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Fracture (2007)
Will keep you glued to your seat
18 May 2007
The tagline of this film sounds interesting, but also shows the movie's thin plot. 'I shot my wife. Prove it.' Ultimately, the film is smart and witty and keeps you intrigued the entire time as you try find a way to do what the tagline asks you to. However, that's it. Naturally, Anthony Hopkins can do now wrong and 'newbie' Ryan Gosling does really well. Together in a scene, these two are awesome.

What I like about this film is that it totally focuses on the Hopkins/Gosling story-line. In many other films like these there's always that the policemen/attorneys (in this case Gosling) fall in love and then mess it up/ruin their marriage because the case is tearing them apart, you know the drill. There's always some sub story-line involving romance. Gosling finds romance in this movie with Rosamund Pike's character, but it doesn't evolve into another story-line. It doesn't take Willy Beachum's (Ryan Gosling) eyes off the price and even when it falls apart, he doesn't appear to care much (it's all about getting Crawford behind bars) or to feel a need to make it right. I like that. I mean, I love romance in films, but this movie shouldn't be about that and it's not.

Also, the fact that Ted Crawford (Hopkins) is in complete control over everything and everyone in this film astonishes me. This man plays roles like these so well! He just keeps you glued to the screen. The way he is in charge of Willy for (almost!) the entire film is just enjoyable to watch, making the end of the film even more enjoyable when the story comes out and the roles change.

Another reason to praise Gosling for the way he portrayed Willy Beachum. Anthony Hopkins is a legend. He is what draws people to theatres and he is one of the most brilliant actors of all times. Plus, he portrays such a strong character here that I can't help but praise Gosling for holding his own in a very strong manner. Scenes with Gosling are entertaining to watch. You feel drawn to him in almost the same way you feel drawn to Hopkins, even though Willy is in a dark place for most of the film and is hardly in control. Gosling's got great timing.

The story-line might be a little thin and fragile, the outcome is worth it. The movie surprises in more than one way, not in the last place because of the pretty much brilliant performances of both actors. Gosling is going to be big.

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Earthly Possessions (1999 TV Movie)
Entertaining seems to be the key word.
8 August 2005
The first time I saw this movie it was in the middle of the night and all I remember from that time is that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Mostly, because I'm a sucker for the kind of impossible romance stories like 'kidnapper falls in love with hostage' as seen in this movie.

The few times that I watched this movie later, I was kind of disappointed. In my head, the movie had been so much better than it was in real life, but the fact the movie isn't brilliant and the storyline isn't always very much believable, doesn't take away the fact that the movie is beyond entertaining.

There is some serious chemistry between Susan Sarandon and Stephen Dorff. The way they interact and their conversations are definitely enough reason for someone to instantly love the movie. Susan Sarandon is a respected actress in Hollywood and I believe almost every single movie with her in it is worth watching. Stephen Dorff managed to impress me with something other than his cuteness, his acting. Having two great actors in a mediocre movie kind of helps to reach the movie a higher level and that is definitely the case in this movie. I think the movie is entertaining by itself, but the fact Susan Sarandon and Stephen Dorff are in it, adds to its appeal. The movie is there not to be taken too literally and to just sit back and enjoy.

Just like most other people, I was fairly disappointed once the character of Mindy joined the duo. Not because of Mindy herself, but simply because I felt it wasn't necessary. Charlotte and Jake were still entertaining enough together and a third character was not necessary to keep the movie interesting.

The ending may have disappointed some people out there, but I think the ending was decent. It's obvious that the 'happily ever after'-ending everyone's hoping for isn't going to come and it is inevitable that Jake and Charlotte had to say goodbye at some point.

Conclusion: Not good in the traditional sense, but good in the way that it'll keep you entertained for the entire time. The movie has got its flaws that will sometimes disappoint you, but at the same time the movie has got enough charm to keep you interested all the way and will make you love it from start to finish. At least, that's what it did for me.

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A fairytale come true.
17 July 2005
Having expectations before watching a movie is usually a bad thing, since I've learned that movies hardly ever live up to them. Luckily for 'The Prince & Me' I didn't have any expectations before watching it. Well, I did have them, but they weren't very high, which might be the reason that I adored this movie.

