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Miracle Workers (2019– )
Not as good as it could be.
14 March 2019
Despite a good cast it has failed to deliver any laughs. Shallow characters and story. Stories are so short that they have to add commentaries to fill up a 30 min slot. There's another show out there that's actually GOOD, worth a "7 rating" PLACE.
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Now Apocalypse (2019– )
11 March 2019
I didn't laugh once. Then again, I don't live in a state that legally sells something to aid in laughter. Boring millennial drama. In other words, shallow story and characters. If you like it, good for you, give a review.
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Dead by Dawn (2019– )
"Nothing betterrrr than a plump beaverrr" , Ep.4 -I'm having nightmares now!
18 February 2019
The Video is awesome!!! Audio Sucks!! Once I turned off the sound, I enjoyed the video.
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Thanks for all the bad reviews!!
2 February 2019
So many bad reviews, I went into this movie thinking it would be a flop. 1/10. It ended up being better than I was expecting. 5/10. So much better than anything the Asylum put out.
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Why do they even bother?
27 January 2019
The Asylum must be a huge tax write off. God knows they can't make a decent movie!
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Station 19 (2018– )
Not everyone is gay!
14 November 2018
Ok, so all the networks believe they need a gay person on the show to increase ratings. And I can live with that. But 3 gay couples just on one show? So you decided since you had no good story material, you'd just add more gays? Like I said, I'm not against gay people. But 60% of the people on the show are gay, seems unrealistic. And I cannot stomach seeing naked males "doing it" on TV. This show and others like it a pushing it too far. Just look at the ratings. This might be a part of the reason. So I'll watch something else and hope it's not the same way. Or there might be another review from me.
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The Good Cop (2018)
7 October 2018
It had some parts that were funny, really funny. Like the "nothing makes sense", why questions. But they are few and far between. Making it sway more towards NCIS. With some humor added to a detective story. In that case it falls short. Then there's the stupid humor. When done correctly can work out well, in this case not all made a good fit. Repetitive humor is good in one episode, But they tend to do it too much.

Not so alert production. Continuity is overlooked. Guns with open action continue to shoot without reloading. Doors open one shot and closed the next. Woman in heels, then in flats, back in heels. I didn't take notes on all that, I just remember there were a lot of stupid stuff that squeaked by.

Acting. Sorry guys. I can't believe any of you saying Danza is a great actor. I just don't see it. He only plays one character his entire life and that character is "Tony". It's hard to see past all the botox. Maybe that's why he can't act with emotion?

Either way, this show could of been better if the father role was given to, well let's say, anyone else.

But like anything else. If you get stoned enough, you will enjoy anything you watch. Just wish I was in a legal state to enjoy it as well.
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The First (2018– )
No smoking on set.
18 September 2018
The constant chewing of nicotine gum was a distraction... just had to add that....

This show aimed for space but falls short. It's merely a drama about normal people who may work for NASA. At least what I've seen in the first four episodes.

I did like the futuristic feel to the show with electronics. (But if you ever lost your voice, you'd be screwed in that reality)

