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Americans lost their cinematography
29 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Overall spoilers below. What an awful movie. Let us go step by step.

1) Script and story line. First of all when you go to watch movie you are looking for nice story. Story is so awful. First of all, when District 12 had chosen small girl.. and then big girl replaced her (yeah, she is really big, if you look further you would see that her shoulder are more wider than Lenny Krawitz ones). That girls is like a cow. And there is no doubt that she would kill all of them.. because she is so big. This doesn't make sense to storyline. Second, name of Movie is "Hunger games", where are in movie "games and fights", there are no fights at all, all movie 2hour of movie is about preparation (about some good food for poors, some sponsors, some ridiculous 4-days training, there is no sense at all). No any action in the movie. Third, concept of these hunger games is not explained. Why they organized, what happened next, what happened with district 12, why they live like in medieval times.

2) Main characters are not beautiful. Main actress is a very big and have small little eyes. No really, is it possible to find beautiful actress and show her in movie. She got nothing, either eyes, nor chest and etc.

3) Why they skipped all games. It is very interesting to watch how other people were killed, or how guy from District 12 have agreed to cooperate with other districts, how they made negotiations, how they canceled later and hunt for him later. It is nothing.

4) Don't get idea with all sponsors idea and costumes fetish.

5) Studios please give money to good directors from other countries that are not constrained with such bullshit as social research, what would be good to show in movie for different ages and etc... Movie should have great script, emotions, and essence to feel characters.. There are not so much these things in American art of cinema .

6) About racists thing. I think the most racist thing is to show black people as a good people, please show them as a normal. May be it is related to book, but it is awful. It is games to kill each other, and why black ones would be gentlemen's and ladies. Please go to black district in the night when people are also making "hunger games". I am not against blacks or something, i just suppose that they should behave as a common human being who have to kill others in order to be alive.
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