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Great Independent Movie.
26 February 2012
Saw this cool Low budget (£20,000) Movie at the Iris Festival in Cardiff Wales UK and was thoroughly entertained!! Yeah its low budget but it just goes to show how with great acting, a cool storyline and some not too bad SFX and the drive of a hard working team what can be achieved!! If you like Vampires that look sexy, have some brains and are more believable than anything in the Twilight series this is a must see! And Yeah the two main Vamps are Gay but Jeez! its 2012!!! Brokeback Mountain meets Twilight!!! Go see it and enjoy something original and British!! Vampires! Sexy Vampires! Demons! Gods! Witches! This is gonna be a CULT Movie! Loved every second! I laughed! Jumped! and Felt for every second! LOVE IT!
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