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Everybody Hates Chris (2005–2009)
Everyone loves Chris
6 April 2006
This show should be called Everyone Loves Chris because Chris Rock is the funniest comedian alive.This show is what was missing on our TV's. We needed a family comedy sitcom that is a bit offensive and racial.When I first saw this show I thought it was so hilarious but as it goes on it keeps getting funnier and better.Chris Rock is the only guy that can find something funny out of his old horrible past.E.g. He make jokes about racism and him getting beat up when it actually happened to him.If he turned this show into a drama it will be just as good it will be full with emotion and pain.But this sitcom doesn't focus on the pain.It makes us look at the funnier side of life.
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2nd Annual VH1 Hip-Hop Honors (2005 TV Special)
Hip Hop Hip Hop
6 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Hip hop is now the best selling music out there right now.Now thanks to VH1 its exploring the roots of hip hop, the people who made it like what it is today. This year the honour show was amazing. Big Daddy Kane and Salt n Pepa feat En Vogue stole the show.They were just amazing.En Vogue should record again because they are still very good and Salt n Pepa are still hot.The Biggie tribute was alright but Lil Cease can't rap that good.Kanye was the best and Luda's flow wasn't working on Big's lines.Nelly looked like LL at first I thought it was him. But what was Ciara doing? But the man LL showed how to do it.Ice T and Snoop were just alright.But overall amazing show.
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I think people should watch these kind of movies.
23 April 2005
This is another African movie that is pretty moving.Its well written by Tsitsi Dangarembwa.To me shes like a legend now.This is another moving movie and it gives you something to think about.Its a great well written African Movie just like Everyone's child, Yellow Card and Neria.This is another classic movie.I hope this movie will be released in the US and UK because people really need to see how great these African movies are.Well done to Tsitsi.I really give like her great productions I will give her 10 of 10 for great writing and directing.I hope she will make another movie like this.And hopefully it will sell big everywhere.
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Yellow Card (2000)
great Movie
6 April 2005
If these guys had enough money to spend making movie instead of wasting money making Glitter,Troy,Mr Bean and Alexander.This movie is great.Its set in Zimbabwe and its about a boy who has a baby with another girl but falls in love with another girl but he keeps a secret to the new girl hes fallen in love with and later he regrets it after the girl finds out.This is a great touching story.If this movie was made in the US it could have got an Oscar because these actors are talented and the writers of this movie were incredible.This movie shows that African cinema keeps improving and in ten years time it will be better than American cinema.
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The 47th Annual Grammy Awards (2005 TV Special)
The show was 50/50
15 March 2005
This is a place were all celebrities collide.Artists like Kanye West,Quentin Tarantino, Usher, Joss Stone and Green Day were all there. Best Performances were: 1.Kanye West - Jesus Walks performance was the performance of the night. 2.Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx - Tribute to Ray Charlse.They sang 'Georgia' beautifully. 3.Alicia Keys - She sang her songs on the piano soulfully. 4.Usher and James Brown - The Godfather and Godson of soul were great. 5.U2 -Their song 'Vertigo' proved U2 are still a good rock band. 6.Joss Stone also gave a tribute to Led Zeppelin and she did it good. 7.Green Day - American Idiot was an average performance.

The rest of the performances were cheesy and horrible.
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Yankee Zulu (1993)
Very Funny
3 March 2005
Although I'm not South African I found this movie very funny.This is based on real facts in South Africa.This is black people come from poor backgrounds and white people come from much richer background.This has got African humour that mostly I don't think Americans and British people will understand it.But overall it was a great movie.Its a classic African comedy movie.Although a lot of people complained about the acting skills, I disagree.I thought they were great because this was like the actors first official movie.The ones before were made from a very low budget.This was Leon Schuster and John Matshikiza at their best.
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4th Annual BET Awards (2004 TV Special)
Not bad..Good performances
23 September 2004
Its was Good.Nice performances from Kanye West,Alicia Keys and Usher.Vivia Fox looking hott and Beyonce looked very bootylicious and nice performances too.I also liked Kyla Pratt she looked fabulous for the night.Thank...coz there weren't many fake rappers wannabes who performed like Chingy although he was OK.and I'm glad 50 Cent didn't get lots of awards like what he did last year.I was a bit fed up of him.He has boring accepting speeches too.And Usher also sounds a bit childish when he accepts awards.He names everyone..damn.. Not that popular to some average Americans..because its on Bet channel.Overral 9/10.not bad at all but BET should have more audiences..its like its a black thing..
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