The plot itself isn't very original and promising as it is. It's your typical 'chick flick' film that's all about teenage girls dreams and what they expect of love and life. As a teenage girl myself, I can totally relate to that and since I'm not exactly 'immune' to romance in movies I thoroughly enjoyed Paige's (Julia Stiles) adventure and I watched how her fairytale became reality with a big smile plastered on my face.

The first ten minutes of the movie are slow and boring and promise a 110 minute torture. Fortunately, after those ten minutes the air clears and this chick flick becomes a real chick flick. Sparks fly between Paige and Eddie and the chemistry between Julia Stiles and Luke Marbly is undeniable. The movie is sweet, witty and quick and I adored every second of it. Until the first 'happy ending' that is. Although I agree that after the first happy ending I was still kind of craving for more, what I got was too much. The movie is simply a bit too long and the perfect ending you're hoping for just doesn't come. The ending after 110 minutes of sweet smiling left me with a frown on my face. The ending is naturally a happy one, but...there was just something missing. I almost got the feeling that the creators of the movie suddenly realized the movie was already 110 minutes long and they had to end it, so they did. It was just too sudden. I mean, it was sweet, but...unfulfilling and that's a shame.

Conclusion: Your typical romantic movie with a tad more chemistry than most chick flicks offer and although fulfilling at moments, it just misses that key element that makes these kind of movies truly successful. It was a good way to spend 110 minutes though and as a teenage girl the whole 'fairytale is about to get real'-thing really appealed to me and also definitely worked in the movie. The movie did what it's supposed to do. I fell in love with the couple and with the plot and I loved everything about this film for the most part and I'm convinced most other teenagers will feel the same.

8/10 stars.
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Slow start, wonderful ending
6 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start this review by admitting that Adam Sandler is at the bottom of my 'funny people'-list. The guy just doesn't do anything for me. I don't think he's funny at all. I think Drew Barrymore is absolutely hilarious though and she carries every single movie she makes.

The first ten minutes of the movie are awful. Every cliché in the books passes us and Adam Sandler is simply horrible. After the first ten minutes something changes though. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I learned to appreciate the humor or maybe the movie got funnier, I don't know, but...what a great movie it is.

I won't bore you with the story of the movie, but this is it in a nutshell: Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) in a diner and the two really connect. The next day she doesn't remember him though and Henry finds out that due to a car accident, Lucy suffers from short memory loss. Meaning that everyday she wakes up under the impression that it's still the day of the car accident. She does the same thing every day, over and over again, not remembering what she did the day before. Henry believes Lucy is worth fighting for and every single day he manages to make Lucy fall in love with him. He hopes one day she will wake up and remember him. This of course never happens. He stays true to her though and the two get married and have a daughter.

What surprised me about the movie is that it's definitely not just a comedy. Sure, it's funny at points and even hilarious sometimes (Like ten-second Tom for example),'s just very romantic. There's just something deep behind the whole idea of 'falling in love with someone over and over again'. This movie deals with that in the literal sense and there's just something beautiful about that.

Conclusion: Drew Barrymore shines as always in this movie that goes a little deeper than your average romantic comedy. And Adam Sandler? He's not all that bad.

I give this movie 8/10 stars. I loved it.
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Joan of Arcadia (2003–2005)
A new perspective on things
2 May 2005
This still relatively 'new' show (currently in its 2nd season), captured me ever since its first episode. Amber Tamblyn portrays the part of Joan Girardi; a teenager with a special connection to God. He comes to her, always in a different form, and tells her what to do. She usually obeys, something that always leads to either hilarious or emotional situations (often even both), that in the end help her or the people around her.

The show is not afraid to deal with the so-called 'touchy' subjects of life, making it a new and original concept. Not even necessarily because it's about religion, since that's only a small aspect of it, but because the show is simply different from all the others out there's just fun.

The story lines are always fun and interesting and the characters are even more than just that. They're (to say the least) colorful. There's the eccentric, but sweeter than sweet Adam (who is also Joan's love interest), the sarcastic tomboy Grace, the former on-top-of-the-foodchain High School hottie Kevin, who is now in a wheelchair as a result of a car accident, the science geek Luke and of course all the different Gods that never stop to surprise me (who would've thought that God had a sense of humor like that?).

