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The perfect movie for the action thriller fans!
30 December 2018
Watch this movie if you are an action movie or a thriller fan. After reading the plot, I was interested in the movie. But the twist and turns in the movie made me to rethink how action thriller movies' are made. The movie starts with a gamer framed wrongly for raping a minor. He professes innocence after even beaten up in prison. Prison only makes him hard, but he escapes from prison intelligently. This is where the real movie starts. He is helped by his old gamers to prove his innocence. The movie combines the technological and action stunts of Mission Impossible, Die Hard IV, and Jason Bourne. It is more like big brother is watching, but don't worry we are watching the big brother storyline.
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Pathetic and stay away!
19 December 2018
If you are interested in romantic dramas, kindly watch this boring movie. But if you want thriller, look somewhere else. An impotent hubby, at least it looks like one, makes her wife mad. It is a boring movie all along.
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Terrified (2017)
It is one of the hot horror movies
22 November 2018
I have seen a lot of horror movies of various languages. In fact, name the horror movie, I will tell you the story. I have seen many Japanese and South Korean horror movies. But this movie lives upto the standard of a horror movie. The movie starts with an angry neighbor pissed off at his neighbor for making remodelling work at the night, while his wife fears someone is going to kill her. This is where the movie starts and follows with the story of the neighbor's house remodelling. The remodelling is not what it looks and the gruesome accident of the kid outside their house only adds to the terror in the movie. The movie is worthwhile for another part as many things remain unexplained. On the whole, it is an excellent horror movie. It should be in the must watch list of the horror movie fans.
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Pathetic Movie
23 July 2018
I wasted nearly 2 hours is my review. The story, however, had some thrills, but the acting and directions sucks. It is nothing more than a mediocre movie with no expression from any of the actors. The hero in the movie better not continue acting as a profession, because acting has no relationship with him. An average Joe could have done a far better performance compared to him. He is expressionless other than his bulging eyes like Gobbels; the director should have made him the real ghost in this movie. Other than looking at each other without any expression all the actors in the movie look like a deer caught in a headlight. If you want to waste your time, please watch this useless movie. There are many Korean or Asian horror movies that have a better storyline and acting. Skip the movie is my verdict.
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I wish you can rate with a zero.
20 December 2017
This movie is crap and don't even think of watching it. The whole movie is a SJW nonsense. From the purple hair to liberal nonsense of women are far better than men, the movie is a train-wreck. If you have watched previous episodes of Star Wars, please stay away from this nonsense.
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American Dad! (2005– )
This show will never bore you
17 September 2017
I am a South Park guy, but my friend introduced to Family Guy and recommended American Dad. I finished all the episodes in Family Guy, so tried American Dad. I was skeptical with alien and fish talking. I thought it is more for kids or teens, but I was wrong. First few episodes were okay. But wow you will love the show when you get used to what the characters are and what they think. You will love it. If you are a fan of Family guy or South Park, this show is for you. It is a shame that even Hulu doesn't have all the seasons. My favorite characters are Francine and Klaus (the fish). Francine is the normal housewife and Stan a typical CIA guy, who happens to be a conservative. Their daughter is a typical leftist liberal. To spice it up, they have a selfish alien. These characters really spice up with contradictions. You got to admit Klaus really makes you laugh with his usual lot of fun. I would highly recommend this show you will not regret it. It is just Family Guy plus.
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Stay away from this boring drama.
31 July 2017
I am a fan of thriller movies, especially the South Korean ones. Of the various movies, this is the worst of the lot. There is no thriller in the first place and the movie is plain and simple. A guy kidnaps a child for money with assistance from his girlfriend. He does for a good cause and everything goes according to plan, but a sudden twist flips everything upside down with the child accidentally kills herself. The father of the victim hunts for the kidnapper, and the pursuit was boring to say the least. There are many thriller/crime movies, but this movie is nothing but a Quentin Tarantino drama. I don't recommend this movie to anyone for a gripping thriller movie.
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Seven Days (2007)
It is an exciting story, but the lead actress and the storyline screwed it up
3 June 2017
I would give this film 9/10 if only the director chose the right actress and a better storyline. It is an exciting thriller movie. It starts with the kidnapping of a leading lawyer. The kidnapper claims her to take the case of a murder to release her daughter. The story revolves on what she does to fight the murder case. The lead actress in the movie plays the role of the lawyer. She is so pretty I would love to see her in many movies. But to play a major role in a thriller she just screwed it up. If she was like the lover/wife of the protagonist, then she would have been perfect. However, for this movie, you need a strong character, who has brains and bravery. For the whole movie, she acts like a housewife that is sentimental and more concerned about the kidnapped daughter. Again, such roles will fit with a concerned mother in a movie, but to be the lead role that too of a lawyer, she should have done better. At times, she looks dumbfounded, if not completely lost. To be precise, she is like a deer in a headlight. I wish the director chose someone better to play her role. Other than that, the side-kick to help her is good. He presents the perfect guy in the movies. The story has a mystery and I would recommend to people who love thrillers. But again if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or one who expects a cold detective, this movie will not satisfy your tastes. Here and there, there is useless emotion and sentiments. They are like speed breakers to thriller movies. Overall, it is fine.
