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The Undateables (2012– )
Poorly-constructed to the point of unwatchable...
11 April 2012
I personally found this documentary rather uncomfortable to watch. The whole idea of them being 'undateable' already labels the people involved negatively, and watching the programme only a gave a narrow viewpoint of these people. The whole set-up of the programme was awkward, with parts in which you didn't know whether or not to feel sorry for the people involved. Yes, it pinpoints a rather niche subject and brings attention nationally to these people, in an attempt, to show the world that they are just like everyone else, but the show does not portray this well, or in fact, at all. To add, the narrator's tone of voice combined with the whole idea of the show is almost comedic and this is hardly acceptable for such a programme. I'd also like to point out that the narrator, Sally Phillips, is an actress famous for her roles in comedy films/programmes - hardly appropriate for a programme like this. As someone who has experienced autism and other high-severity disorders many times, I find it almost offensive how the people are portrayed. Overall, another poorly-constructed and badly thought-through Channel 4 documentary; Channel 4 at its worst. I strongly do NOT recommend watching this.
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Terrible and practically uneventful, but enjoyable.
24 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this film last night and I have already made a quick decision about it. This film is terrible, it's far from the worst film I've ever watched, as despite all its problems, it was quite enjoyable.

There were many inconsistencies and quite a few flaws in both acting and dialogue. The swearing from the possessed was incredibly comical and the way one of the characters crawled up the walls simply made this film like a rip-off of The Exorcist. It seemed more like a horror film by Friedberg & Seltzer turned serious, along with the cinematography of the Blair Witch Project. Also, for a movie supposedly designed to be as if it actually happened - the script seemed very rehearsed especially at parts during exorcism scenes.

The ending was probably the worst part, you could see what the director was trying to achieve: confusion in the audience as to what will happen next, a seriously poor cliffhanger. In todays society, you can't simply just finish movies like that, it was uneventful (like most of the film). If they are making a sequel, I most certainly will not be seeing it.

Yet despite my overall dislike of the film, I didn't walk out. I suppose I didn't want to feel like I wasted money on a ticket.
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