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Miss Mala (1954)
Musical Spellbound
27 July 2014
Barely into a few minutes in the movie, I was in for a surprise Never expecting that it would be a psychological suspense thriller starring Kishore Kumar and then realizing that it's copy of Afred Hitchcock's Spellbound that I saw a few days back.

The music score by Chitragupta was good and contained some very interesting songs; which are above mediocre, but not among the best: Pyar Karo Gup Chup Dunia Se Chhup Chhup; Manjil Kahan Meri Gulshan Kahan Mera; Mai Knuan Hoon Khoya Hai Kahan Jahan Mera/ Dekho Na Dekho Hame Maare Gurur Ke Dil Bhi Huzur Ka Hai Hum Bhi Huzur Ke; Chori Chori Na Ana Khidki Tale Tum Dekho Zamana Achchha Nahi; do do do do do do (starts like Singing in rain but an entirely different tune later)-- Nachti Jhoomti Muskurati Aa Gayi Pyar Ki Raat.

Overall, it was a good watch for Film Noir and Kishore Kumar fans like me.
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Pure Fun
27 July 2014
Father's of Renu and Vinod are childhood friends and they want to convert their friendship to relationship by marrying their kids. But Renu and Vinod - though good friends do not like each other and plan to make their parents fight with each other. But when their plan succeeds, they realize that they love each other. Good acting by Kishore and Anita Guha, Om Prakash. Anoop Kumar is stereotyped as a fumbling boy; and one could see that despite being brother of great Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar he wasn't successful. Kishore shows is good vocal range; flexes his dancing muscles and is really very entertaining.

Most of the songs are fun - however the winner is a serious one "Mohe Bairan Neend Na Aaye". "Desh Chudaye Bhes Churaye Kya Kya Kare Na Preet" is a typical Kishore number with a good mix of Indian classical and then contemporary western music.
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Man Pasand (1980)
My Fair Lady!
13 August 2004
This is version of My Fair Lady, a great musical that was. In this Movie Dev Aanand and Girish Karnad (both sworn middle aged bachelors) play as two friends who while traveling suburban train discover a lady selling datun (toothbrush made from branch of Neem Tree) - played by Tina Munim and Dev bets that he will make her a not only a high society lady but also an accomplished singer!

How he does it is the story. There is good direction and polished performances. There a some good songs like "Logon ka dil agar haan jeetana hai tumko to bas meetha meetha bolo!" (with Tina Munim shouting loudly in between to sell her datuns)! and "Manmani se hargiz na daro kabhi shadi na karo!" (both sung by Kishor Kumar).
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Saheb Bahadur (1977)
They Did it Again
13 August 2004
Chetan Anand was one of the best movie directors produced by India. This movie is remake of Afsar (1950) directed by Chetan Anand and same Dev Anand in the lead role. And they did it again after 27 years. The movie is based on Nikolai Gogol's play. Its about a small town in fringes run by a dubious trio. When they learn that a senior office is coming on a secret inspection they assume it to be Dev Anand who happens to be an actor with a traveling drama company. The daughters of the trio are used as lure, but he instead falls for orphan Priya Rajvansh (well I don't see any reason except in real life the director fell for her). If Dev Anand were real officer or not that is the question.

The movie is uncharacteristic of Chetan Anand - it is made as a loud comedy. This movie could have been a great musical (thanks to the drama troupe background) but is not! Still it is a time pass movie. With Dev Anand past his prime it perhaps was inevitable!
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Lootmaar (1980)
Jab Chhaye Mera Jadu....
13 August 2004
Well this movie I remember more for its song "Jab Chhaye mera Jadu Koi bach na paye..." (No one is spared of my magical spell). In this movie Dev Anand is a pilot and Amzad Khan is a con man - during a snow storm the plane is made to land in playground of a school run by Nirupa Roy! Here Amzad Khan takes the whole school (with school childerens) as hostage. (By the way Nirupa Roy happens to be his mother)

Now it is up to the wits of Dev Anand to save the school and the town.

This movie has initial inspiration from several Airplane / Airport movies but soon focuses on the school background. Songs / Music in this movie are impressive. (And since I have seen this movie during my college days - both the consecutive shows we screened at college had "Jab Chhaye .." rewound several times.
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Hum Naujawan (1985)
College Story
13 August 2004
Dev Anand Plays Professor Hans who has a teen aged daughter (Introducing Tabu). When she is raped and killed by one of his students, Dev Anand is to find and seek revange from the Killer.

