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Woke, sweet, not very funny and misses the mark
4 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure why they coughed up all the licensing dosh to link the series to the movie and bring in Curtis and McDowell. So the original film was a comedy im pretty sure of that. This is more like mistresses mixed with lifestyles of the rich and famous.

By focusing on exceedingly wealthy young women living in multi million pound properties in Notting Hill it loses the charm of the original. In one scene the mother complains about paying the mortgage and funding the business of one of these young women. But in reality the house in Notting Hill would have made millions in the time frame they were meant to own it so not sure they would be too worried.

So you have to suspend reality whereas the original was unapologetic posh. Not necessarily wealthy which is maybe something that the new writers have misunderstood. The ending is frankly ridiculous and again suspends belief.

Its sweet enough but unsatisfying although probably would be better if it wasn't burdened with the film link. Doubt we will see this again which is a shame as it seemed like a good idea.
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The Comedian (2016)
Admiration for the performer hidden in a sweet romcom
29 April 2017
This is a nice romcom which contains some crude humour but its not really about the comedy content. All the poor reviews are missing the admiration the movie tries to show for those few individuals that can hold an audience and make them laugh.

Its hard enough public speaking but to then capture an audience and hold them in your hand hanging on your every word making them laugh is what this movie is trying to show. I think Robert De Niro is a great comedy actor but from his interviews probably an introvert personality so no doubt admires the skill of people like Billy Crystal, who has a small cameo, greatly and the reason he did this movie.

Harvey Keitel's face after the final performance in the retirement home summed up the movie. Grudging admiration for the skill of live comedy.
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Good movie, beautiful scenery but could have been historically more complete
7 April 2015
Great movie although Russell does not look old enough to have adult sons. The water diviner title is also rather weak and not really anything to do with the story as far as I can tell.

What is good is the scenery in Turkey is stunning. Its a beautiful country and this movies does it justice. The story as well is entertaining and well told. Russell has done a good job with such serious and heavy going subject matter.

Movie goes out of its way to acknowledge and show the Turkish side. Full credit for that especially coming from Australia which often brushes over this. Sadly failed to acknowledge the other allies that were fighting alongside the Anzacs which suffered terrible casualties as well. I appreciate this was about the Anzacs but it made out as though they were the only ones involved so an opportunity missed to truly educate everyone as to exactly what happened. The token British toff thrown in to rub salt into the wound of the thousands of British, french, canadians, kiwis etc that died in the campaign as well.

The overall casualties were shown at the end but no mention that they were not all Anzacs. I appreciate its Hollywood and historical accuracy is not their strong point. But given the outstanding efforts made to show the Turkish side fairly I think this was poor. Likewise the nationalist uprising taking place in Istanbul was not really explained very well and little mention of Ataturk.

Otherwise entertaining. Enjoyed it and recommend.
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