Let's face it though: Amber Tamblyn carries the show. Sure, that kind of makes sense since she portrays the main character and all, but the show probably wouldn't have worked with any other actress. Her girl-next-door looks, her undeniable wit and charm and not to mention her non-existing fear of making a fool of herself, make her simply perfect as the clumsy Joan. Amber is surrounded by lots of talented actors and actresses as Mary Steenburgen, Joe Mantegna and Jason Ritter (son of the late John Ritter), but I'm afraid the show would've been terribly dull if Amber hadn't been part of it, no matter how original the concept might be. Of course there's no point in talking about this, since Amber IS part of the show and she's at least 70% of the reason I watch and adore the show. The other 30% consists out of my interest in the originality of the plot, the characters and the hotness of Jason Ritter.

Good show, good cast, more than worth watching.
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The Notebook (2004)
Absolutely amazing
19 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If the clichés 'love at first sight' and 'true love', don't mean anything to you, don't even bother watching this movie. You'll probably be bored out of your mind and find this movie truly ridiculous. However, for the true believers among us, this movie might be one of the best ever seen.

Sure, the story is sweeter than sweet. We're talking mountains of cotton candy and care bears as far as you can see-sweet here. It's a beautiful story though that will captivate you from the very first second and will bring a smile on your face that's not going to be easy to wipe off.

The movie is about a summer love between two 17 year olds. Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) lives in a small town with his father. Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) is a poor, little rich girl as some would say, from the city. Her relationship with her parents is far from good, but she seems to be happy. She spends the summer in a small town. Yes, that's right: the same small town Noah lives in. They first meet at the carnival. The second Noah laid eyes on Allie, he knew he had to have her, so he did everything he could to accomplish that. Of course they fall in love and although their love is an improbable one, the two really appear to be a match made in heaven. Allie's parents however, do not approve. They think she can do so much better than a lowlife who makes barely 40 cents an hour. This is what eventually breaks the two up. Allie is going back to the city, leaving Noah behind.

Of course this is not where the movie ends. They can't seem to forget about each other, but due to unforeseen circumstances (a.k.a Allie's mom), they don't stay in contact. Allie manages to move on and after a few years she gets engaged to Lon (James Marsden). Lon is a good guy who is very much in love with Allie and Allie really seems to be in love with Lon as well. Everything seems to go well, until Allie past starts to haunt her.

What will happen next? Will Allie discover that Noah is the love of her life after all or will she realize that maybe the memories between the two of them are stronger than their love ever was? Will she marry Lon or will she end up with Noah? I'm not going to give you the answer to that, but I can promise you the ending is going to be worth it!

Ryan Gosling very much surprised me. I knew he was an okay actor. I've followed him ever since his appearance on 'Breaker High' and 'Young Hercules'. But I never thought he was this good. He's a great, talented young actor and I can't wait to see more of him. Same goes for Rachel McAdams. She's a wonderful actress.

Last but not least: in this movie I saw something I hadn't seen in quite a while. Not really anyway: On screen chemistry between the two main characters! Ryan and Rachel's chemistry is undeniable and part of this movie's charm.

I give this movie 10/10. Why? It's simply perfect for a sucker for romance as myself!
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The Ring Two (2005)
Lacks the mystery of the original, but makes up for it with the horror.
20 March 2005
The original 'The Ring' scared everyone half to death. That's a fact. It introduced the world to a new kind of scary, the kind of scary that doesn't involve chainsaws and tons of blood, but involves suspense and mystery. Needless to say that my expectations for the sequel were pretty high. Did the film meet my expectations? I'd say so...

The film starts only months after the first film ended. Rachel and her son Aidan move to a small town, to get away from it all and start all over. Rachel finds a new job at the local newspaper and everything seems to be working out for the two. A fresh start. Until Rachel hears about a mysterious death that occurs in the town. A teenage boy was found in front of the TV and was literally scared to death. Rachel decides to go see for herself and what she suspects is true: Samara is back! This time it's not about the video itself, but about the girl. She wants a mommy. She wants to find a way out. Samara wants Aidan. She wants to become Aidan, so she'll have a mommy again. Result: a terrifying film that won't make you sleep easy after watching it.

