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Doctor Who (2005– )
Bloody brilliant.. literally!
25 June 2011
Doctor who combines the luster of very old scary-corny sci-fi and the present day dreams and hopes for the future. Really... who has never dreamt of travelling in time and space, despite the horror moods that the show sometimes put on, no one on earth would refuse an offer to come on board.

The Doctor is an alien, a real one. Not from the physical point of view but from the mental sides of it. He is inhuman, fearless, funny, reckless... ''a mad man with a box''! Mad men, we like! Within a single episode, you can laugh, cry, be scares, exited... and sometimes all of those at once.

The Strength of this TV show isn't in the script, well the storyline is very good overall, but it is in the characters that all fans can't get enough of. That also includes the Doctors companions, who ultimately turn out to be pretty awesome after a few trips with the doctor. The show has been going on for a very long time, and the well doesn't look like its about to dry up. Also Torchwood, as spin off series to the show tends to prove that it's not gonna dry up soon either. Advice : listen to the seasons in order, do not skip parts!
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Who said it was unrealistic?
6 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to common comments I read, I don't agree to call it a boring unrealistic movie because it is quite realistic for both American (America native people) story and Japanese according to the real history and time. The only part invented was that those supposed hired strangers were British and not American. But at large I liked the way they have judged the United States war history old times from a soldier point of view.

Native massacre was real and a 3000 year's old civilization was destroyed in less than 100 years. On the Japanese part, it was well done to make it simple, because Japan's history is not quite so. The characters names were even kept to give an epic illusion. Everything was quite realist, the weapon, the philosophy and even the complete discuss of strangers that you can feel all along the movie is realistic. On the other hand I hated the battle scenes as I hated the brave heart/lord of the ring etc. battle style. On a giant cinema screen you can't seen a damn thing because the camera is zooming-moving and shaking at the same time (the point is get you trilled) and 2000 men fighting with 2 very alike colors moving as fast as they can. I thought Matrix and other modern movies had killed this battle style once and for all, but some people look to appreciate those head hake images. I don't really like to comment on actors, because Tom did the job and this was not a very difficult role, not stunning at least, so I prefer to comment the movie as an entire work. Very American directing, slick and swell, is all I can say. If you need any idea what a Japanese movie is supposed to look like, then watch some Kurosawa or even Kill Bill vol.1. Attention Spoiler!!! The last battle, with the canon shooting: I have seen this part at least 20 times in Japanese movies and animations! That is such a classic, so probably it happened more than one time. Samurai's proud ''Katana'' against a great Portuguese canon and even automatic gun, is a classic to illustrate the brutal ''bushido'' end. As often, I judge many critics to be wrong (unrepresentative) because of a lack of knowledge. But all information was given in the movie (names / period etc.) as tools to complete the story by yourselves by reading books or other information sources. Can you expect to have complete understanding of a historical culture simply by watching a 2 hour American movie about it! I don't think so.
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good but so.. deceiving
21 April 2004
I was pretty much deceived by this movie; I was hoping that the director could use the animation media as well as in perfect blue or millennium actress where all the characters can switch from a real to an unreal world without any sign or clues. This wasn't the case at all.

This is a good movie, but not as stunning as we would expect from that director!

Perfect blue left me a chocking impression that continues to flash in my head during months... Millennium actress was just a brilliant work full of beauty and touching story where time seemed to break every scene. I didn't find anything of this range in the last one. It's beautiful as it could be expected, it's a great story with a fun experience, but at the end, nothing is left to remember it! It was just too light for my huge expectations.
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lack of knowledge maybe?
12 April 2004
I can understand those who dislike this movie cause of a lack of knowledge.

First of all, those girls are not Geisha, but brothel tenants, and one that don't know the difference will not understand half of the movie, and certainly not the end. This is a complete art work about the women's life and needs in this era. Everything is important, and certainly the way they dress, all over the movie means more than words. To those who thought it was a boring geisha movie, I'll suggest you to read a bit about this society before making a conclusion that is so out of the reality. This is Kurosawa's work of is life, and I'm sure that the director understood the silent meaning of Kurosawa's piece to the right intellectual range.
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