Another student (Played by debutant Richa Sharma - who went on to marry Sanjay Dutt) assist the professor to find whodunit and accomplish his mission.

The movie is in college background and Dev Anand does a good job as college professor seeking revenge for his daughters death. Tabu looks good - and wasn't it a pity that we had to wait for her to reappear on screen for 8 years? (As she entered in a contract to do Boney Kapurs Prem - launching vehicle for Sanjay Kapoor - and no other movie during its making - and the project delayed.)

Back to the movie - I give it 6 out of 10.
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Shagird (1967)
12 August 2004
I S Johar Plays a college professor who hates girls. Joy Mukharji is his student who is very much impressed by the professor. Professor has a friend who lives in a village - this friend has a daughter (Saira Banu). Professor is made guardian of the village girl, who happens to meet Joy and they fall in love. Trouble is professor too falls for the girl...

I S Johar plays the most memorable role of his life.

The movie has some very memorable songs: "Bare Miyan Deewaane aise na bano..." "Duniya Paagal hai ya phir main diwaana..." "Dil wil pyar main kya jaanu re..." "Woh hain zara khafa khafa ..." (watch IS Johar banging his head just after the song).

Overall an enjoyable comedy.
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Aweful Story - Great Acting
12 August 2004
First, let me make it clear I have seen the Tamil version of the movie.

The movie is about a corrupt mayor (Kamal Haasan) who is killed and cold stored by his allies turned foes. They find a person (Kamal Haasan)who looks similar and a run away mate of a mental assylum, He is made (imposter) Mayor.

The movie is made as Comedy, but it turns vulger at several places (I still remember my blushes - as I was with family - from the scene just before the intermission).

Kamal Haasan is excellent as both the Indran (Indrudu in original) as well as Chandran (Chandrudu in original version).
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12 August 2004
Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti or '(rain)drop that turned into a pearl), is story of a village schoolteacher (played by Jitendra). He has a younger stepbrother (Akashdeep) who studies in college, as usual the elder brother is dutyful and the younger brother is a lier, who always seems to be in need of money. In the village the neighbour is a lawyer (Surendra!) who has a beautiful teenaged daughter (Vaishali) who is attracted to Jeetendra.

Mumtaj plays a village girl whose brother runs an antiques shop and she runs a Tonga (she is the original Tangewali - in this movie doing a Basanti a good 8 years before Hema Malini in Sholey!)

The younger brother does not appear in his BA examination. Unknown to Jitendra comes to villages falls for the neighbours daughter and she is pregnent. Comes again and kills her. Since noone else knew that he was there. So the blame is now on the schoolteacher elder brother. How he is saved and the younger brother is made to pay for his sins is rest of the story.

The music is excellent - specially "Hari Bhari vasundhara Neela Neela Yeh gagan...", "Saath ho tum aur raat jawaan.." are very good and excellent use has been made of Mukesh' voice.
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12 August 2004
K Bhagyaraja is one of the great director / actor in Tamil Movies. In this movie Bhagyaraj plays a devoted son to his stepmother who could do anything for her word. The mother is wicked and she leave this guy illiterate at cost of her own son.

Bhagyaraja marries to a girl without knowledge of his mother - but he even abendons his wife on his mother's order. How the things are sorted out is the story.

The movie was a great hit and remade in Hindi as "Beta" - a blockbuster.

Bhagyaraja directed as well as acted in this movie. This is a thoroughly entertaining movie.
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Armaan (1981)
What Director Wants?
18 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
DISCLAIMER The movie is based on a classic Hollywood Block-buster. Names of people and places are changed to hide the identity of original (and possibly for avoiding payment of royalties).

PLOT Inspired by classic "Casablanca" (1942), the director Anand Sagar went on to make this movie. To Indianise the story was set in Goa and the world war backdrop becomes the freedom struggle for Goa and villains are Portuguese in place of the Germans. The role of Rick (Bogey) is revived by Raj Babbar, of Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) by Ranjeeta, Deepak Parashar plays Victor (Paul Henried), Shammi Kapoor is Sam (Dooly Wilson) and Shakti Kapoor plays Renault (Claude Rains).

Deepak Parashar is a freedom fighter and Ranjeeta is his sweetheart who was earlier romantically involved with Raj Babbar. Raj Babbar runs a bar / hotel in Goa which is hub of all the action. Shammi Kapoor is his friend and bartender who also sings. Shakti Kapoor is a corrupt Portuguese officer with money in top of his priority.

