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China, IL (2008–2015)
this show is DOPE
26 February 2012
wow i was amazed that this show got such a low score. at first i thought the animation wasn't too good but the more i watched the more i realized how funny and strange this show actually is. The voices are amazing, each character is extremely memorable the only thing i don't like is that its only 15 minute episodes. my favorite episode so far was the one with the killer hippies. lots of violence sort of like super jail. i also like that this show is about really crappy college teachers who don't really give a crap about anything but themselves. Babycakes is the man!!! looking forward to tonights episode, if you don't like this show ur lame ;)
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Unsupervised (2012)
check it out for yourself, i really love this show
17 February 2012
Unsupervised is a great show, its not like Beavis and Butthead, all the characters are more complex and have their own distinct personalities and issues to deal with. Some episodes (like any show) are better than others but overall i find myself laughing at this show a great deal. The voices and animation are solid, not mind blowing but look what southpark did with their animation. All in all i really hope this show gets a second season, just cause its positive and about kids growing up doesn't mean it should be attacked by people that mostly just hate Always Sunny; you do need to have some kind of connection to your childhood to fully appreciate the show.
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