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Messengers (1999)
7 March 2004
This is a delightful film. The story's a little too good to be true, but if you overlook the product placement, take the scene in Shinjuku Station as a novelty, and can stomach the sickly sweet story, then it's well worth a watch! There isn't really any way you can watch this film and not be left with a smile on your face. It's so typical of Japanese humour, with it's stereotypical characters and slapstick action. And what can I say, I love Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.
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Smap×Smap (1996– )
This is the highlight of my week
16 February 2004
Although I would argue that Katori Shingo is a vaguely better singer than Kimura Takuya, I do have to agree that Suma-suma is quality viewing whether you can stand Smap's awful music or not. Some of the regular characters in the skit scenes are hilarious, (Damena ningen!) whereas the Bistro Smap section leaves you absolutely watering at the mouth. The only down-point is their insistence on singing at the end off the show every week, but even that can be good for a laugh - the contortions on Nakai's face are particularly amusing.
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Saimin (1999)
15 February 2004
Maybe I'm alone among people from the West who saw this film just because Inakagi Goro was in it ... I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of Japanese horror fans who didn't see it for precisely that reason.

This may well be a scary film if you don't know who the star is. But while I was watching it, I spent most of my time either laughing at Goro-chan (who plays the young man in this film) for being even worse at acting than he is at singing (no offense, Goro), or just plain ogling at him. When there's someone that famous in a film it doesn't half take the fear out of it. (At least, that's what I'm hoping by going to see Chakushin Ari this weekend.)

(For those of you who don't know who Inakagi Goro is, he's the quiet odd one out of Smap. His main talent is standing looking sexy in the corner while the other members of Smap do silly things.)

I do recommend this movie, because the last ten or twenty minutes or so are so damn funny. I don't think this is going to spoil the movie but just in case you might not want to read it ....

It's pure genius the way she sets fire to his apartment in order to set the fire alarm off! That's just great!
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