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Absolute Garbage - Did Jeffrey Lau actually directed this??
21 November 2016
3 out of 10 on IMDb sounds about right for this incoherent film which a)neither makes sense b)nor is it funny. Wu Jing might be a talented action star, but he sucks as the monk compared to the original, and the story line just doesn't make sense. The Goddess of Mercy and the Jade Emperor are also terrible.

For such a star studded cast, how can the movie be this bad?? Was the entire film crewed abducted by triads and forced to shoot this? Did a first year film student shoot this and used Jeffrey Lau's name instead? Either way, its a terrible, terrible film and should be avoided. I want 1.5hr of my life back!
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Great Movie of the 80s!
11 December 2004
This is a great classic! One of the best of that era that combined really funny slap sticks with truly scary moments as well.

And I do mean scary. In fact, some of the scenes in this movie are more scary than some of the so-called "pure horror" movies that are intentionally made only to scare. The plot is also pretty plausible, with the action fast, and intense. The horror is nicely balanced with comedy that will leave you laughing in stitches that makes the whole movie that much easier to stomach.

Kudos to Jacky Cheung too for his terrific performance and rubbery face! I would rate this a 10 out of 10 for the nostalgia! Must see for Hong Kong movie fans.
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A Great Story of Nationalistic Pride...
20 June 2004
Out of all the movies by Yuen Wo Ping, this is probably his best work. The movie goes beyond the normal routine of private feuds and senseless fights to reflect on the strong nationalistic pride before the Japanese occupation of World War 2 and the pride of a pugilist.

It also tells us how even someone who is weak and bullied can one day rise and become someone great if the spirit is willing. This is a very complex movie with many themes and invokes great respect for the main martial artists in the movie, not because they are great fighters -- but because they have great spirit behind their martial arts. A movie of inspiration, and of great nationalistic pride. This is a movie I continually watched to remind me of how even the weak can someday rise beyond that. One of my favourite movies even up to today, it has themes that will resonate throughout the ages. A+
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Do not watch unless seriously bored
19 June 2004
I have no idea how the first reviewer can think that this is the most scary movie ever??? The plot sucks and has more holes than a moth-eaten sock. The ghost doesn't follow normal rules of engagement and the film just substitutes gore for true well written horror. Imagine monks being killed by a newly deceased spirit and people being possessed and killing themselves. Monks specialized in exorcising just die by strangulation! That is ridiculous. Guys, don't watch this one. Its not worth the time at all!

Spend ur time elsewhere instead. i recommend watching The Haunted Cop Shop or Office yao guai instead if you want something that at least has some logic and provides a good time.
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Good film of that period
13 June 2004
Although the martial arts choreography isn't as snazzy as it is in modern martials arts film, the movie has a few interesting twists to it.

I was mildly surprised at the end and which was rather novel and refreshing. My only grouse is that the love interest isn't developed more. I would have loved to see a more concrete expression of development, but the portrayal in this film is probably more accurate of the period in which women were not expected to express feelings of love.

If you're a wuxia fan, you will probably add this to your collection as a comparison to modern wuxia. There are enough suspense in it to make it interesting too. Worth a watch.
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Without a Doubt the best of the Series
11 June 2004
This is definitely the best out of all the Young and Dangerous Series. The loyalty and comraderie within the triad is well played out and the scene where San Gai is scolded is especially powerful. The way Ekin Cheng just downed all those beers and walked aimlessly down the street is a damn near perfect mimic of what a real gu wa zai would do in such a situation. The ending was great and uplifting, short of giving it away. Definitely the best in the series.

I'm guessing that this movie got a low rating from the conservatives who don't like to see the proliferation of the idealization of gangs but I ask that you judge the film on its own merit. This is a must-see if you want to take a look at the gritty life of a Hong Kong triad society member, glorified of course. Enjoy.
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