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Newsround (1972– )
Great all round programme
5 July 2004
This is the first one of it's type in the UK - an news program especially aimed for the kids.

Right from the start it has been popular - providing informative up to the date news, in an manner that is neither demeaning nor "over the head" for kids. It has always had to cater for a wide range of kids, it manages to do that without speaking to them like an little baby.

Although it is only an 10 min spot, it manages to give you all the information without leaving out the important parts to an issue - even dealing with the greatest threats and disasters of the world.

The presenters have always been an good bunch, though many will say that it has never been the same since John Craven left (and I will agree since I appeared on Newsround with him presenting), they have all taken over the role marvously.

The format has constantly changed to keep up with the times - including the edition of an Press Pack (where occasionally kids present the news), but has never lost the sparkle of the early years. It has gone strength to strength and will be popular for many years to come.
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