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One of the best films in TFI in recent years
29 June 2019
As a fan of detective/thriller movies, I couldn't miss this and I'm even more surprised by how much I loved this movie which usually doesn't happen when I watch a hyped movie. So thankful to Naveen for bringing this brilliant mystery to Telugu audience and dealing with a subject that's making a fool of the innocents. However, the sad thing remains that the film is unable to reach that set of audience.

Coming to the performances, Naveen just nailed it, the way he balances humor, emotion, and intelligence is commendable. Shruthi also did her job very well. It was good to see Suhas as the Kannada version of Agent. The screenplay was tight, always keeps you guessing till the end, lots of twists which don't seem to be coming. The pace of the film was so good that you can't think of anything else or search for goofs. The exposition in the film feels justified and that's not very common in Tollywood. There were little cons but that's negligible consider how power-packed the whole movie is, it's a must watch for everyone and I hope there's more to come from Naveen and Swaroop (he could improve his directorial skills) for the Telugu Film Industry.
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Mallesham (2019)
Well crafted biopic!
26 June 2019
It was great to see so many off beat movies this month, Mallesam was one I wasn't going to miss and a story I always thought that would inevitably end up on the big screen ever since I saw his TED talk. Special thanks to everyone who decided to make this movie without jumping away from reality.

The story starts with the childhood journey of Mallesam, it was a little longer than expected but needed given the context of his path to create the Asu machine. The narration for me looked a little too straight forward and the director could have made attempts to show it in a more artistic way but it's alright. Ever since Priyadarshi lands on screen, he never ceases to entertain us. Him and Jhansi have done their jobs very well, Ananya was surprisingly good as well, the innocence on her face and dialogues was very neat. The acting from the sides within the neorealistic environment seems to fall flat a little but its excusable given the significance. The music from Robin was good, having not heard the songs before (except one), I really liked them and it didn't feel unnecessary as well since it adjusts well with the village background.

Mallesam's countinous strive to achieve the glory was very well put, it's a story that makes you emotional, inspires you in many ways and motivates you on what you do. Overall, it's a great story that never fails to grab your attention any minute. I'm glad this movie is getting good word of mouth since the producers couldn't put their money on promotions, it's a movie that definitely needs to be seen for people of all ages.
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Good but nothing Amazing!
17 May 2019
Being a fan of Pokemon, I was surely going to watch this movie no matter how it's going to be received. So, without any expectations I watched this movie and I won't say I'm disappointed. It was fun, brings nostalgia, a nice way to make a story revolving around Pokemon in the outside world but just doesn't give you great feeling at the end. Kudos to the VFX department though, the emotions evoked by Pokemon (or just Pikachu) were just too good, Ryan Reynolds as always delivers with his comical elements. Do watch it if you are a fan of Pokemon but don't expect a lot and a theatrical experience with fellow Pokemon friends seem to be a good experience.
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Can't believe the love for this episode
21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
On the whole, if I'm just going to forget that this isn't the final season of Game of Thrones with only 6 episodes, I would call it a good episode. But we have very little time left and all we get is this? We were already little disappointed with the first, they have been rushing through everything since last season and now, they just keep talking about their lives as if everything else is all setup. I get this is all about reunion but it didn't seem the right way, I mean all at a time. The only take away from the episode is how much (little) following or love Dany has especially when compared to the Starks. A lot of scenes just say that they're going to die in the next couple of episodes - "let's have some last words". This wouldn't have happened if they went by the books for sure. By this, I'm expecting all the coming episodes to be action-packed and I just hope they make sense unlike season 7. Please don't spoil the end of a great show.
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Routine and Mindless but Funny at places
16 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was quite expected when we saw the trailer and also, the director's name. The plot is simple and there aren't many logics to be found but what makes this movie watchable is Venky alone. It has been a while since Venky made a family fun riot. There are many jokes that seem cliched but his magical comic timing comes on as a savior.

The less we talk about the story, the better it is. Coming to the performances from others, I thought Varun Tej would be terrible in a comedy entertainer, but he was handled well by Anil, he was okayish although seemed out of places in few scenes. The two actress did a decent job and were glamorous, I'd say they added a bit too much of masala in a song for a family entertainer. Overall, the first half seemed much better than 2nd and especially the terrible climax where Vennela Kishore is used as the villain (of course, comic villain), he was just there for namesake and with a cringy dialogue of "The North Remembers" naming himself as Jon Snow. Is this a tribute or what?

All in all, I won't watch this movie again and again but will do well commercially considering Sankranti winner be the best family entertainer and this does just that.
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24 (I) (2016)
A new era, but the past can never be forgotten.
16 May 2016
Vikram K. Kumar, the director of non-regular flicks like Manam, Ishq and 13B has come with another exhilarating movie - 24. Not many Sci-fi movies are produced in Indian Cinema every year, so this comes in as a new taste for the already fed-up audience. Thanks to Surya for always trying to bring us some offbeat movies to improve the fate of Indian cinema.

First of all, I'm glad to say that this movie, unlike most unorthodox movies produced in India isn't a copy of any Hollywood movie. Although it has a glimpse of BTTF, it cannot be cited as plagiarism in any way but rather can be called as a mere influence to develop this eccentric project. Second of all, let's forget logics while talking about such type of movies.

