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It's not an American movie!
5 March 2019
You can't look at this film the same way an American would make an action film. The differences are subtle, but definitely there. I enjoyed this film. I came across it while looking for Russian language movies so I could practice my fading understanding of the language. The shaky camera work was a bit annoying which dropped a star for me, but all the rest kept me hooked. The story line, the characterization, the acting, the gritty settings, especially the end (I won't tell) made me want a sequel. As for Vinny Jones, he's just icing on the cake - but the cake was great.
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Flint. Redemption (2012– )
Rambo goes Zen, Russian style
3 October 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It says it is a series, but I can only find one season. The plot and action are straight out of Hollywood, but there is a very different attitude. Yes, the bodies pile up beyond counting them, but Andrei's love affair with his knife and nature make him a three-dimensional character. And Nastya is quiet, gorgeous, tough, and worthy of being his girl. She is no Wonder Woman, but a very human survivor, just like he is. I wish there were more with these characters, or if there is I wish it was more readily available to us Americans.
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