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Love the Irish
5 February 2005
Grahman Norton is very gay, and he is very open about being gay (except to his mother, but that's another topic!), and about having bizarre and odd conversations with his famous guest's. I mean, talking to an MP about something sexual isn't something your average person would do. I know Norton is now famous, however, he is windswept and interesting, and yes he's eccentric, and loves talking about sex and all the rest, but that's why we all love him! This is the reason why people watch his show: He ask's famous people questions no one would think of. Its not a Parkinson interview (Though the man is good at interviewing, apart from Meg Ryan and Kylie, but that's not the point, we're talking about Norton here!), its more out there, and the fact that he isn't taking anything seriously makes people love him. If anyone should call this show annoying, they really need to get their head checked, and maybe see someone for any problems they might be having, IE unable to laugh at themselves? But Grahman Norton is one of the best British (Or Irish) comedian's out there on a talk show. (And to the person who spoke about Dame Edna, not British, but from Australia. Okay?)
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (I) (2000–2006)
1 December 2004
I first saw the show not because of the 'brillant' advertising of it, but by channel hopping. The first ep was Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura dueling. I like Bakura's insane nature, in all honesty. The creatures from the cards were all nicely drawn as well, and the character's are nicely drawn too. (Though for some reason the animator's in Japan keep drawing girls wearing short impractical skirts? What's that about?) But after so many ep's I began to dislike the main character's; Yugi and Yami. Its not very realistic, never having to lose a duel. And, although the dubbers have twicked the show for more child-friendly viewing, the script has been changed too, Yami Bakura is not a character to blab about his big plans. But I agree with the other person who say's the character's have no real depth. And most have tragic backgrounds. (Though it seems to be the bad guy's, and Joey.) I think the newer show; Yu Gi Oh GX, which is airing over in Japan at the moment, will have more character depth. And the main character doesn't win all the time! Yay!

I do like the show, its not really complicated to watch, and doesn't involve a lot of thinking, which is good because I watch it with my 6 year old cousin. So I'll give it a 6 out of 10.
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