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Memento Mori (1999)
If you are a horror movie fan, stay away from this.
22 May 2017
I saw this movie considering the good reviews here. But this movie is melodramatic. It is more drama and it is like having a boring girlfriend. If you love fast paced horror movies or mystery or thriller stuff, then this move is not for you. The story revolves around a group of students in a high school. However, it is about love/affection between two friends and a diary explaining their love. One day, one of the friends die committing suicide. And then the story moves around that dead friend and what she was going through her life. The characters are also boring that you would better off listening to an old uncle ranting about how good things were in the past. There is no horror so whatsoever here. If you are a horror movie fan, you can safely skip this one.
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The Client (2011)
You got to watch this movie
3 May 2017
I love thrillers and this is one of the best. If you love to watch thrillers based on murder cases in trial, you will love this. The movie starts with the murder and the police catch the husband of the victim as the killer. They don't, however, have the body, and she is suspected to being killed. A young precipitous lawyer takes the case in favor of the killer. The move rolls through court room and internecine fight between rival lawyers. However, they missed some important issues in the case. One, what happened to the CCTV video? Two, why the prosecution didn't pursue other possible killers? Three, some scenes didn't sync well like the arrest in the highway. Nevertheless, the climax has an anti-climax and that makes you thrilled. Besides, the final comment by the rival lawyer was superb: "He didn't look back!" One could even make a Sherlock Holmes logical reasoning based on that. In short, if you are into thriller and mystery movies, please watch this.
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Creepy (2016)
If you like thrillers, please watch this.
14 March 2017
It is a very nice movie. The director does make you watch the movie fully engrossed. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, this is a movie for you. However, I didn't give more than six because of some reasons. My hobby is watching thrillers and horror movies. Compared to the ones I liked the most, this movie does not fare well to meet the expectations. Besides, a life long fan of Sherlock Holmes, I am deeply disappointed by the way the detective in the movie acted; he is no more than an average person with poor deductive skills. A fan of Sherlock Holmes would be scratching his head, at times, in watching this thriller. Further, some scenes are cinematic and illogical like the scenes when a lead policemen gets lost and killed with no followup investigations. As if the movie sounded like if someone gets killed, no one will care about it. Moreover, I completely disagree with psychological manipulation. A sane mind would definitely understand what is right and wrong; in contrast, it seems like some characters in the movie sound like zombies.Nevertheless, I would recommend this movie for the thriller addicts.
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True story so don't expect cinematic stuff
26 December 2016
The movie was well scripted and genuine to the audience. The story is all about investigating the rape and murders in a specific region. It depicts how police investigate, superficially and unprofessionally, in those rural regions. If someone is a Sherlock Holmes fan, then they will be utterly disappointed. If there is a Sherlock Holmes in reality and sees this movie, he would be plucking his hairs for the way police investigated the case. The movie just illuminate the pathetic investigation all through the story. But then again the story was real and you don't wonder why the serial rapist/killer is not caught at all. If there was a studious investigator in reality, he would have finished the case a long ago with his meticulous scientific inquiry. Nevertheless, I really recommend the movie for how the depict the reality of investigation and how they approach the criminals. I definitely recommend to those psychopathic serial killer movie lovers ;)
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If you love Saw like movies, watch this
25 December 2016
If you are a psychopath serial killer fan, you should watch this. To be frank, there is no suspense in tracking down who the actual killer is. However, the film revolves around how a family guy turns into a monster and competes with another monster. It is like predator Vs alien story. But I am totally in fan of the movie for certain reasons. First, they should have made the identity of the killer at least suspenseful for some time. If not, they should have made the identity of the killer unknown making the chance thrilling. Next, there is no need for unnecessary chasing and killing in the later part, which is just pure cinematic. In fact, they should have made the film short like 90 minutes, and made the story line thrilling. Finally, theatrics in the final science, which again is unnecessary in a movie where the script is Monster Vs Evil. It should have been more like Taken climax. Nevertheless, if you love serial killers or gory stuff, don't miss this one.
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Don't Look Up (1996)
A scary movie that keeps you guessing
1 August 2016
The story revolves around the setting of a Japanese movie during World War Two. Yet, the scenes of that movie when screened is interrupted by some scenes from a old discarded television movie. This initiates the mystery and the film gets the fuel for the making of a perfect scary movie. I watched a lot of Japanese horror films, but this is definitely one of the scariest. I liked the ending, yet I feel they should have explained a bit further to keep the viewers pondering over why there is a mystery of a haunted setting in the first place. What caused those killings? Why it happens in that place? From when the place was haunted and something like that. It could have made the viewers to ruminate and compare whether such things happens in reality. This would have kept some apprehensive people on their toes especially those, if they are in the acting business :) Please watch this movie and you can get this movie in Youtube.
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