The parts I hate most is the southern hick who narrates poetry.
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Triassic World (2018 Video)
Typical Asylum Junk.
20 June 2018
Did Asylum invent the "camera shake"? Or did they copy that as well? Maybe some day they will release original movies without riding on the coat tails of REAL movie releases. Stop naming their movies to trip up some people into being suckered into watching and releasing them same time as the REAL movies. I don't see how these guys make any money with these flicks. Maybe its just for a tax write off? I can sum up this movie (and all their other movies) in a few words. 1) Poor acting, 2) Poor story, 3) Little to no special effects (When in doubt, just shake the camera for action, horror or just low on budget.
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I disagree with some reviews
17 June 2018
I don't believe the acting is as bad as people say. Not Emmy material, but better than many movies I've watched lately.. They did the best they could. I blame the director. Camera "shake" and uncommon, panning camera angles does not make a great movie. Don't expect that actors to do all the work. If a better director was chosen and more money was invested into the films special effects and sound. It just might have been a decent movie. But as is, I can't give it high ratings.
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Wayward Pines (2015–2016)
WTG Fox!!
11 June 2018
And here's another example of Fox retiring and awesome series way before it's time. I liked everything about this show. And there's was so many directions they could of taken the story further. Just how high do ratings have to be to keep a show going these days? I guess show it in the pile with all the others. Helix, Defying Gravity, Terra Nova, The Event, Threshold, Jericho, Caprica, SG-U, Fire-Fly, V, The River, The Tomorrow People.........
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Unsane (2018)
Mostly good in theory.
30 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Shot on iPhone, I had no idea. Acting, I felt was good. Believable truth about insurance. Being involved in those situations. I can confirm. Once your insurance runs out, BAM, you're cured, and let out. As for the stalker, stupid addition. Yet without it, the movie wouldn't be as good. He had no involvement in her commitment. And he happens to be the pharmacist at the psych ward? Not fired after dispensing a bad cocktail. ( And her for even taking anything her would give her. Didn't even count how many pills?) Video cameras being shut off for long periods of time. A patient gone missing all day and no one noticed? Even shoving a cell phone with a picture of a bloodied missing patient didn't raise any questions. I could go on and on. Couldn't they just spend a little more time fixing the story to be more believable? Again, not a bad movie. Just tired of watching movies that start of being realistic and believable to let's just rush this out the door and get paid. C'mon guys, take the extra step.
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13 Reasons Why (2017– )
Pretty Little Liars Part 2.
22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Excessive drama that bends real life into unbelievable situations. Everything is all wrapped into a tight neat bow. And then there's a mastermind who is 10 steps ahead of everyone. ( notice the "A" burnt into the field? That's the "A" from Pretty Little Liars!. Smart Guy, Girl or Group.) Anyways this person is everywhere and nowhere.

These situations would never get this far, because people in real life actually talk, communication would of resolved many situations. Others like being nearly ran over could of been solved by going to the police. The vehicle side sideswiped the concrete barrier. A drug store gets surveillance camera? Brick thrown onto the back car windshield In a quiet clean neighborhood and no one heard it? Pictures taped to a chalkboard during school, no witnesses? Car windshield busted on school property. No surveillance, no security, no witnesses.

And the beginning of every show about getting help is a good thing. But being attached to an unrealistic drama? Would be better off running add during during the 5:00 Local/World News....
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Anonymous 616 (2018)
Are you kidding me?
14 May 2018
I just have to laugh at all these positive reviews! I gave it a 2 star rating (Because I reserve the 1 star rating for Asylum movies) I disagree with the other reviews. Not so hot acting, I really didn't feel it "suspenseful", "thrilling" or "riveting". The only reason the flick was "thought provoking" was due to the lack of lack of story. So it makes to try and feel in the gaps. And by these reviews, these people had more of an imagination than what's in the movie. I came to the conclusion that it was the cast members who gave the rave reviews.
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Downrange (2017)
The main concept of being shot at was overlooked
5 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
They should of done their research or passed basic science/math.

1. Bullets travel faster than sound. Therefore you would either hear the bullet hit an object next to you or hear it wiz past and then here the "bang".The further the distance the longer the separation. Anyone who has ever been shot at will never forget this sound. 2. As for when he used the silencer, yes, it may have muffled the "Bang" to an extent, but it's not going to make the bullet traveling through the air silent nor when it hits an object. 3. Sniper is "dug in" up in a tree, so he's not moving around. He had no Line-of-site to hit the cell phone on the selfie stick! Plus the sound came too far infront of the bullet hitting, he could of moved the cellphone before it even hit. LOL.

