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Not a banal love story
15 February 2012
After watching this film I had strange feelings. On the one hand "Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo" is a beautiful love story with nice moments, beautiful actors and breathtaking scene. But if you think over a plot of this film you understand that the main idea is not to show a beautiful love but to tell us about the world of teenagers who have absolutely different lives.

Babi is a good girl from a respected family. Hache is a bad boy, who loves freedom, burn-up and everything fringe. But just a small meeting changed their lives cardinally. They fell in love, did crazy things, resolved themselves and everything would be fine, but they are so different that despite their feelings, they cannot be together.

At first sight it sounds like a banal film about a tragic love, but it is necessary to watch it to understand that it is not so.

Through the film my mood changed a lot of times. After it my head was full of thoughts. In my opinion, "Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo" is a film that should be watched not only one time.
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