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Excellent movie, if seen as a movie, not a statement.
27 January 2013
If you are easily offended by anything that has implications against traditional beliefs about religion, then you will not enjoy this movie.

With this comment aside, this movie is one of the most underrated pieces of work I have ever experienced. It is smart (but not in an overbearing way), and romantic (but not in a way that is just "corny/mushy), and funny, if you appreciate British humor, combined with Louis C.K.

If a viewer is mature enough to handle the themes and type of dialogue (Not absolutely filthy, but in a place where no one can lie, certain things regarded as taboo or inappropriate just fly), then the ideas behind this film all are quite funny.

Certain basic plot holes might can annoy a person who is incredibly analytical, but if you are able to just go with it what is happening, the movie is wonderful. It was quite literally one of those "I laughed, I cried, and I thought about life" type of films.

If you enjoy Ricky Gervais' work in general, you will absolutely ADORE this film. If you don't really like him, or don't care either way, it is still an enjoyable film, with a great cast who make it worth seeing, especially now when you can probably find it cheaply on Netflix or whatever.
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Captivating and intense, but lacks some substance for those who can't "let it go and watch the movie"
11 January 2013
This movie has everything you could ask for, in an action-packed emotional thrill ride, provided that you are able to just let go, and let yourself to be engrossed. For those who prefer films that may have a little less predictability, or people that find themselves unable to maintain the "suspension of disbelief", this movie would be understandably less enjoyable.

Right alongside moments that range from somewhat cringe-worthy, to positively grisly, there are enough instances of justice, and pleasant surprises to cause powerful feel-good moments just shortly after even the darkest of situations. I personally felt a constant paralyzing tension keeping me glued to my seat in the theater throughout the entire movie, and couldn't bring myself to leave and go to the bathroom.

The cast and their acting is just about flawless, (though admittedly a bit cliché at times), and the sets and cinematography are superb. Sean Penn is positively frightening, and shines in his role as the villain, while Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling perfectly portray the face of their vigilante-style band of misfits; The Gangster Squad.

If you are familiar with the story that this movie is loosely based from, you may be disappointed by the fact that it is QUITE loosely based indeed. I feel that this makes is a likable, albeit somewhat predictable movie, but others who expect it to stick with the "real story" may not find it as enjoyable, despite the overall positive tone that the new adaption allows.

Though the reviews seem to be a horse-a-piece, I recommend seeing it and judging for yourself, because it truly is an interesting thrill ride that will have you rooting for the good guys, tearing up from time to time, and cringing at the evil that Sean Penn is able to embody in an absolutely brilliant and stylish movie about good guys doing wrong to take down bad guys doing worse.
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