It's so backwards it's not funny. And it changed this movie into a comedy. God, I wish I lived in a "Legal THC" State so I could try to enjoy this movie...........
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Taken (2017–2018)
Same old thing Stolen title.
24 April 2018
Why recycle the name of a movie that really is nothing like the movie? I thought only Asylum did that. If you're going to copy a name, should of used "The A-Team" or "Suicide Squad". But really, "The Rankless", "Above the Law" or "Unseen Soldiers" would of been a better choice. The show has somewhat good acting. It's right on the verge of being a great show. it's just needs a better story.
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Lost in Space (2018– )
If anything can happen, it WILL happen.
20 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1st off. I am a Sci-fi, fantasy nut. And always wish there were more shows out there. Many shows I and others like (high ratings on IMDB), only last a season or two. And some networks feel it's fine to drop shows without a finale. Choosing rankings over what fan base they built up. This show has great CGI, good acting, considering most is in front of a green screen. Here's where I feel the show messed up. Drama. You already have a great sci-fi fantasy show, don't over abuse the drama to where it skews human nature. Or to the point where it's no longer believable.

--Spoilers-- Here are some examples:

These people were chosen. tested, educated, selected as the cream of the crop. But every drama-filled event was sparked by stupidity. You can only do this so many times before it starts to drop your ratings.

The Leader. Wanted to sacrifice the 1 for the many. Then does a 180°, filling up his ship and attempting to leave "the many" behind. Only later to do another 180°, and stay behind for the 1 risking the lives of the many. How did this guy ever become leader? I'll ask Trump.

The dash across the vent field. Science, math nerds.. And no one thought it to be faster and safer to stop both vehicles the second the brake plug came loose. They had 2-way communication. Was already made clear the lighter vehicle was faster. Someone could of jumped out from the faster vehicle, plugged in the slower vehicle. Sent them back on their way. Electric vehicle took would of got them back up to speed quickly. And the faster vehicle would of caught back up. And then they still had some drama by racing before the times up. That would of been more believable.

Apex predaters. All the time spent on the planet and no one ran across them. Ok, fair enough. What parent in their right mind you let their kids do the collecting? Will radio? Come on. Volume at max level. He never should of been in there.

The villan
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The Following (2013–2015)
Production Fail as well. Lacking realism to common sense.
13 March 2016
As you can already tell by the reviews, the story is poor. So I won't even comment on that. But I would also like to add the director to the list of shame. I'm not going to add the episodes where the bloopers were, therefore not making review as a spoiler. If you're observant, then you already noticed a few of them. A couple of times, i've seen a shot fired with an automatic leaving the action open then ducking for cover and in seconds firing again. No clip hitting the ground and no sound of reloading. Sniper rifle with a laser sight (Not how to be unnoticed, but OK) First shot shows laser dot, all other shots are without. This same rifle is firing pretty fast for a bolt action. Many other overlooked realisms that I won't include because they could be considered spoilers. If you find them, add them. They are just so stupid. It ruins the show.

I just can't believe how these "Professionals" don't catch these bloopers. Do they even review what was just shot on camera? I'm just an average viewer looking to be entertained with a show that makes me feel like I'm there. But being constantly reminded by these bloopers popping up is a real let down.
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Open Water (2003)
Insult to intelligence !
10 September 2015
Counting mishap? I know MOST movies are for entertainment. But I'd at least like to have them somewhat believable. It's not hard to do, after they put the movie together, just watch it once before releasing it. I swear too many don't even review what they made before releasing their creations. The who;e situation of this movie never would of happened. The main thing the charter company would count is the tanks. And I'm sure there would be a redundancy, like calling out their names like a check list, with or without tanks missing. Maybe if I was stoned, I wouldn't notice these things and just enjoy the movie. But I wasn't... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sci-fi, even unproven theories or futuristic, just as long as it's believable or convincing. But screeching tires on dirt roads, 4-stroke motorcycles that produce 2-stroke sounds seems to be standard practice, you'd think Hollywood the "experts" would catch these types of things? ( not that this movie has these two examples) Back to this movie. The acting was poor. Very low budget. At least on props. Water is free... Are there really people out there who don't know that drinking salt water is bad for you? the first ½ of the movie was a boring story with really nothing about the main story. Anyways more stupid situations arise, like both of them easily falling asleep within 7 hours of being abandoned and they drift apart.. This movie isn't as bad as all Asylum films, but close.
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25 March 2015
If you like "camera-shake" and a bunch of amateur actors shouting, screaming and running around in a stupor, then this flick is for you. Don't expect any type of real plot since they claim this is the only video footage that the local law enforcement was willing to release in an attempt to put any rumors to rest.... It seems anyone with a video camera nowadays can release just plain junk. I wish they would all sit down and watch what they created 5 times before just pushing out the door. I love horror movies, but it's getting real hard to find the few great ones amongst all of these bad ones. I was shocked to see the rating that it received.
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Attila (2013)
Standard Asylum Quality Flick!
17 March 2014
I have never seen anything good come from Asylum. I gave them at least 20 chances to prove their name to me. But lets face it, Asylum movies = 1-2 star rated movies. It's an insult to us to think we would enjoy these. My question is, even with such poor ratings and name stealing titles how do they stay in business!? I for one would like to see them gone. I wish actors would realize that doing an Asylum movie is actually bad for their career.