SPOILERS Having started in parallel with Casablanca, the director builds-up the initial story well, but then he goofs up on what to do with the Indianised story. He follows the traditional Indian route (where in love triangle the third person - the one with one sided feelings or the one not in marriage - should die).

ACTING Talking of acting Raj Babbar, Shammi Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor are good. The supporting cast does well but not the lead pair - Parashar is too wooden and Ranjeeta lacks the intensity. But Raj Babbar's role overall is victim of directors confusion.

MUSIC No Indian movie is deemed complete with customary songs and dances, and this movie is no exception. The music is OK and song "Saare Jahan Ki Amanat hai yeh, yeh jeevan tumhara tumahara nahin, jeevan mitana hai deevanapan, koi pyar jeevan se pyara nahi...." goes well, but contradictory to spirit of the song the director actually erases the life.

I give 5.5 out of 10. Can be seen, if you have seen Casablanca to enjoy this movie you have to forget Casablanca (tough!) or atleast forget Casablanca to compare with. This is no classic, but it is better than about 60% movies made in India.
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Dhrati Ka Lal
18 March 2004

This is one of the common genre of Jeetendra Movies. He is Dharati Ka Lal - son of soil - a rural boy in a city. While in college he falls in love with Reena Roy and the feelings are mutual. Out of college - there is no job (familier lines from the earlier movies), he gets a job with Roy Sahib as he agrees to marry the blind daughter of Roy Sahib. Catch is she is elder sister of his college sweet heart. So Whats next? The title tells all.

DIRECTION This movie is a tear jerker and the ladies would like it more. Acting is good, Asha Parekh plays the blind girls role very well.

SONGS / MUSIC The songs in the movie are plain. The first song I remember is bacause of "dharati ke lal"'s mention in the song. Sung by my favorite Mukesh.

Overall 6.5/10 from me.
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Bidaai (1974)
Another Dharti Ka Lal (Son of Soil) Adventure of Jeetendra
18 March 2004

As usual Jeetendra is a village boy studying in city. In nights sometimes drive taxi of his roommate. During one such nights he meets Leena Chandavarkar who is daughter of millionaire Madan Puri. Who falls is love with him and marries him.

However, this is also story of a mother Durga Khote who has two sons (Jeetendra is one of them), but still is mistreated. After marriage Jeetendra brings Leena to village but she can't just live in village. So, mother asks son Jeetendra to live with the in-laws.

Will the mother ever have her sons back to her? Will the rich girl Leena understand value of family ties? That's the story. Asrani plays a foreign returned suitor for Leena Chandravakar.

DIRECTION The director has chosen to portray this serious story with a lot of comic touch and makes this a humorous movie. The cast just delivers what the movie demands.

MUSIC The songs in the movie are good and they also maintain the touch of humor the director wanted. The songs "Kabhi Khole Na Tizori Ka Taala Haan mera sasura bara paise wala..." and "Yeh hai mera premi mujhko kare salaam, main hoon iski begum yeh hai mera ghulam..." are samples.

My rating is 8/10 to this movie.
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Surprises till the very end
18 March 2004
Om Prakash as a character actor always was a treat to watch. His roles were full of comic adventures, a smart person who is not afraid of making a fool of himself or a full who thinks he is the smartest person. In here he plays a person who is seemingly docile but could be a murderer!!

The good part of the movie is nothing is this movie is what it actually seems to be! Even if you have read the plot of this movie, there are still surprises and they come out at the very end of the movie. Very few Indian movies have been able to maintain the suspense. Om Prakash is certainly a treat to watch. Naveen Nishchol is also at his prime. Deven Verma provides comic relief in style.

8/10 and is a movie which has something for everyone.
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Routine Love triangle with good music
18 March 2004
DISCLAIMER This movie is based on hundreds of movies with love triangle. As a matter of fact Raj Babbar and Deepak Parashar together are meant only as two angles of a Love Triangle.

PLOT Ranjeeta a rich girl is in love with poor boy Raj Babbar. Deepak Parashar a rich boy and mutual friend also falls for Ranjeeta. The parents of Ranjeeta are for the rich boy! Come on the same story I have seen in may be couple of hundred movies so far).

TRIVIA In all 4 movies together (Insaaf Ka Tarazu, Aap to Aise Na The, Armaan and Nikaah) Raj Babbar and Deepak Parashar have played two angles of a love triangle. They actually even out.

