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Microphone (II) (2010)
great movie, but sad
26 August 2012
one of the few Arabic movies that I've liked, I have been writing in my blog and protesting for 6 years now(since I was 16), I was protesting against Alkedeeseen church suicide attack when it was released, I was in Khaled Said's protest that was in the movie(I remember that day well, it was 12-6-2010, the funny thing is, Egypt doesn't feel any different, I feel that we've ruined everything.

this movie meant so much to me for a different reason than the good directing, Khaled Abulnaga, Yousra Elouzy, Hany Adel, or Menna Shalabi's acting, different that Masar Igbari and Helbawi's voice, different that the familiar graffiti, in fact, it means so much because it feels the same, it made me see that I didn't miss much for seeing it in August 2012, and not when it was released (jan 2011), the only difference the writers should make if it was not released, is that people in the mosque at the end of the movie, that prevented them from doing their concert, and the state, represented in the National stage and the police, that prevented them from doing their concert twice, and from living freely actually, the writers should make them together, not a separated authority, meaning that the theater guy should wear a policeman outfit and leave his beard, it's the only thing that have changed in Egypt since the revolution, authorities have all entered the blender.

thank you all for this movie, and for making me see that nothing has changed, that it didn't feel old seeing a movie that discusses things before the revolution this late, it is never late in Egypt
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