This movie is just another typical Asylum Movie. Low budget, poor acting and directing. Boring. Special effects are a joke. Maybe if I lived in a state where pot was legal and I was high as a kite, I might find a movie like this or any Asylum movie entertaining? Probably still not.

This movie was their last chance to show me something good. They failed. I will no longer watch anything made by Asylum. I hope others who feel the same way do the same thing and not support them in any way.
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Hard Target (1993)
Can't Sum it up, see below...
21 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Great Movie. Good Acting. A lot of action. Unique stunts and situations.

But several scene's were a huge slap in the face! Do they not go back and review what they put together? It's just too HARD of a TARGET to forget!

One scene where one of "the dogs" is riding a motorcycle past Van Damme (who is behind a car). He starts to raise his front wheel up at the middle of the car. Next scene, he isn't riding a wheelie and Van Damme Kicks him in the face. Quickly changing to 3rd scene where Van Damme is standing behind car an the guy who was riding the wheelie goes over backwards (from the obvious continuation of scene one). Who's to blame for this? All this effort put into acting, special effects and filming and yet they just throw it together in the end? Sad. This was just one of the mistakes done. And no I don't look for them. I just like all movies to be believable, is that too HARD TARGET?

Still ignoring the slapping together of footage without reviewing, I liked the movie. Something to watch on a cold winter day.
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Persons Unknown (2010– )
Great Show!
10 October 2013
Why is it whenever there is a great show it gets canceled? And many are left unfinished. This story could of went on for many seasons. Great cast and story line. So many shows get a lot of hype months before premiere and then bomb. Yet the network will drag it on for a few more seasons trying to convince us that it will eventually get better.

This show isn't like that. A great show that silently gets cut. Who are these people who make these decisions? Too many shows get canceled without closure. Tera Nova was another great one. Jericho could of ran for years! Yet, they hype up Revolution, which was a bomb, that I'm sure they will try to run with it for years.

I really liked Persons Unknown. Last episode left me wanting to see more. Too bad the network didn't see it that way. Now days, if you don't have "C.S.I.", "reality show" or dumb slap stick comedy in it, it won't make the cut. It's sad!
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Bad guy, Stan from the Matrix series??
21 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Could of been a good movie. Great visuals, but the story needed more effort. The story really didn't fit other movies. Nor did it really make sense on what mutation you can kill and not kill. How long have those guys been surrounded in that skyscraper, only to have mutants come up from the ground timed with the arrival of the "Silent Hill" Executioner show up at the gate?

But the bad guy, C'Mon. Matrix sun glasses, Cracking his next, the smirk, the attitude, talking like him. He even moved like him. It took away so much from the movie. I couldn't get The Matrix out of my head. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Matrix. I just don't like copied characters from other movies unless it was intended to be made that way.
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One movie I won't forget the name of.
21 October 2005
A short minded person might think, "This is just a gay flick"

But there is so much more to be read into this story. Mysterious Skin goes deep inside ones mind and makes you feel like you're involved somehow. Prepare to be "shocked" I know, I was. Great acting from everyone, in my opinion. I like how the movie directed. I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting to see "something different" I won't go any farther about the movie, Mysterious Skin. Because then this would turn into a spoiler and I would't want to spoil this movie for anyone interested in watching this movie. Anyways, it's hard to fill up a 10 line minimum and NOT give away some of the movie.
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