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Stargate Origins (2018– )
What is really this?
1 March 2018
Hollywood, pay really attention...when you disregard the entire StarGate storyline and community just to produce a feminist statement, you have got to stop there.

Please bring back our movies and do not introduce sexism topics in stories. Remember guys can be heroes too in series and movies.

Please, please stay clear of whatever passes today for politics or political correctness, people see those things to escape the absurdity of reality for a little while.
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Bright (I) (2017)
This film is really bad.
1 January 2018
The points this film got in imdb only sheds doubt in the points system.

This film is terribly misguided. It seems a good cop/bad cop story, and the orcs are clearly latino guetto in orc´s skin.

Ignoring the bad elf/orc/magic botched add-ons, this is a very poorly laid out cop story apparently written by a couple of kids while sniffing some glue.

It is really sad this is what passes for a good movie nowadays.

The holes in the plot, including been attacked while in possession of the ultimate weapon are so big, you could drive a boeing 707 through them.

Please Holywood, try to do more than having a known actor to sell your movies.
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Is the review serious?
18 September 2016
I had to come here as I was seriously misled by the only evaluation here. The film is just painfully bad. The acting leaves much to desire. The sci effects, well do not let me get started, what special effects? Gore? What gore? Some red ink splashing the screen....my god. The robots/zombies are not better than clothe store dummies. It would help more people would commenting. The only comment present was (is) *very* misleading. The film, while already bad for the time, has not aged well, and this is writing a nice comment. Do not seriously waste your precious time seeing this movie. It really is not worth it. Yes, it is that bad...I would strongly advise selecting another movie. Z-Nation compared to this is a master piece of cinema.
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Gods of Egypt (2016)
God damn awful
1 March 2016
This film has the dubious honor of being one of the few I have not been able to finish; no idea way it has such high marks here. The plot, if any seems to be written by a teenager; transformers seems a piece of art next to this low level work. I sincerely recommend people not wasting time with this movie. The opening of the movie in Egypt seems quite messy, and the battle that ensues makes whatsoever no sense, from my point of view. The CGI is not enough to mask what is lacking in other departments. As I said, I have not finished the movie, and have not whatever desire to come back to it again in a near future. It is a shame, because I do actually like films related to Egypt mythology, and the film had so much potential and background to draw on, that was wasted.
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Pure Garbage
24 April 2015
If you like shallow sci-fi movies in the best tradition of star wars this maybe a film for you. If you are searching for a film with some depth and an engaging story, then by all means move on and find another more interesting movie. This film is all about having effects on the worst significance of the Hollywood industry, and not that much more, the rest pales compared to it. The plot line is loose and everything is cantered into tried and "successful" recipes that are employed with all latest block blusters, with slight variations "the syndrome of this story feels familiar". A film for teenagers and not really for adults. I doubt quite much the ratings are all for real.
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One of the worst movies ever
11 April 2014
This is a very low budget spaghetti movie, with the cheapest and worst special effects I have ever seen... the 30s called their special effects back ;)

Things are falling throughout the city, however the buildings and walls are not damaged in process. The English is lousy, the action is dull, the actors are boring, oh the horror. Action is slow, is there a plot line?

Couldn't be bored to watch more than 10 minutes.

Is this a movie, or some torture? Don't watch it, a waste of time. Words can not really describe how bad it is. Find some other movie.
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Pacific Rim (2013)
Very bad movie
30 October 2013
This movie seems like a bad remake of Godzilla/Transformers thrown together for the XXI century. With the good parts out.

Maybe teens will like it, however no matter what the quality of the new CGI/film processing technology you throw at it, it won't save the storyline at all.

The 1st, maybe second minutes promise so much, and then for further on is only going down. I won't surely understand how is rated so high.

To be entirely honest, the only thing I admired on the movie was the crispness of the image/HD quality. Definitively not worthy the money or time to watch it.

Word to the wise, don't even think also about watching it with your girlfriend, their bullshit detector is faster than ours.

An huge disappointment.
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Macabre Theatre: Renfield the Undead (2011)
Season 9, Episode 1
Reinfield a lousy movie
26 March 2012
Watched Reinfield last week, it is frankly a waste of time.

The plot line is loose and confusing at best, if there is any. The opening is confusing too, seeming like a bad remake of Pan's Labyrinth.

The references to Bram stoker's Dracula are cheesy and too weak. The film seems more in line with Rock Horror Show, in spirit, than with Dracula.

The effects are non-existent, the actors weak, and frankly, the movie doesn't help them.

If it is supposed to be a comedy, it doesn't show. They try, but not good enough for my taste.

In short, very bad movie, don't waste your time and money.
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