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Into the Dark (2018– )
5 October 2018
Convoluted, and poor, and derivative. Just a nauseatingly bad script, woeful main man, and so many memetic, unimaginative tropes.
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Forever (2014–2015)
Very promising!
28 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll admit, upon reading the synopsis I thought.... oh this is SO not going to work... but I actually thoroughly enjoyed this show! Great cinematography, quality leads, cool story, interesting twist on the 'immortality' formula (i.e, he is actually mortal but regenerates - he actually dies, which is a pretty neat idea).

I genuinely have high hopes for this show. Who can know in today's climate which shows will or won't succeed, but this had the triumvarate of Good characters, Good Plotting, and Good production values, alongside good dips into mystery, history, romance, medical science, police show.

I give this a very firm 8.5/10 - could easily stay around that mark, it doesn't give of the sense of cluelessness!

And by the way, superb opening scene - that's how to begin a pilot!
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Partners (2014)
Formulaic, like a good recipe your mum has given you 100 times
12 August 2014
Basically, what do you expect, a reinvention of the wheel?

OK - bugbears for the downside. It's multicamera, it's got canned laughter , it's copycat formulaic of the oddcouple/buddy/fish out of water clichés. It's got one absolute dog of a character (the stepdaughter, who is like Lindsay Lohan stamping on Hilary Banks' comedic memory). Typical family scenario and ridiculously convoluted family situation, etc etc.

Watch it anyway. It's Kelsey goddamn grammar doing a sitcom again. He still has it. Secondly this character of his is essentially just a hard ass version of Frasier Crane. Martin Lawrence is absolutely foil in this show apparently centred around him, plot wise, but this is all about Grammar. The two have undoubtedly shown promise in some of their opening exchanges.

If the show is extended, and the budget and production values go up, as well as crass jokes about things like suicide in the week of Robin Williams' death being cut by someone who aims to show they understand the job description over at the 'Quality Control' department this could have legs.

It's better than two and a half men....... and it's not a 5.4 . I've given it an 8 or potential, but it's really a 7. Just fighting the power maaaaan
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