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Elle (I) (2016)
Brilliant. If you have a sense of superiority avoid because you just wont get it.
30 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film is beyond "Utter Brilliance" I cant even fathom how the embryo was conceived if nothing other than a tragic life experience or a warped mind! Whatever it is, however it is...its genius!! Everybody is mucked up for one reason or another. This is reality.

Everybody wants something for nothing. This is reality.

Everybody wants a pause from reality to fantasise. This is reality.

The ranges in peoples beliefs are so brilliantly portrayed in this film that devout believers will question the films integrity rather than question themselves.

This is a stellar film with stellar performances and pans out as a documentary rather than a fictional film. It shows the depraved nature that we all have, that we are dumbed down to keep in check with a brilliant cast and beyond brilliant direction.

This is a sex game that both participants wanted....Hence its ability to offend and be berated and applauded. It wasn't a rape, it was a game in which both suggested and made it real.

If you are brave and open minded please please watch.

If you watch the news avoid...because you will be liberally offended.

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Colossal (2016)
The Bin Men need to take this away quickly because it is a stinker.
28 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Not quite sure where to start, so I will with this....its awful!! Being an alcoholic cannot be overcome in 5 days.

Moving away from home with no money is impossible, let alone buying a flight to the other side of the world.

oh much to say! This piece of garbage beggars belief. The characters are ridiculous. The acting is awful. The "Monsters" are laughable. The plot full of glaringly stupid holes and none of it makes any sense. What tedious links it try's to make fall apart tremendously.

It is so disjointed it makes Pinnochio look human.

Worst film I have ever seen...even Sharknado is better.

Its garbage with a capital C**P.
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Split (IX) (2016)
Ummm....this film didn't know what it wanted to be.
26 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge admirer of Mcavoy but this has to be his worst performance to date. The personalities portrayed were far to stereotypical and in my opinion very average in there performance.

The girls in this were exceptionally bad and did not convince in the slightest, the predicament they were in. I mean, have just been kidnapped after a party which your Dad was taking you to and then he just disappeared and was never mentioned ever again by the daughter, her friends or the media. We never learnt what happened to him and no one seemed bothered.

The (I believe) psychiatrist was again awful. After years of treating this man did she not have an inkling that something might be up? Nope....

And then to the "Beast". Really???!!!! So not only now he has 23 personalities which is a very severe topic he can now not need shoes and climb up walls and eat people.

What sort of film were you trying to make? No substance, terrible acting and a mish mash of genres.

Only giving it 2 stars as the Dad was really good, albeit it for about 3 mins.

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The Lookout (2007)
Memento wannabe
12 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Its not the worst I've seen by a mile but really?! The performances are solid....that cannot be knocked and a whole credit to the casting crew.

Its just....the crash is crap and the follow up is even worse.

The temperal lobe issue is not looked at properly and the characters are very rarely looked into.

Its an OK watch if you have the footie on but really? Neighbours has better story lines.

And I have to say a few more lines apparenty so why not watch Memento instead and enjoy some hot pizza whilst doing so!

Is that enough IMDb?!
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The Thinning (2016)
Bill Gates will be rubbing his hands in glee....
12 December 2016
OK, its low budget but that does not effect its premise. It has awful glitches as in the clock saying 10.10am and after a two hour test the clock still says 10.10am......BUT!! This is a blockbuster of an idea that could well be put into practice in the near future. Its notion is horrific but potential in this barbaric world we live in these days.

The acting is strong and commendable and the pace is good and keeps you wanting more.

Its cliché in places, predictable but in my view is well worth the watch; especially if you wear a tin hat like me!

All in all a solid low budget thriller that will have you thinking about the future that just might be around the corner for us all.

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Solitary (III) (2015)
Demons and Ghosts never fully disappear.
21 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I think there is a lot in this production that will resonate with many.

Nora is a binge drinker, aggressive and self centered. She has a loving boyfriend and sister who look out for her but through the alcohol and simmering pain this is overlooked by and she is on self destruct.

An accident happens and it is from then that we see a very good build up to actually who Nora is and why.

