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Kids will enjoy it, and adults may find some enjoyment in it.
19 August 2012
Okay, where should I start? First I would like to say that this show isn't groundbreaking or anything. It is simply just nice, and little bit of fun to watch. Kids will like it and their parents may find some enjoyment while watching with their kids. What do I think of it? I think it is a nice show that kids and their parents can easily enjoy together.

The CG is probably the thing that could turn people off, but once you get past that you'll find some enjoyment in this show.

The characters are rather one-dimensional, but they're entertaining enough with their quirks. My personal favorite is Grumpy as he has the most depth to him, and also I really like grumpy and sarcastic type of characters.

The writing is okay, and there are some jokes that will give you some giggles know and then.

Voice acting is good, and actually feels like the actors/actresses are putting in some effort.

Music, not much to say about it, only that it works for the show as all.

So overall, this series is a great watch for kids, as well as adults. If you have kids, then you should most certainly cheek out this series.
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Gravity Falls (2012–2016)
Best new Disney show!!
17 July 2012
Gravity Falls is set in a town in the middle of nowhere, focusing on Dipper and Mabel, solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

One of the things that I find really amazing about this show is the music. It's great, eerie, and enhances the mood of the scene.

The characters are all great, and are all very likable and funny. The dynamics between Dipper and Mabel is one of the best parts of the show if you ask me. The way they interact with each other is the way you would think a brother and sister would act towards each other.

Animation wise, it is pretty well animated. The intro's animation is impressive but the actual show isn't as amazing but still good.

The show has a eerie atmosphere, but still has the heart of most of Disney shows.

So overall, The show is great. The characters, eerie atmosphere, and charm make it a enjoyable watch for kids and adults.
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