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Mad About You (1992–1999)
Belly-laugh show
4 July 2006
This show is seriously a belly-laugh show. It may seem pathetic, but once you get hooked on Mad About You, you wake up in the morning looking forward to the half hour you'll spend watching it. The show is perfectly cast, and I mean *perfectly* cast. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play off each other wonderfully-- The writing is seriously some of the best ever on TV. I watch the show when it's on at 2:30AM and everyone else in my house is asleep, and I honestly have to bite my lip to keep from laughing so loud that I wake everyone else up. Long story short: if you are looking for a clever, high brow, witty, well written, wonderfully acted, exceptional show you won't find it anywhere else. I just cannot think of enough adjectives to describe just how much I love, love, love this show!
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One Of The Best Movies Ever Made!
7 April 2006
I have to say, Joel McCrea's character is really unlikeable, but then again every movie has one unlikeable character! Other than that, this has to be one of the best movies ever. Barbara Stanwyk turns in yet another outstanding performance. Only an actress as talented as she is could turn in such believable performances in roles ranging from strippers, to farm girls, to prisoners to, as in this movie, uneducated poor girls. And in this movie you get the rare treat of hearing her sing! I'm surprised she didn't sing in more of her movies. Equally great performances can be found in Walter Brennan and Buddy Ebsen. Walter Brennan never did a bad job in his life, and I'd say this is one of his best. The only other annoying thing besides Joel McCrea's character's unlike-ability is Walter Catlett, though, I have to say, I don't really like him in any movies. So if you like him in Bringing Up Baby or , you'll like him in this movie as well. (But if you don't like him in other movies, you won't like him in this either.) The story is sweet, the characters are sweeter, and this is one gem of a movie you won't want to miss. I caught it on the fox movie channel the other day, luckily, because it sells for almost forty dollars on amazon! But you know what, I think it is definitely worth it!
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Emma (1932)
One of my top five favorite movies EVER
30 October 2005
I don't think that I could ever fully explain how wonderful this movie is, since it is just SOOO good. I caught it on Turner Classic Movies last year, and I've been dying to see it since then, but it isn't on DVD or VHS so I''m out of luck. (If anyone runs into a copy PLEASE post on IMDb!) The last post really covered the basic plot. Marie Dressler as Emma is the sweetest, most darling character to ever appear on the screen. She cares for these kids from when they are born to when they are in their twenties and thirties, loving them as if they were her own. Btw, you can catch Myrna Loy in an early non-exotic film role as one of the kids! Equally amazing is Jean Hersholt's performance as the dad. This is the only performance of his that I have ever seen, and anyone who wonders what the Hollywood humanitarian's acting talents looked like should definitely see this movie. It's very interesting that they give out an Academy award in his honor, but they don't have any of his films widely available.

If I could pick just five movies in the universe to recommend, this would undoubtedly be one of them. (Primrose Path w/ Ginger Rogers, The Man with the Golden arm w/Frank Sinatra, Easy Rider, and Stage Fright w/Jane Wyman would be the other four== and they were VERY hard to pick just five!!)

So next time it's on TV, make sure you watch it!
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E! True Hollywood Story: Frank Sinatra (1998)
Season 2, Episode 13
Terrible if you're a fan!
20 March 2005
I've read just about every book on Frank Sinatra, and I can honestly tell you this is just a 'trash magazine' in the form of a 'documentary'. If you're a fan, it's not even worth watching because you'll get too upset. There's one guy who claims to be a Frank Sinatra historian but obviously hates him. Especially if you get annoyed at the mafia accusations, you just shouldn't watch this. I hated it! I've seen other E! Hollywood stories but they don't seem to be as hateful as this one was. I swear it's like they were out to get him! I am a huge fan and I would never watch this again! And if you aren't a fan, you shouldn't watch it either. I'd hate for this to be the impression you are left with of the wonderful Frank Sinatra.
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