The movie opens up with the past where Sethuraman invents a watch that could play with time. This scene alone can tell you how good a cinematographer Tirru is who did a similar job with Krrish 3. Just after achieving the glory, in comes the antagonist "Athreya", Raman's own brother who tries to nab the watch by threatening to kill his wife. Here's where the astute scientist mind comes into play who hands the watch to the new-born son and then the boy himself to a woman to look after him.

Fast forwarding 26 years (to 2016) we have the young Suriya named Mani who works as a watch mechanic only under the guidance of his foster mother. In some surprising turn of events, he comes to know about the unprecedented capabilities of the watch and soon starts experimenting with it where at one point we experience the best shot of the movie. He then meets Samantha and as we expect he falls in love with her and makes her fall in love with him using some gimmicks as the rightful owner of the watch. These scenes are dragged a bit and we can see that this part of romance along with the non-essential songs are targeted at a specific set of audience to improve the reach. Not to forget, any such young fun- loving guy would experiment in the same way as he did that also lets him learn a lot about the watch.

Just before the intermission, we can see the protagonist and antagonist facing each other after which the awe-factor of the watch is known that also justifies the name given to the watch. A lot of regular type of drama goes on in the second half which can leave some audience to boredom but the character of Athreya still leaves you glued using his witty tricks to snatch the watch. Albeit, sometimes even he does some stupid things that could never be spoken of. What happens later is better to be seen on the screen.

Overall, 24 isn't a spectacular movie but is definitely worth a watch and does stand out among the heap of recipes we taste regularly. The cast and crew should well be appreciated with big names written all over it. The music by A. R. Rahman doesn't make a big impact on the movie although the background score is appreciable. As mentioned earlier, cinematographer Tirru has done a great job. The acting by Surya in the form of Athreya deserves applauds. As always, director Vikram K. Kumar should be appreciated to what he's trying to do in each and every movie. The flaws come in the form of the usual cliché-ridden scenes that still abide by the law of Indian cinematic rules. I felt like they could have done much better with this script. In fact, it could be made into a TV series as they've already planned a sequel to this film. I'd rate it 6/10 but +1 for letting us (Tollywood audience) watch a Sci-fi flick after a long time.
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Fargo (2014– )
Outstanding! Must watch.
15 December 2015
Six months ago I finished watching Breaking Bad and I really think that's the best thing I've ever watched and I always felt it is nonpareil in terms of excitement. From then on I couldn't forget it, I missed it. I started watching several shows later, but nothing came close to BB. I went on a search for such exciting crime dramas and then I saw few people on reddit talk about Narcos and Fargo (most of them) to experience something similar. At first, I googled them and decided to watch Narcos as Google knowledge graph mentions Fargo as a comedy series. So, yeah Narcos was enthralling, but didn't really feel 10/10 especially with too much Spanish. Then I decided to give a try on Fargo and boy oh boy! It's simply sensational.

Season 1: The first episode itself left me exuberant. This Martin Freeman guy, right from the day I saw him as Bilbao Baggins, everything he does impresses me and in Fargo there's nothing less. And the others were excellent too, especially Billy Bob Throtton, that man is really one hell of an actor. He is an assassin, every scene of him is jaw dropping with some chills. All in all, Season 1 of Fargo was really the one I was waiting for these whole 6 months and I didn't want to end this beautiful experience, so I immediately decided to watch Season 2.

Season 2: Everyone who watched season 1 will have some idea about how season 2 will go on. It opened off very well and the first episode here too ends dramatically. The next 2 episodes were slow-paced and I thought this might turn out like True Detective Season 2 as it couldn't really recreate the magic of the first season (just my opinion). So, right when I thought it's sinking, it just gets better and better from episode 4. There won't be a moment you could take your eyes off till the last minute of the season finale. I'm glad they renewed it for the next season and I really can't wait for that.

The music utilized over the two seasons is absolutely mind blowing, the way it relates to each and every scenario is just spectacular. Along with this awesome music, the outstanding piece of poetry depicts the ongoing lives of the people in Fargo. The direction part is really masterful and you can clearly see that in the second season". Even though it was quite extraordinary I wouldn't rate it higher than Breaking Bad as this one has little flaws and I didn't really like the ending of the second season(Although some people loved it) but if you're just looking for some real piece of art then Fargo is a must watch.
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Highly Overrated!
1 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Why is this movie listed among the best horror movies? First of all, I wouldn't even call this a horror movie. Secondly, this is nowhere near the best. It's so slow and boring that I actually watched half of the movie setting it to 1.5x speed and what's worse is it all seems coerced trying to make it artful. Great cinematography though, I'll give it that. Moreover, the dubbing in English was awful. The acting from the kids was okay but the plot was insane and I never felt like there was any twist contrary to the popular opinions I read. Funny that despite those deaths (just because a little girl needs to drink blood, her father kills people and finally gives up himself), the cops never show up. And wow! Showing the vagina of a 13-year-old must be the highlight of this movie. Great work director! Never recommend anyone watch this sick movie.
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