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Beautifully melancholic
7 January 2017
These type of films don't come around that often, and for good reason. It takes focus and effort to come up with stories and themes that touch deeper than the usual Hollywood dirge. The story-line is completely unpredictable , unlike 95% of the films out there.

What is most intriguing about M B T S , is the way in which highly depressing themes are kept in check with humour, intelligent scripting and a subtle feel good factor, which seems to creep in at exactly the right time. The overall feel is also kept balanced by the intricacies of the relationships between various characters. Affleck has taken his game to the next level , his character and mannerisms are completely believable -he is submerged into type.

As a couple of mid 40 somethings, we grew tired of the typical film genres some years ago. We long for films like this, and having seen many of the nominated films for this year (bafta), this one is by far the clear leader. Hacksaw ridge is just another glorification of war, predictable, overly violent and boring, silence is good OK but not special and the list goes on. Manchester by the sea deserves recognition for standing out in a sea of mediocrity
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ridiculously depressing and pointless
24 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film starts with much promise. A break from the norm, something potentially beautiful , artistic and moving. Unfortunately , the story line is absolutely ridiculous as the main characters go from having a lovely, happy life to a seriously depressing one with one idiotic move. i appreciate that guilt is what drives the decision to cause such upheaval , but why would anyone put their loved ones through such pain, and basically throw their lives away. Of course one can relate to the guilt the father feels, but this turn in the plot make the film highly depressing, like many other films out there The way in which the child goes from loathing her genetic mother to liking her is also a little hasty and unbelievable. the formative years are called so because they are so important in forming the bonds any child has.
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Brotherhood (I) (2016)
sub standard plot/acting/casting.
24 December 2016
Unfortunately the grit of the original two movies is well lost in this episode. The main two gangsters/bad men are completely unbelievable characters. One is like a runty cousin of Danny dyer (some Essex warrior who couldn't scare a granny), and the other 'hugs' comes across as a mincing Turkish footballer, who's acting is very wooden. The acting in general (apart from Noel's) is farcical, along with the Americanised story line , which takes things too far from potential reality. Even Curtis, who was pretty demonic in the second film comes across as a theatrical comedy villain. If you are going to attempt to cast in high level gangsters who run large grossing international business's, then please, make the characters believable. Some orange Essex boy in top shop garms just doesn't cut it. The great thing about the first two films was that they were believable to a certain extent, with the plots mirroring how life can be for large swathes of society in urban environments. For some reason Clarke took this one way beyond those parameters, and failed miserably. If parenthood is to happen as the 4th and final part, then please take it back to the original flavour. There is so much good new music and Yoot's (genuine rude boys who hang with well known grime artists) to ensure Clarke could create a realistic and believable film. Unfortunately, this film waters down the first two and comes across as a way to milk the good will built up.
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Saul fia (2015)
Over rated, depressing and pointless.
7 May 2016
The story, and motivations of the lead character are not captivating in anyway. Focusing on one mans desire to bury the body of one of the many children massacred in a concentration camp, there appears to be little or no meaning in any of it. On top of a slow, laborious storyline, this film is highly depressing, and serves no purpose in the world. Great films are supposed to inspire emotion, and preferably more than just sadness. This film is not the great event that some quarters make out. Sometimes, the grittiness of independent, foreign language films catapults their reach and appeal. For me, this film is a classic case of that phenomenon in action.
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St. Vincent (2014)
Hollywood dirge for morons
30 November 2014
where did all the hype come from for this film? I had completely forgotten everything about it as soon as it finished. This is yet another obvious , unimaginative and uninspiring film, which is not worthy of its high rating on IMDb. Anyone mentioning this as Oscar worthy seriously needs to get out there and find more to do. Whilst BM is quite a believable character, so he should be its his profession and he has been doing it long enough. Do yourself a favour and avoid this film, you will not gain anything from watching it. If you want to watch something decent, '71 is much much better, even interstellar rinses this! St Vincent is yet another dumbing down, wanna be feel good movie that fails to deliver.
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Blue Jasmine (2013)
Don't believe the hype
29 October 2013
Whilst this film has the undeniable Woody quirk going on, the story is not stand out in my opinion. Midnight in Paris was more mainstream but the story was very original and entertaining, this on the other hand is just another tale of strife, covering the complications of modern day relationships.

Its a woody allen take on a very common genre, yet he doesn't add sufficient colour or verve to separate it from the crowd. What the very orange alex baldwin is doing in it, i have no idea. he's a relic that need not be brought back to life. Having been to the cinema two nights running, to see both this and captain phillips, i can't help but feel that we should have chosen the selfish giant instead. Mainstream cinema is predictable and tedious, and although this film is better than most of the Hollywood dirge, the margins are not huge.
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This will brighten up your day
27 October 2013
Its not often i go to the cinema and am both captivated and uplifted from start to finish. The story, the characters, the cast, everything works beautifully, with Driss playing the lead roll to perfection. You can't fail to love that guy, regardless of his faults. The humour translates well and the jokes remain as funny in subtitles as they do in its original language. The fact that this is a true story tops off an already perfect combination. If there were more films like this, the world would be a better place, and the only problem i have now is that I'm always expecting a similar level of entertainment as this at every subsequent visit to the cinema. Other recent films i put on par with this(for varying reasons) are , a royal affair, the hunt, la grande belleza, sound city, searching for sugar man. If you have not seen this film, you are in for a treat.
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Prisoners (2013)
The most predictable, depressing genre of movie on the planet
27 October 2013
You've seen and heard it all before. This wont leave you feeling anything positive about life, its just another suspense filled thriller about murderers. A slight twist in the story does not save this well trodden theme. The fact this film has more than 8 in the ratings says more about the state of mind of the public than anything else. If your looking for something different , this is not the film for you. Its high time the mould was broken and people started making more films that don't leave people worrying or in fear of what might happen to you or your family. Untouchable(french film) is what im talking about, or searching for sugar man. those type of films give you a good feeling, they contribute to this world. This is just another turd in a cesspool.
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