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13 December 2004
Wow. This film is incredible- being a huge LOTR fan I cannot describe the excitement when the lights went down in the cinema almost a year ago now. I love this film and watch it a lot on DVD. Sam [Sean Astin] is my favourite character. He shines through in the last one- he is just loyal,faithful and everything people should be today. Sean Astin is an amazing actor- he should have more credit.

All the cast are amazing- Elijah Wood,Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortenson etc... there was no weak link whatsoever in this film- amazing!

The ending brings me to tears every time- I have never cried so much at a film. Breathtaking.

I can't wait to get the extended version- simply amazing. One of the greatest films of our time!
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I'm a Believer!
13 December 2004
Being a 14 year old Monkees fan I obviously wasn't around when the Monkees were at the height of their success- but I know their story pretty well. I didn't know what to make of the film at first- somebody else portraying my beloved Monkees? But after watching it I found that I loved it- it was pretty much true to the Monkees story and was a lot of fun. The soundtrack was great too- it will leave you humming Monkees songs for days afterwords!

The film is a credit to Davy,Micky,Peter and Mike and to the actors who played them [George Stanchev, Aaron Lohr, L.B Fisher and Jeff Geddis] watch the movie if you are a Monkees fan..if you are NOT a Monkees fan, watch the movie and you will probably become one!
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I really enjoyed it!
12 December 2004
The reason I originally watched the film was because I am a Monkees fan and I knew that Davy Jones made a cameo in it- but I found that I really enjoyed it! It is hilariously funny and is a really clever idea- the acting is terrific! Christine Taylor, Jennifer Elise Cox, Shelley Long, Gary Cole etc...all the cast were great!

Of course I loved it when Davy sang 'Girl'- great stuff! I also got a good surprise when Peter and Micky were also in it! [Okay, for a second- but even so!]

I rushed out and bought the sequel afterwords. Watch it- its great fun!
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Happy Days (1974–1984)
I love Happy Days!
4 December 2004
I am 14 years old and I love Happy Days- there should be more programs like it now! I am a fan of older TV shows, as well as new ones [I love Starsky and Hutch], but If I ever need cheering up- I always put Happy Days on. I think I watch at least one episode a day and it puts me in a good mood!

All the characters are fantastic- Richie, Potsie, Ralph, Joanie etc..and who could ever forget The Fonz? What I love about Fonzie is that he is so cool but is also a softie and loves his 'family' The Cunninghams so much.

Watch Happy Days- you won't regret it!

To Happy Days!
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Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979)
Best TV show EVER!
14 June 2004
I am 14 years old and Starsky and Hutch is my favourite show ever! It is simply FANTASTIC! I love it. Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul have amazing chemistry and are superb actors. The friendship between Starsky and Hutch is wonderful as well and makes the show much more enjoyable to watch.I don't think there has ever been a show before or since which shows such a special and unique friendship- it is what separates it from other cop shows-Starsky and Hutch is NOT about the car,or the guns the end, it is all about the friendship.

Wonderful other characters- Huggy Bear, Dobey etc make it even better and pull the show together. Other older shows have got old fashioned or the acting is poor, but Starsky and Hutch is, I would say, a million times better than TV shows on telly now. I am hoping that they do the re-union with Paul and David- and so are hundreds and hundreds of other fans! Starsky and Hutch rule forever!
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