Naomi Watts once again does a terrific job as Rachel ('I am not your f*cking mommy!'). However, the two people that really caught my attention were David Dorfman and Sissy Spacek. The first one is absolutely fantastic as the little boy Aidan. He portrays the part brilliantly and really freaked me out at certain points. Sissy Spacek shows how scary, but interesting she still is (remember Carrie?!) and although her part in the movie is rather small, she still leaves an impression.

Conclusion: the real mystery is gone, since everything was already explained in the first movie, but Samara is still as scary as ever (maybe even scarier, because we really see her this time) and the films has got some of the most terrifying scenes that I've seen in a long time. Look out for the scene with the deers and the scene with Samara in the well. That'll freak you out.

8/10 The original movie might be a little bit more original, but this one also does the trick and will keep you from sleeping at night.
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A movie with a heart.
9 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A walk to remember is a movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. However, I didn't know that when I first watched the movie, so I never compared the movie with the book, which might be a good thing. Not because the movie is bad or the book is bad, but because they are both very different and comparing the two would do injustice to both the film and the book.

The movie stars Mandy Moore as the sweet, religious daughter of the minister with a horrible sense of style (she only owns one sweater), but a heart of gold; Jamie Sullivan. Shane West plays Landon Carter, the dark, mysterious bad boy whose life revolves around his own popularity and group of followers. Two people that have absolutely nothing in common. However, fate brings them together when Landon is forced to participate in the spring play, which means working closely together with Jamie. Things change from that moment on. Landon changes from that moment on.

'A walk to remember' is simply a beautiful movie that shows an impossible love-story between a boy and a girl that are so different, but so alike at the same time. They manage to make their impossible love possible, only to learn that their love-story will inevitably come to an end. Like I said before: this is a movie with a heart. It's an emotional movie that will make you think about certain things you've probably never thought about before.

The movie isn't flawless. No movie is. However, I was willing to look beyond those flaws and what I saw was the sweetest, most beautiful movie I've ever seen. The chemistry between Mandy Moore and Shane West is undeniable and both of them have done a really great job on this movie. They were better than I expected.

To me, this is my favorite movie of all times. I love every bit of it and I can watch it over and over again. The movie always brings me to tears and hopefully that will never change.

Conclusion: If you have a heart and you enjoy love-stories with a not-so-happy ending, then you will like, probably love, this movie. It's great. Give it a chance.

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Crossroads (I) (2002)
Not as bad as everyone says
13 February 2005
The plot of this movie might not be that interesting, since it's just a fairly predictable, road-trip/feel-good movie, but all the horrible things people say about it aren't true.

First of all: Britney Spears doesn't suck at acting. Mariah Carey sucks at acting yes, Britney really doesn't. She's not a very experienced actress and she's not all that talented, but I've seen worse. She was believable and I actually enjoyed watching her play the part, so please cut the girl some slack! Don't think I'm a huge Britney Spears fan or anything, because let's face it: she's not all that talented. Not when it comes to acting and not when it comes to singing.

Second of all: I think the entire reason critics and other people talked so bad about this movie was Britney. Just because she is in it, people paid more attention to it and they did everything they could to point out the bad things. Personally, I don't think that's fair, because the movie really isn't that bad.

Third of all: The love-story between Ben and Lucy was kind of sweet! He might be older than her, but...who cares?! They are sweet together and unbelievable story-lines like this occur in every movie, but somehow because Britney is in this movie, people say things about it, which brings me back to my previous point.

So, basically: the movie isn't that, Britney isn't that bad and it's just a nice movie to watch when there's nothing else on. Give it a try and you might not regret it. Especially teenage girls will enjoy this movie, I'm almost sure of that.
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Beautiful movie, brilliant acting. Simply Magical!
10 February 2005
I'm a 16-year-old teenage girl and I suppose most other girls (or guys for that matter) won't enjoy this movie as much as I did. My two friends that I came with proved that, since they kept sighing and saying 'Oh my God...' throughout the entire movie. However, this is one of the most wonderful movies I've ever seen.

It's a movie with a heart that just makes you smile. Not because it's a funny movie, but it's just a very sweet and magical movie. You feel like you're in James Barrie's mind and that's very interesting, since everything is in one way or another fairytale-like to him. James truly was Peter Pan and this movie showed that over and over again. He was still a little boy and it's wonderful to see how he expressed that. His relationship with the Davies family was so extraordinary to see and I loved every single second of it.

