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excellent finale for the series
20 July 2012
I believe this was a great movie and did a excellent job ending the series. The film starts with a very powerful intro that hits the viewer hard. The overall tone of the film is dark such as its predecessors carried. There is the occasional humorous moment that is well placed. Anne Hathaway was an excellent choice for catwoman and played the role perfectly with an awesome balance as an anti-hero. I felt her costume should've had a full mask, and kinda wish they incorporated her whip, if not for a second as a novelty, but they took nothing from the character. Thomas Hardy also played a convincing Bane, but felt he should not have been written as intelligent as his character should be more based on the overall brawn, but enjoyed his costume design especially with the mask incorporating the strength. The plot was well written and well thought out and went smoothly other than a few scenes where dialog seemed to drag a bit. The actual Batman character was the same as the previous films, and really dug the new costume. The character though I felt lacked screen time to an extent as the film was more dialog based. My biggest problem with the film though unfortuanelty was the ending, I felt to end the series it was way too corny, and some aspects should've definitely been altered or left out all together. Excellent film though and was a fitting end to series 8/10
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a great addition to the series
9 April 2012
Gotta say for starters that I was surprised at the quality of this film. I was 13 when the original came out, and just starting high school so it was kind of my generations teen sex comedy film. The second was also solid and then kind of faltered in the 3rd one. The film did an excellent job in reliving some of the classic moments of the series without rehashing the same ideas over again. It def brought back many memories watching the film. The plot was pretty standard and the comedy was great throughout the film. I really enjoyed the character development on how they had progressed the characters through the years. It also was awesome to see Stifler back to true form, and the scenes with Jim's dad and Stifler's mom were great. I also enjoyed how they brought back feelings from their old high school relationships. Another great thing was the small but nice roles of Nadia and Sherman. All in all this is probably tied with the original for best in the series and is a must watch for any who have seen the original trilogy 8/10
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a pleasant surprise
30 March 2012
Just finished watching wrath of the titans, and have to say it was better than expected. I was expecting a somewhat average film after the disappointing remake of the original. All the characters played their roles very well especially Zeus and Hades. The version I saw was 3d, and the use of it was much better this time around scenes with falling rocks, Pegasus flying, and other scenes had a strong presence with the 3d. A couple weaknesses I saw in my opinion were the character representations of Hephestus and Hades toward the end. Hephestus was seemed to be way scrawnier, too good looking, not serious enough, and too weak for a god. He was a solid character just wish they made him more represented to how he was in myth. Also without spoiling the character change of Hades toward the end was a little interesting, but felt it shouldn't have been done. The effects were in this movie were awesome especially for Cronus. It also has some great fight scenes that really get you blood pumping. All in all though it was a great action film, with some solid comedy relief, and just a great overall film especially for those looking for flashy effects 8/10
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let the games begin
23 March 2012
First I would like to say that I have not read any of the books but would like to. I would first like to say that I believe the plot is very well done in the movie, and some of the greatest parts are actually leading up to the games, and not during the battle itself. That being said the battle scenes, and many other scenes during the battle is excellent and very attention holding. The acting in this movie is also superb lead by Jennifer Lawrence, whom I believe is a very strong up and coming actress, and has been very impressive in not only this, but in x-men first class as well. All the cast though compliment each other extremely well and do a great job keeping the viewers interest and making a good emotional tie. My personal favorite aspect of the movie however though is the soundtrack. The music really stands out in many scenes, and really gives a push in some of the larger scenes. It is probably in the top 5 movie soundtracks I have ever heard. The only problem I have with this movie is the camera angles. Through most of the movie it isn't a problem up until the games start. When that happens they do a lot of fast moving and scrolling that is hard to follow. In some scenes I enjoyed it as a simulation of adrenaline rush or stunning. In some bigger scenes though its hard to follow the action though based on some of the characters looking similar in the fights. Overall though it is a movie I will be seeing again, and cant wait to see how the sequels turn out. So let the games begin and may the odds always be in your favor 9/10.
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very funny movie
16 March 2012
I will start by saying this movie is hilarious. There were several laugh out loud moments in this movie, and the entire theater was laughing in several parts. The chemistry of Tatum and Hill was completely spot on, and made an excellent team. The overall of the plot was definitely very solid throughout most of the film. Towards the end it kind of let up for a just a little bit, but picked it back up to finish how it should have, which is as funny as it began. Sure there were a few moments here and there that could have been better acted out or written and such. Ultimately though this movie is a comedy, and combines the best of both worlds of some raunchy with excellent slapstick humor. This is a movie I will be seeing again in theaters, and anyone looking to have a good time and just have a laugh this is a must see. I will admit I never saw the original or had any idea what to expect coming in, but am very pleased I saw this film. 8/10
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John Carter (2012)
a fun fast paced film
12 March 2012
John Carter is a fun fast paced film that all can enjoy. The movie first is filled with great special effects and excellent cgi. It has some pretty good action sequences also, which I feel in a few parts could've have been a little longer but still good. One of my favorite parts of the movie though is the humor it is not something I went in expecting, but there is a good amount of classy slapstick comedy that gives a good laugh. Where the movie slips is in the plot element. I went in just to watch a feel good movie which I got but the plot felt very fast paced and choppy in parts it goes through quite a few moments of wait why are they showing this or how is this important. The acting in a few scenes is very drab as well. Overall though I enjoyed the movie and felt like I had just got done watching a pirates of the Caribbean type film, and not to mention its a solid watch for the whole family 7/10.
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Act of Valor (2012)
Excellent film
24 February 2012
First I would just like to say I thought this was an incredible film. The film as many know stars active US Navy Seals. Also another fact that is pretty cool is the fact the movie uses live ammo throughout most of the film, and you can definitely tell the difference in the effects. That being said I am reviewing this from a different point of view then normal; since the stars are not normal actors. The Seals when they are shown off duty aren't the greatest actors, but that isn't their job. When they put weapons in their hands and show them in action they shine to an amazing level that gets your heart pumping. Much of it is filmed in fps perspective, which really adds more adrenaline to the viewers feel. Some of the scenes are very questionable, and could offend some people. The emotion is high intensity through the film as well. The plot is sub par, but is also based on a real event so cannot be knocked for it. All in all there is so much good that can be said, and is in my opinion the best war type film I have ever seen 9/10
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extremely average
18 February 2012
Just got done seeing the new ghost rider film. I found it too be very average in my opinion. I found myself pretty interested during the first half of the film, and then that it seemed to take a nose dive about 1hr in. The action sequences were all fairly short with no real big moments. I thought the final fight scene might be pretty awesome, but was pretty disappointing in my opinion. It also sort of had a "cult" kinda feel to me which didn't really feel like it belonged. There was a few scenes with some solid humor in them, but most were maybe light chuckle jokes at best. None of the actor performances really seemed to stand out either. If you are a fan of the comics or of the first movie it might be worth seeing, but after viewing this film I just felt like it wasn't bad or good just plain decent. 5/10
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The Grey (2011)
a must see in theaters
8 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So review for the Grey. It was a very well done survival flick. You will be on the edge of your seat constantly and find yourself really caring about the people. Liam Neeson gives a perfect performance. There is very little wrong with this film, and would highly recommend it to anyone. There is a couple over the top moments, but it takes nothing away. The ending and bonus scene after credits are very well done also. I have seen similar movies in the past that are far from believable, and are sometimes hard to take seriously. This is not the case here as I believe I were actually in the party of people I would listen to all Neeson's ideas and follow him.

Overall I rate this a 9/10
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