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Down Time (2001)
El Mariachi with out the hype
6 February 2004
Down time is definitely a low-budget film so don't think you are going to get some big budget Hollywood prison action film like the Rock or the ever so formulaic and forgettable Half Past Dead. No what you are going to get a inherently flawed indie film that never got the million dollar make over that films like El Mariachi and Clerks did. Both those films are classics but we would not be so familiar with if the studios did not put their muscle behind them.

Down Time has many technical problems and most of the acting is amateurish but the Dialog is great and it has lots of inside jokes for those who are familiar with the criminal justice system. I like the loose "ducu-drama" style that gives the viewer the feel of being inside a real prison. It has some very graphic drug scenes that to a trained I seem real. Over all I think this is one of the better low-budget films I have seen.
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American Me (1992)
Powerful Prison Scenes
4 February 2004
American Me was the first film to paint an accurate picture of what it can like in America's prison system. Most films in this genre have a Hollywoodized portrayal of live behind bars. Olmos's tale of latino gang life in and outside of prison is right on the mark. This is a good film to show to all those would be gangbangers out there that think prison is cool.
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Clerks (1994)
Great Dialogue
3 February 2004
This film has risen to cult status among the staving film makers set . I think mostly because film makers say to themselves "I could make this "and it gives them hope! The story line is pretty weak but what makes the film is the Dialogue. Kevin Smith has made some great characters in this and put them in funny situations. Over all I would say this is a must see film, if only to see what all the buzz is about.
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El Mariachi (1992)
Low budget, great movie!
3 February 2004
Much has been said about the budget of this movie being $7,000 but the reality is that that is how much the rough cut cost. Then after it got picked up for distribution.They took it back into the studio and re-cut it and put a new sound mix on it. That said, this is a great little movie and it makes it possible for all the independent film makers out there to dream.
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