Let's not forget the brilliant acting. I didn't expect otherwise from Johnny Depp, since he's my favorite actor of all times and he convinced me once again that he deserves to be called 'the best actor of all times' by me. Kate Winslet pleasantly surprised me. I always thought she was a great actress, but I never really enjoyed any of her movies. Now I had the chance to see what a great actress she is and I loved how she played her character and her commitment to her family. The children are all played by very talented kids and especially little Michael made me laugh, although I believe all three of them have something special. Like the boy that played little Peter. He was amazing.

I think every adult (and probably some teenagers too) will enjoy this movie and it might remind them of the little child inside of them. I give this move 9 out of 10 stars. I loved every single second!
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Westenwind (1999–2003)
Soap-opera extreme
25 January 2005 maybe soap-opera is bit of an insult, because this show offered more than just your regular soap-opera story lines. It's been a while since I've seen it and the final season was ridiculous, but I remember really enjoying the second season. I loved the little Romeo and Juliet-thing that was going on between Sam and Anton (Daan Schuurmans was terrific as Anton!), because it was all very sweet. The whole concept of the show is pretty original. Sometimes things did get a big ridiculous though. Especially in the final season when there were face transplants and stuff. I stopped watching then, but I remember several things about the second season that really makes me want to watch the show again. Like the storyline about Tessa and Nancy and Nancy turning into a psycho with an axe...That was all fun. The show wasn't perfect, but I really enjoyed watching it.
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The Terminal (2004)
An absolute masterpiece
23 January 2005
This movie really is an absolute masterpiece. With Steven Spielberg directing it and 'big' actors as Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones starring in it, I hadn't expected otherwise, yet I was still very much impressed by the movie. Tom Hanks plays a guy from an East-European, fictional country, who hardly speaks any English. It's unbelievable how convincing and with how much charm he presents the part, which made me instantly love the movie.

The story itself is of course brilliant. It follows a guy who hardly knows the difference between yes and no in English, around JFK airport, because he's stuck there since his country has gone to war and technically no longer exists. Victor Navorski's clumsiness, but irresistible charm and inventive nature, combine both humor and drama into this amazing film. Add Catherine Zeta-Jones as a possible love interest for Victor and the film is complete.

Without a doubt one of the best films I've seen in quite a while, not in the last place because of Tom Hank's brilliant acting. 9/10
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Paradise Hotel (2003– )
Pointless, but oh so good!
30 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, PH is just another reality show. However, it is so incredibly addictive! You just really feel connected with all the contestants and you take sides whenever they are in a fight (which is quite often) and you feel bad for them whenever they have to make horrible decisions. I felt totally bad for Dave, because he had a little crush on Charla and she didn't want him. He kept trying though! You gotta give him points for that! Basically, all the contestants acted like teenagers,'s so much fun! Wish they would start a second season. I will almost certainly watch it. Last but not least: Who did not enjoy the little World War III, that was going on between Zack and Keith? What was going on with them in the first place? Zack was such a child!
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Weird, but so incredibly good!
24 December 2004
I think that pretty much sums it up. The movie is without a doubt one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen, since it's about a guy with scissors for hands, but at the same time it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's an extraordinary, timeless movie and it surprised me in so many ways.

Johnny Depp is simply brilliant as Edward. His clumsiness, his facial expressions, the way he moves...everything was just brilliant. No one could have done it better, I'm sure of that.

I think Edward Scissorhands will always be one of my favorite least in my top 5. It's a strange, but wonderful movie!
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Love it!
21 September 2004
Well, I live in Holland no one here really knew Jessica..or Nick for that matter, but...that all changed when this show first aired here. It is just soooo hilarious! Jessica is definitely not the smartest person alive and that just makes it so funny! Some things she said just got me thinking: OMG, how dumb are you?! But I love her though. Underneath that spoiled and dumb exterior is a very sweet and beautiful woman. And Nick is just great and it's amazing to see how patient he is around Jessica. You can totally see how great they are together and how much in love they are. And what a busy schedule they have! Unbelievable! Anyway, this show is hilarious and I totally love it!
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