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Unexpected Awesomeness
7 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood Heights is like the angel version of gossip girl, set in Hollywood but still has all those sexy couple scenes and hook-ups. Nickelodeon isn't very well-known for creating television shows that fall under drama, sophisticated and definitely for teens, like ABC Family or CWTV is. But Nickelodeon's Nick@Nite creation of Hollywood Heights is pure genius. Because it doesn't center around just one main character but instead multiple stories that all somehow connect with each other, the show is intriguing and fun. It's also realistic and relatable because it touches light on fangirls and how far they'd go to meet their idol, while also giving an inside look on the said idol's life. You can go to the show's website for character profiles and how each character is connected. As well as spoiler alerts and videos/full episodes. Currently, the first ten episodes are free on iTunes- and they would be worth every penny if the normal cost was still up. ($2.99) You may think that Hollywood Heights is not your forte, and maybe it isn't; but you never known unless you try. As the audience you instantly connect and feel for characters that in real life come across as cold and rude. A really cool thing about Hollywood Heights, unlike other Nickelodeon shows, is that it's not obvious set. It feels like the show is being filmed in a real home or a real club, etc. And, as a fan of other shows like The Lying Game, Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Make it or Break it, The LA Complex, Victorious- a wide array, obviously- I can promise you and everyone else that Hollywood Heights is a fantastic show and deserves a shot.
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