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Planet Earth (2006)
An amazing trip around our beautiful planet.
28 August 2006
I have seen many nature documentaries in my life and none have left me in such amazement of our planet as this series. The sheer work that went into its making alone is impressive. The shots that are captured on film are like none ever seen and remind us of both the power of mother nature and her fragility. I highly recommend this series to people of all ages as there is something for everyone. If you do watch any of the episodes, do watch "Pole to Pole". It is a great all-encompassing view of many animals and their habitats. David Attenborough does a great job as narrator. If you enjoy this series also check out "The Blue Planet", a series by the BBC on oceans (also narrated by Attenborough).
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Get Carter (2000)
cluttered and ineffective
14 April 2004
This film did not achieve any of the goals it apparently set in the beginning. We are introduced to far too many characters that arenâ?Tt developed at all where as others have the illusion of depth through boring scenes that are repeated later on in the movie. Stalone's performance is mediocre at best (as always) and the way the movie is shot is horrendous. I can't stop thinking of the scene were Stalone is tormented and the camera flips upside down. WE GET IT, "his world had turned upside down, he's distraught." Wow, how profound. The car chases were also horrible. Please, this movie was disappointing, even more so because I'd wanted to see it for a while. I'm just glad the rental was free.
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