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Not quite fulfilling
29 September 2018
Solo feels more like an episode in a good tv show, instead of a chapter in a complex film saga. The story is just too light and narrow for the Star Wars universe.

The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is good and there's plenty of action for you to eat popcorn to. But it just feels too distant from the events of the galaxy far, far away.

The story simply does not feel important: Its basically "How did Han Solo get the millennium falcon?" - would you see an entire movie about that?

Maybe more Darth Maul would've helped.
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Waffle Street (2015)
Surprisingly good American comedy
1 September 2018
If you're like me and think most American comedies sucks, watch this one.

It proves that comedy is a genre that works best with unknown actors, and revolves around every day problems and ordinary people. It completely a avoids the common stereotypes seen in so many American films, and balances each character quite well. Even the "villain" owner who owns the cafe has his disappointing choices explained. The criminals working in the cafe are actually good people. This is an honest modern take on the working class. The only big name actor here, Danny Glover, plays a surprisingly good supporting role.
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Best graphics in the world. Story not so much.
21 August 2017
Square Enix has a problem. Their ability to tell stories is just not good. For some reason they aim to sabotage their own story lines by forcing viewers to guess, and pick up on very vague hints that are revealed for just half a second. They always aim to mix too many stories together, while none of them carry any weight.

That said. This film has got to be the most impressive CGI film in the history of movies as of 2017. If you want to see a demonstration of just how far CGI has come, without any compromise, you have to see this film. Pixar and most Hollywood studios can just go to bed. Square Enix Visual Works is simply the best CGI studio in the world.

Thats why its also good this basically is just an action film. Loaded with amazing battles, wars and magic from the very start. So watch this movie knowing you want to see an awesome action pop corn movie. Not much else. Its just too bad that the convoluted story telling prevents viewers from understanding the meaning of it all.
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White man goes to Africa in the name of Jesus
15 March 2017
The racist overtones are too strong in this film. A white man goes to Africa to save their children, because only a white man can do that. He suddenly becomes the leader of the resistance against the guerrilla. And starts bossing around the local government. To him it all seems reasonable because he is a newfound Christian. And has built a new church, because of course you need a church in a children's orphanage. The way religion is inserted into this story seems incredibly forced and artificial.

Back in the American Midwest, he also builds a church, which is supposed to convince us this is a good man. While also being abusive to his wife, a murderer, drug dealer, unsympathetic asshole.

Even if this is based on a true story - Turning this into some kind of hero's tale shows a lack of critical thinking from both the studio and director. There's no attempt of describing how large the resistance is, and the little mention of international effort there is, is completely ridiculed. This movie is glorifying and asshole who only knows one language. the automatic rifle. And forces the reader to accept this man is a hero.
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Best documentary about the the failed fuhrer
4 March 2017
I just saw this on Netflix and in my opinion this is a film that everyone should see. It provides a thorough portrait of the man who was perhaps the most evil man in history,

I've seen many documentaries about WW2 and have been missing one that examines Hitler in greater depth. This one does it, and it does it perfectly. It is just as good now 40 years later.

Every child should see this in school in the whole world. Some way or another, this man affected you, your country and your forefathers.

The only thing that I missed, is a bit more look into the extermination of jews, and how Hitler was involved. But it does mention it, and other documentaries have gone in depth about this subject.
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A truly awful movie
22 October 2016
Where to even begin on how bad this movie is? How in the world did they spend 180 million dollars on this?

I assume the word "beyond" refers to the enterprise traveling beyond a nebula of rocks for the first time. But what a shocker; they're not the first to do it. Even though the new superior enemy destroys their ship in seconds, they just find a new ship waiting for them there. On a hostile planet. Nothing ever feels dangerous in this movie. There's even a scene where Kirk saves 50 people with a off road motorbike. In the camp of an enemy who controls a swarm of 500.000 super fast spaceships.

All the characters now seem like one dimensional stereotyped versions of themselves. Spock spends the whole movie thinking and looking sideways. Scotty is there to talk Scottish and call everyone Lassie, even a new female from an alien race he never met before. Doctor McCoy is never concerned about anything and doesn't seem like he's actually experiencing anything, not even the near death of his friend Spock. Many of the lines they speak honestly sounds like gibberish. Kirk is supposed to be the concerned one. And always looking clean and newly showered, even after crashing his spaceship in the jungle. All in all, this crew is not affected by what is actually happening in the movie.

The entire story consists of of recycled clichés. The Enterprise goes to a new planet, but there's a bad guy there who looks like a lizard, has a dark voice, enjoys violence and wears black armor. Never seen that before.

The CGI looks poor. And everything is so fantastic in scale, the movie doesn't even begin to explain how any of it works. The mass destruction seen here is on a scale nobody can relate to. There's simply no logic in this movie. The audience is just forced to accept that someone can have a fistfight standing in the ceiling 5 kilometers above ground on an artificial planet.

I can't believe JJ Abrams is involved in this. The Star Trek series featured many stupid episodes that didn't make any sense in terms of the main story. But the purpose of these movies was to take the best the series had to offer and make it even better. Raise some of the central questions of exploring life, technology and space. Instead Star Trek Beyond is just a generic dumb action orgie.
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Another good but not great music documentary from Mr. Lee
13 February 2016
Spike Lee seem to have settled for a recipe for how to make documentaries about Michael Jackson that are entertaining but not really informative.

The recipe is this: Talk to a bunch of famous people about how great they think Off the wall is. (He did the same with Bad25). Mix it with archival footage of Michael Jackson. Go through each track and talk a little bit about it, and when we get to the last track, the film ends. Even though he has people who wrote some of the songs, like Stevie Wonder, he refuses to go into detail and lets other irrelevant artists such as Pharell describe them instead.

He does not really go in depth enough, as he should for this big artist. He does not interview Quincy Jones, the main producer who launched Jacksons solo career, and relies on old archival footage instead. He hints of controversial subjects such as racism destroying the genre of disco, and Jackson rising above that. But its all done in a hurry as we plow through some beats and steps from Jacksons glittery feet on stage. Because thats more important to Lee.

Its more important to make this a celebration of Jackson, keep the audience amazed and keep the grove going. When in fact, there were serious subjects, conflicts and challenges within this era of Jacksons life. My biggest question is what did Jackson want to do different artistically that he could not do before? This is never answered. We hear how Michael eventually broke away from his family, but no mention of the fact that he was physically abused by his father, and the fact that might have something to do with his desire to work on his own.
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