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Possessing Piper Rose (2011 TV Movie)
Good movie. Other review say cause isn't gory is stupid
4 January 2017
Let me tell you gore doesn't make a movie. The movie was great it goes for the old horror movie you don't need gore to make a great horror movie. Loved this movie, good effects, good acting it doesn't look like it was made for T.V. If you are a true horror fan and not a stupid little teenagers or adult I highly recommend the movie. It did scare me .It was well done. Realistic.I really love this movie is different it might look similar but is actually very different from the mainstreams possession movies. Just give it a try if you truly love art and you are not in just for the gore or the organs falling out or head chopping around that you won't find it here, but things that would make you tremble?, yes you will.
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Niania (2005– )
I love it, you won't regret it watching it.
18 January 2013
This review comes from a person who has seen all the remakes of TV sitcom The Nanny with Fran Drescher (except that of Ecuador), and I can tell you that this the best remake, I laugh like the original. I disagree with the previous review the person who did it, was clearly blind and deaf . Niania nailed it, They hit every mark, they were spot on . 10/10 as the original. Exellence if I could buy it I will buy the whole season.Konrad is perfect for Niles he have the cute factor same as Niles.Karolina it's perfect for C.C. The Russian C.C (Zhanna, look too old and is way too tall for Konstatin the butler who is not cute and scare me, tough I do like Zhanna). Once again Niania it's perfect you won't regret it, I love so much.My version is of cour The Nanny with Fran Drescher but the 1 runner up always will be Polish version Niania and I won't trade it for anything in the world, it's great it's funny and it's cute.
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