DIRECTION AND ACTING The direction is good for a story on the beaten track. Raj Babbar stands out.

MUSIC The good part of the movie. The song "Tu Is tarah se meri zindagi main shamil hai..." is one of lasting melodies. Hats off to Usha Khanna.

OVERALL 5.5/10, see with open mind - some moments could be enjoyable, for a change listen (don't fast-forward) the songs. (Fast Forward can used for most scenes without Raj Babbar).
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Funny Movie
18 March 2004
GENRE Family / Comedy

PLOT Jeetendra has take a vow of celibacy. He is a student. Enters Mumtaj, who claims that she is married to him. Is he really celibate? Is she really married to him? Thats the plot of the movie.


Jeetendra is believable and Mumtaj is naughty. They are in roles at what they are best. The script is fast and dull moments are hardly there. Good Comedy from Jagdeep and Mukri (lot of scenes).

MUSIC The music is OK, the songs though not all time greats are on good melodic tunes.

Overall this is a watchable movie 6.5/10 from me.
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Nikaah (1982)
Stereotyped Love Triangle in Muslim background.
18 March 2004
DISCLAIMER Even though the movie is based on a work or literature (Dr. Achla Nagar - daughter or famous hindi novelist and story-writer Amrit Lal Nagar) the story is an old fashioned love triangle. The backdrop is different but for the story is rehash of many old classics. The urdu poet in this movie is also rehash of many reknowned Urdu poets who for obvious reasons are not credited.


Haider (Raj Babbar) and Nilofar (Salma Agha) are students in same college. Haider is a poet, who falls in love with Nilofar. (Lifts a couplet of Jan-Nisar Akhtar - father of Writer Javed Akhtar "Ab ke hum bichhre to shayad kabhi khwabon main mile, Jis tarah sukhe hue phool kitabon main mile"). This part reminded me of college scenes from "Mere Mehboob" (1962 - Rajendra Kumar - Sadhana).

Nilofar is engaged to Wasim (Deepak Prashar), who is a businessman and is married to him soon. Wasim is more into his work and when Nilofar wants his attention - she instead gets Triple Talaq - divorce.

Nilofar is now looking for a job and gets it in press of News paper run by Haider, who is still looking for her. They get married. But, when Haider reads that "first love can not be easily forgotten". He also finds that Wasim is still in love with Nilofar he offers to sacrifice. (The scene that follows reminds me the famous scene from Sangam when Vaijayanti Mala tells Raj Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar - the man they think about themselves, had any of the thought about her?")

DIRECTION AND ACTING The direction is good. BR Chopra weaves the songs too well into the story that they become integral part of the story. The language is very polished (thanks to Dr. Achla Nagar). Everyone stands out in this story!

MUSIC It could not have been any better. Every song is a treat by itself. Salma Agha ("Fiza bhi hai Jawan Jawan...", "Dil ke Arman Aansuon mai bah gaye...", "Dil Ki yeh Arzoo thi koi dilruba mile...") is at her best and Mahendra Kapoor is meets his vintage glory ("Dil Ki yeh Arzoo thi koi dilruba mile...", "Beete Huye lamhon ki kasak yaad to hogi...")! Mehadi Hasan's Gazal "Chupke Chupke Raat Din Ansu Bahana Yaad hai..." is controversially in this movie. Wisely Mr. Chopra did not make Deepak Parashar to sing on the Gazal and the impact is great. Not to forget mandatory qawali ("Chehra Chhupa liya hai kisi ne hizab main..") picturised on Asrani and Hina Kausar (I guess so).

TRIVIA Mehadi Hasan's Gazal "Chupke Chupke Raat Din Ansu Bahana Yaad hai..." was lifted without his permission.

OVERALL Despite oft-repeated story 8.5/10, thanks to music, direction, screen-play and acting.
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Waris (1969)
suspense and surprise!
18 March 2004
The genere for this movie is Suspense!

PLOT A prince leaves his home in childhood and goes to Ceylone where he is brought up by a lady working in tea plantation. Later when the King dies the search for prince heats up. The son of lady who brought up the prince (Prem Chopra) poses as prince and then there are two more people (Jeetendra) and (Mehmood).

Hema Malini is daughter of deevan and falls in love with Jeetendra. (Also look for role of Neetu Singh as a child artist playing sister of the prince - in couple of years she would be heroine in many a movies with Jeetendra too). Now the suspense is who is really the prince? Who is Jeetendra? Who is Mehmood? Thats what the movie is all about!

