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Dexter (2006–2013)
A Bloody Masterpiece!
7 November 2006
Dexter will never disappoint. Each and every episode is a work of art, and it never gets boring or old. To start, we have excellent deliveries from Michael C. Hall as the serial killer (yet a like-able one) known as Dexter Morgan. Add "The Excorcism Of Emily Rose" star Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter's sometimes moody sister, Deb.

It's a hard accomplishment to get someone to actually love a serial killer. But Dexter is one of those few attempts that works. It's not forced upon you- the show doesn't shove the whole "well this serial killer had a terrible childhood..." in your face. And it doesn't need to in order to get you to love its main character. You just do.

Michael C. Hall can play any emotion he's handed. Jennifer Carpenter fits her character perfectly, as does everyone else in the cast.

Then there's the actual story lines. It's not cliché. It's actually scary and chilling. It keeps you guessing. It's one of those mysteries that is very difficult to solve, but it still keeps your interest.

'Dexter' can also be hilarious when it wants to be, depressing when it wants to be and especially thrilling when it wants to be. And it doesn't come across as trying too hard.

Strong writing, clever dialogue, talented stars. It all makes for a wonderful TV show. Definitely the best new show of the season and will become one of the best shows of all time.
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Silent Hill (2006)
Simply excellent
22 April 2006
When I first saw the trailer, I thought this movie would be a corny, not so great film. Everyone was pretty hyped up for it- just like they were with "Stay Alive" and the "When a Stranger Calls" remake. Both of those movies turned out to be absolute crap, with no quality whatsoever.

But Silent Hill surprised me. It can be really skin crawling when it wants to be- and that's pretty much all the time. Almost everyone in the audience was scared to death- just like myself. And I'm no scaredy cat. I'm a huge horror movie fan and have seen what people claim to be scariest.

Silent Hill was also packed with a few twists and turns. It kept you thinking throughout the entire film- it was a very interesting mystery! I sometimes found myself saying in my mind "I hate this movie" because it was so terrifying. But, deep down, I was loving it and wanting more! The acting was okay. Radha was a pretty good actress, along with many others. The only actor I'd consider "bad" is Sean Bean.

I was able to connect with the heroes of the story and feel what they were feeling.

Overall, Silent Hill is a must see for any horror fan. It's packed with surprises and scary scenes. Very good special effects, too!
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