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Girls (2012–2017)
23 April 2012
This show is just a breath of fresh air, and I'm pleased to say that the second episode was just as good as the pilot. The characters are interesting and funny, and the script is inspired in its portrayal of post-college frustration. If all that makes it sound a bit dry, it's not; raunchy, witty and often hilarious, Girls is must-see television. Reminded me of the British T.V. series Spaced, never a bad thing.

The main character, Hannah, is hilariously sarcastic, played by creator and writer Lena Dunham, and her roommate Marnie is equally funny. Their frustrations and interactions with their boyfriends were great. The only weak link for me was Shoshanna, who seemed a bit one- dimensional. But overall, it was original and inventive.

See it!
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