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Brilliant follow up
28 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
20 years on we find Renton in Amsterdam with a job, wife and running addiction, but with looming divorce, redundancy and the death of his mother he heads home to Edinburgh.

Begbie in jail plots an escape, Sickboy is involved running a pub and a little extortion and Spud is still caught in the cycle of recovery and relapse.

The pace of this film does not match the first, it is a much more nuanced, pedestrian pace but does have it bursts of exhilaration.

Nostalgia plays a big part with flashbacks and nods to the original, but it is a lot more than a nostalgia fest, our players have evolved and matured at least in part and there can be little denial we are watching the same characters that captured our hearts over two decades ago.

The Renton/Sickboy relationship is central to this sequel, but it is Spud's story that will capture your heart. When money threatens to once again present an opportunity for betrayal between Mark and Simon Spud steps up to take away the temptation.

Spud takes to writing down personal stories and looks to collate them into a book and everyone who read them has an emotional response even Begbie.

There will be plenty of detractors to this sequel, no doubt already armed with the hackneyed "Not as good as the first" but this is a story in it's own right and if Danny Boyle's intention was to make people happy he has surely been successful in that regard.

A great sequel to a brilliant original that demands a third instalment...I just don't hope we have to wait 20 years for Trainspotting 3!
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Doctor Who: Love & Monsters (2006)
Season 2, Episode 10
Not for "life-long Dr Who fans"
28 January 2007
This episode was significant in many ways. This was the episode that split the doctor Who audience. The Liberals loved it; the conservatives thought it was a monstrosity.

This is a story from a fans perspective, not a fan of the Television show "Dr Who" but a fan of the Doctor from within the Whoniverse. I wont list all the points of contention within this episode, by reading other comments here you can work them out for yourself, but one writer here advises, in facts pleads "do not watch this episode". If you are the type of person who would rather live in ignorance than hear bad news, don't watch it. If you are an adventurous sort, who is willing to try new and exciting things, and appreciate the effort even if they don't quite work out then don't miss this episode.

Those "life-long Dr Who fans" are a strange bunchÂ….. stay away from them.
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Rocky Balboa (2006)
A must see! (very-minor spoilers)
22 December 2006
When I first heard of this project I thought "Oh no, not another like Rocky 5!". How wrong I was. This film is so unRocky like and indeed, probably unAmerican, in that it is very understated. We see Rocky come to terms with Adrian's death, a new romance that we can see blossoming or maybe not, we see Paulie and how he copes with redundancy, a heavyweight champion who is struggling for respect and how Rocky junior lives in the shadow of his fathers name. Funnily enough even though we are expected to believe that Rocky in his 50's is fighting the world heavyweight champion I found this the most believable Rocky film. The fight scene's like the film were understated and fairly true to life and he is not fighting an unbelievable monster like Clubber or Drago.

Fans of the Rocky series should definitely see this film and even people who are not Rocky fans will like this as it's so character driven. The acting performances too are reserved and believable, Geraldine Hughes as Marie is fantastic. The film I can only describe as comedy-romance with a decent bit of boxing thrown in at the end. A great film to take your girl to, a sentimental trip and a great way to round the Rocky series off.

It's the best film I have seen this year, and I was not expecting it, I love when films do that! If you have not seen it, I would recommend you do, even if you are not a Rocky fan!

"Just A Little Bit Further"
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Intelligent Plants, a 40 foot clone of Spock and an outcast for the eugenic wars.
15 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The crew beam down to the planet Filos inhabited by intelligent plants. Sulu is bitten by a Replaw plant, which injects a deadly poison into him, a talking plant called Agmar then administers an Antidote that saves Sulu.

Flying plants then Kidnap Spock and Agmar he is being taken to "the master" as Spock is a "perfect specimen". Agmar then introduces Kirk to Dr Stavos Kaniculus 5 a clone of a survivor from the eugenics war who is 40 feet tall.

Kaniculus then clones a 40 foot Spock, leaving the original close to death. Kaniculus reveals that he and "Spock 2" will roam the galaxy to enforce peace. With Spock close to death Kirk manages to persuade Kaniculus that peace already exists and Spock 2 then mind-melds with Spock to revive him.

Kaniculus and "Spock 2" agree to remain on the planet and help the intelligent plant rebuild their society.

This was written by Walter Koenig and is quite honestly a terrible plot that makes no sense. To think that there is a 50 foot Spock clone who turned into a gardner is just beyond comprehension.

Worst episode of TAS I have seen (so far!)
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