This is not a masterpiece by any sense of the imagination. Too many long drawn out panning of the camera which made me think, "Oh Come on". A few uncomfortable performances....but this did to detract from the very good performances and the essentially extremely impressive narrative that as mentioned may hit a nerve for many. The plot is plausible and well directed and all credit to all involved in a very low budget film.

All in all, a very good film which will stay in your thoughts for many days.

I would have given this an 8/10 but have only marked it down due to dodgy casting in my opinion.

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Army of One (2016)
Oh dear.....
29 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
OK...when I saw the line-up I was not expecting much and I was right! Nicholas Cage is just awful. Quite possibly the worst performance I have seen this year. He over acts throughout and his comic timing is abysmal. Russell Brand is, well Russell Brand. The only credible actor is Wendi McLendon-Covey with a semi-convincing portrayal of a frustrated love interest but her character is not in the slightest followed up within the film.

I'm not sure this film knew where it was going. A poor attempt at comedy at the expense of disability, which lets face it is not funny. A stereotypical approach to race (I think it was trying to be TEAM America II with diabolical results) and poor character build up.

Its only saving grace was the very brief encounter with the swift apparent burial of Osama Bin Laden without any pictures or main stream media involved and the disbelief at his death.

Its really not funny, It is flawed beyond belief and I really feel Nicholas Cage should throw the towel in NOW!!
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Blood Father (2016)
A mess of clichés....
27 August 2016
I've been looking forward to Mel coming back to the screens after being a supposed " offender" jumped on by the Main Stream Media. I can honestly say that he will not let you down in his abilities and neither will the rest of the cast.

BUT....the script is horrible!! The clutched format, the innocence of a beautiful young lady that falls prey to the cartels, the reformed convict.....the list is endless.

And the bum shots of Lydia in the beginning scene? Shame on you.

Nothing new here, well shot and directed but really lame script that makes me feel I need a drink to get over this mash of a film.

Only giving it 3* due to the very good acting, good direction and that I am so hardcore I managed to watch it until the end!!
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Demolition (2015)
Grief manifests in many forms.
25 June 2016
Choppy editing issues, But superb.

For starters the film has some incredible acting...Jake is utterly convincing in his role as a selfish and seemingly heartless individual devoid of emotion until tragedy entails. The pick up in his thought process is a slow but necessary approach as his mental health issues pick up subtle but convincing time frames and the viewer is left a 50/50 decision on whether you actually like him or not. This is no mean feat for an actor with such a tragic story line and he pulls it off brilliantly.

I would however of liked the mental health issues that surround the process of grief further explored and a stronger message to go out to the audience that grief manifests in so many individual ways that you are never wrong with the way you feel...Its a very precious and intimate individual process.

Naomi Watts character is a little bizarre and almost unnecessary in my view but I will not spoil anything here.

A good just under two hours spent in my opinion with a a lot of thinking to continue for the rest of the evening. A solid 7/10 from me.
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Tusk (2014)
So awful its brilliant!!
4 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, I love the human centipede and thought this may be in a similar vein. True to form it did not disappoint. The premise is of a jackass who is going to get it......well he did!! The beginning is lengthy and wordy, awfully acted and the pot of tea offered never seemed to end. But the second half of the film was just so funny, look in the background, so ludicrous and benign that I laughed out loud!! Do not watch if you want a horror.....if you want a stupid, but laugh out loud comedy with no brains needed....then watch!!


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Seed (2006)
A Masterpiece of Imperfection
21 May 2014
All you haters, beware that this film is a bold reflection on the Directors behalf to benefit from you're generalised feelings towards his efforts.

This film is truly awful deliberately...and it is spot on!!

Take the title for instance. The word "Seed" means to implant and grow. This is exactly what the Director has done. The dodgy camera work; the repetitive score; the clichéd characters that are badly acted, plot holes.....its all there but it works!!

I wont put in any spoilers but if you watch this masterpiece with the full intention of being entertained, nothing else, you will be delighted you did.

Think Police Squad with gore.

Did I mention the surreal but pertinently 5 minute scene with the woman tied to the chair??!! OOP's, sorry.

8/10...a must watch.
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