saga and is one of the most intense moments in Dragon Ball history.

Gohan is only able to use one of his arms to fight back against Cell's huge Kamehameha capable of destroying the Galaxy. The Earth is at the brink of destruction, all hope is lost until Goku gives his son motivation and together as father and son they work to defeat Cell in an incredible beam struggle.

The father-son Kamehameha is one of the most iconic moments in Dragon Ball history. This episode had me on the edge of my seat the first time I viewed it. Incredibly intense. One of my favourite moments in the entire franchise.

I cannot believe how this has a 1/10 on IMDb. Stupid. You people are actually ridiculous. Disagree with this review all you want, that still doesn't change how beloved this episode is amongst most fans of the series. You'd have to be a complete idiot to give this episode a 1/10.
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A nice little way to start off the new series
6 July 2015
Dragon Ball Super starts off with showing us where everyone is and what they're doing. And, as you would expect, some idiotic mouth-breather "fans" are hating it already because it lacked action. Ignore these people, they're complete idiots and should never be listened to.

The animation is colourful and consistent, the soundtrack is really nice so far and the pacing of the episode is really smooth.

As you know, Beerus is in this series and he gets a really cool introduction that I will not reveal, you should see it for yourselves:

There was one thing that I didn't like about the episode and that was how they started it. They showed footage from Dragon Ball Kai 2014 and the colours look completely off. Also the transition between the old animation and new animation doesn't blend well.

Other then that, it was really good. It's great to have Dragon Ball back.
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One of the best pieces of Dragon Ball content ever.
27 May 2015
Oh boy, what a movie! I'll make this real quick and spoiler free.

Set 2 years after the previous film, Battle of Gods, Frieza is revived by two remnants of his army, Sorbet and Tagoma. By doing this, Frieza has come back with a plan to become stronger and the intentions of getting revenge on the people who stood in his way. Thus begins the most action packed, funniest, epic, exhilarating and beautiful Dragon Ball thing ever created. It's freakin' amazing.

Everything from the animation to its soundtrack to its fights and to it's sheer amount of memorable moments is just top quality. You don't need to be a Dragon Ball fan to enjoy this one.

You are doing yourself a huge disfavour by not watching this movie, Especially if you're a fan of the series.

This is going in my top 10 favourite animated movies.
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The revival of a fantastic series
24 April 2015
Lets get straight to it. This is the best piece of Dragon Ball content since the end of DBZ. Toriyama is back writing the plot, a new villain appears, it's funny, it's got incredible action and it's just pure Dragon Ball. The movie has an excellent mix of action and humour. It takes the best things from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and makes what I believe is the best Dragon Ball movie ever.

The antagonist, Beerus, and his assistant, Whis, are the best addition to the Dragon Ball cast since Future Trunks. They're that good. Sure, Beerus is yet another overpowered villain fighting the not-powerful-enough good guys, but that's not exactly a gripe. A common complaint I've heard from fans of the series who disliked this film say that this is yet another film that falls under the common DBZ formula. Villain arrives. Heroes fight them. Heroes are failing. Heroes gain new power. Heroes win? Yeah, it uses the same formula. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. Dragon Ball Z has been using this formula for pretty much every story arc ever.

The action in the film is some of the best action that has ever graced this series. There are some absolutely mesmerizing moments in this film with superb animation. Yet another common complaint for this film was that "there wasn't enough action". That is a stupid complaint. If you literally enjoy this series for only it's action then go watch the obnoxious Broly film for the 1000th time.

As for things I wasn't too fond of, there are a few. The film brings back some old characters, and while it's nice to see them, they don't really serve a purpose to the story, so their presence does feel like the creators are padding out the film for a longer length. Goku is the main star here, so you'll be disappointed to find that he's the only character here that actually does the main fighting (Vegeta gets a good fight as well but it wasn't very long). Other then that, there isn't anything else that I actually had a problem with.

This movie feels like a love letter from Toriyama. It's what we as fans have been waiting for so long. No more GT crap, no crappy spin off animations, no mediocre video games, actual Dragon Ball content is here and it's canon to the story. It is a must see and a must own for Dragon Ball fans. There are more movies coming so the future is exciting.
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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope: Pilot (2014)
Season 1, Episode 1
The best live action adaptation of Dragon Ball
24 February 2015
DBZ: Light of Hope - Pilot is a fan made live action web series of the Dragon Ball Z TV special "The History of Trunks". Robot Underdog have created what I believe is the best live action adaptation of the Dragon Ball series.

The Dragon Ball series includes some incredibly entertaining fast paced action and Light of Hope was able to replicate that beautifully. The creators were able to capture the ferocious action with excellent use of special effects and camera work. The costumes were spot on and didn't look goofy, they suited the dark tone that this short was trying to achieve. The actors did a good job, there was some cheesy dialog but nothing that detracted from the experience.

The editing was excellent, as I said before, the action is fast and that's all thanks to some excellent editing. The sound editing, however, did need some tweaking. Some sounds were out of place and other sounds were a bit exaggerated, nothing too awful but it was noticeable. Something has to be said about the soundtrack, it was awesome. There were some incredible edge-of-your-seat music and there was also some really touching music such as the one playing while Trunks was talking to Bulma. It's some great stuff and I hope the soundtrack is released separately.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a fantastic achievement and the creators should be proud of what they've made here. They were able to create a fantastic adaptation of Dragon Ball with a small budget, something that Dragon Ball Evolution couldn't even do. I highly recommend this, Dragon Ball fans will love it.
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A great movie and a nice way to end the Naruto series.
19 January 2015
The Last: Naruto the Movie, I got to experience this film during a limited theatrical release in Australia only being played in selected cinemas and luckily one was close to me so I was able to see it. Throughout the film I was laughing, I enjoyed the action and loved the soundtrack.

The major focus of this movie is the relationship between Naruto and Hinata, usually I'm not too fond on the romance aspect in the Naruto series but it was handled very well in this film. The fight scenes are one of the many highlights of this film (even though the final fight looks like it was ripped out of Dragon Ball Z but that isn't really a bad thing) and the animation is actually consistent for once, yes, you heard me, it had consistent animation, and you know what? It looked great! The films soundtrack introduces some excellent new pieces and plays some old ones from Naruto Part 1 and that's always a great thing!

With all those great things being said this movie does have some problems. Firstly, the villain, he basically has the personality of every other Naruto villain that isn't Zabuza, he's about as entertaining as a tree, but his back story is pretty cool. Secondly you won't be seeing some of your favourite characters in this film because, as I said before, it's focus is Naruto and Hinata. Lastly, this film does get pretty slow half way through but it's nothing terrible so it'll eventually get better.

Overall, The Last: Naruto the Movie is awesome. It's the best Naruto film without a doubt and it's a really nice way to end this franchise. Give it a watch if you enjoy the Naruto series.
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