The music in this movie is good, but the great part is an assortment of parody songs filmed on Mehmood, Aruna Irani.

TRIVIA This movie was also made in Tamil. I think Jayashanka Played the role played by Jeetendra, Naagesh Played role of Mehmood and Manorama - not the one mentioned in the cast of this movie but world record holder with most movies done - also leading lady of Mehmood in Kunwara Baap - had the role of Aruna Irani. The Bald Villain was common in both the casts.

Overall the movie is a fun to watch 6.5/10.
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Khilona (1970)
Acting Masterpiece - Sanjeev Kumar!!
18 March 2004
PLOT Vijay Babu (Sanjeev Kumar) is a sentimental poet with a tragedy in past looses his mental balance. Chand (Mumtaj) - a poor girl - is hired for his recovery, who initially refuses but later falls for Vijay. How she helps Vijay out of his trauma is the story.


Direction is good. Sanjeev Kumar is outstanding. Mumtaj beautifully summarizes her role. In a smaller role Jeetendra is effective. Shatrughn Sinha excels in a negative role.

MUSIC The music is excellent and the songs picturised on Sanjeev Kumar are outstanding. "Khush Rahe Tu Sada Yeh Dua hai Meri, Bewafa hi sahi dilruba hai meri...", "Khilona Jaan kar tum to mera dil tode jaate ho.." are excellent. Mohammed Rafi's singing from his heart is evident.

A Movie Worth Watching 9/10 from me.
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Jeene Ki Raah (1969)
The way of living
18 March 2004
Possibly the best movie of Jeetendra!


Jeetendra, a village boy just out of college, is married to Anjali. He is in city in search of a job but there isn't any! Tanuja is a wheel chair bound girl! Whose father hires Jeetendra on condition that Jeetendra should not be married. Tanuja falls in love with Jeetendra and the feelings seems to be mutual. Tanuja recovers with Jeetendra's encouragement. What will be next? Will she discover that he is married? Or will he come out of his marriage? Is he a lier?


Everyone is competent and does job well. Frankly, there are flaws in script an plot, but one does not notice while watching movie, not until one starts analyzing the flaws would surface. This is because the direction and acting is good and so the editing, leaving very little scope for audience to think while watching the movie. The run time is to enjoy and thats what this movie precisely does.

As a matter of fact, when you discover in the opening scene that Jeetendra is married to an unknown face and Tanuja is yet to come

SONGS AND MUSIC Music is very good the songs "Aane se jiske aaye bahaar, jaane se jiske jaaye bahaar...", "Chanda ko dhundane sabhi taare nikal pare...", "Ek banjara gaaye..." are very good.

Overall the movie is enjoyable - my rating is 9.5/10 as I could see it again and again....
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Lipstick - 1976
18 March 2004
DISCLAIMER This movie is based on another Hollywood movie. The names of people and places are changed to hide the identity of the original.

PLOT Having said that this movie is based on a Hollywood movie - Lipstick (1976), I would not go much into the plot of the movie.

Jeenat Aman is a model in love with Deepak Parashar. Raj Babbar is an Industrialist who falls for her, but as he can't win her love he tries the hard way. Padmini Kolhapure, her school going sister, witnesses the rape. Raj Babbar is taken to court, though Simi - Jeenat's lawyer - tries hard, Dr. Shree Ram Lagoo - Lawyer for Raj Babbar manages to save Raj by turning tables onto Jeenat - by questioning her character.

Cut to future, Padmini Kolhapure has finished the studies and she goes for job interview. Finds that the interview is with Raj Babbar, who promptly rapes her too. Jeenat, when she knows about it kills Raj Babbar and is arrested & taken to the court.


The original is not rated as high as the copy, is by virtue of the good direction. The direction is very good, and Jeenat Aman gives performance of her life. Raj Babbar is excellent, Padmini Kolhapure plays with ease the transformation from a school going girl to a young adult rape victim with ease. Deepak Parashar is not as wooden as his later appearences. Simi and Dr. Laagu are performers to watch.

TRIVIA During the initial numbering, Dharmendra makes cameo appearence as a Army personnel accused of killing a rapist in a court scene.

MUSIC Not worth mentioning, but the rest of movie is so good that the music can be tolerated (or avoided by simply making a trip to toilet). Mahendra Kapoor, BR Chopra's favorite singer has sung the title song (in his unique high-pitched voice).

