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why i think this film is not a film
12 April 2004
why? because there is no drama. This "film" is more like a re-enactment. It's 2 hours of Jesus getting beaten into a pulp. It does little to explain how Jesus got there, and the stories behind the other characters (if there were any). I respect other people's opinions, but I don't know why this film got such a high rating (7.5 is about 4 more points than I would give it). IT'S JUST TWO HOURS OF JESUS GETTING BEATEN should have been the title.

I watch movies for the plot/drama/action, not the gore. Yeah, sure it was interesting to see the way Jesus was unfairly beaten in this film (and the sufferings he had to sacrifice), but after 20 minutes of it, I began to think to myself "is this it? there aren't going to be any flashbacks or twists or ANY content other than gore?"
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