OVERALL 7.5/10
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Hum Paanch (1980)
Old story different treatment
18 March 2004
DISCLAIMER This movie is actually based on an epic - Mahabharat - but Kauravas are excluded for obvious fear of getting the movie over crowded. Here Pandavas are taking on Mama - maternal uncle (say him Shakuni or Kansa) instead.

PLOT Amrish Puri as Veer Pratap Singh is Zamindar of a village, he with help from Kanhaiyalal or Lala Nainsukh Shrivastava deem himself to be the God of the village.

Mithun Chakraborty (Bhima) is a slave to Thakur. Whereas Naseeruddin Shah (Suraj), Raj Babbar (Arjun), Gulshan Grover (Mahavir) and Uday Chandra (Swaroop) are the protagnists.

Shabana Azmi plays Sundariya a lower cast lady - whom Thakur exploites. Deepti Naval is Lajiya, Bhima's love but is tempted and exploited by Roopesh Kumar the Thakur's son who is also in love with citi belle and a con-lady Aruna Irani.

Krishna, brilliently essayed by Sanjeev Kumar is nephew of Thakur, is like his name sake is counting 100 mistakes to be made (and to remain passive he is made a drunkard).

Overall the plot is simplified version of the epic but still is complex and is revised to attract curiosity.

DIRECTION The direction is excellent and everyone has given a polished performence, even Roopesh Kumar! The rural background in the movie is one of most realistic portrayals of villages in Hindi belt of India.

MUSIC True on folk tradition the music is good based on simple lyrics.

TRIVIA Anil Kapoor makes a cameo.

The movie is produced by Surendra Kapoor but on the ground all the production was supervised by Son Boney Kapoor with able assistance from brothers Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor.

Overall 8/10.
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Ram Jaane (1995)
Angels with Dirty Faces
17 March 2004
I have seen Angels with Dirty Faces (James Cagney) before I saw Ram Jaane. In fact, I was so impressed by "Angels..." that I thought if I were to make a movie it would be a remake of "Angels...". Then I saw "Ram Jaane".

Cagney certainly is the best in the original.

Sharukh Khan has played the James Cagney's role and Vivek Mushran played the role Pat O'Brien played and Juhi Chawla revived role of Ann Sheridan. Personally I feel that they never came any where closer to the original. The ending, in the original is much better and underplayed compared to the loud ending in "Ram Jaane" that makes "Angels..." much better movie.

If you have seen Ram Jaane you would find "Angels..." much better movie, however if you have already seen the original DO NOT WATCH RAM JAANE.

Music of Ram Jaane is worth forgetting and watching "Angels..." make you wonder if the songs were needed for Ram Jaane!
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Jaadugar (1989)
No Jaadu! (Magician without Magic)
17 March 2004
Bad script! Bad Direction! Things gone haywire!

Prakash Mehra and Amitabh Bachchan made a very good pair in past. Great entertainment in history. The movie could have been a good one, considering it had a novel theme. A Fake Godman (Amrish Puri) exposed and in turn defeated by a magician (Amitabh Bachchan) in his own game! The icing was the magician is brought to game by none other than the son of the Godman (Aditya Pancholi).

But the script was lost, at times songs and dialogue become vulgure. Acting is average and the movie, it appears was made only for the front benchers, and was perhaps even rejected by them.

There are some shades of past brillience, on screen its not worth, but on vedio / DVD - thanks to technology - we can fast forward what we don't like. This movie perhaps can be watched in double quick time.
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Hero Hiralal (1988)
Lot of Bright Moments
17 March 2004
Naseeruddin Shah is Hero Hiralal, a Hyderabadi Auto-driver, who happens to meet a Newcomer (Played by Sanjana Kapoor) starlet. Becomes a tourist guide to her, and in-turn they fall in love.

Cut the starlet is back in Bombay and Hero wants her and follows her to Bombay, but her family wants him out of her life. She is made to say that she does not like him (but she actually does like). Dejected Hero wants to commit suicide. Saved by a Show Lady who wants Hero to die like a great lover in a greatest show on earth (played by Deepa Sahi). But will he die? Let it be suspense!

Amitabh Bachchan has made a special appearance as himself. The movie has brilliant moments and the first half is very good, second pales in comparison (but is still worth watching). Naseeruddin Shah is dramatic, but good. Sanjana Kapoor (the first Kapoor daughter on screen - her niece Karishma is latecomer by over half a dozen years) is charming and has underplayed her role. Deepa Sahi in small role is good.

Overall a movie worth watching!
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