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Vendetta (2013)
Gritty Hard Hitting Brit Flick
31 December 2013
If your a fan of a good raw Brit flick then this one does not disappoint… the first 15 minutes of the film will leave you switched on or switched off. (Violent, cuts no corners and shows you what your in for, certainly sets the mood for the whole movie) hard hitting, raw to the core violent gritty Brit flick that packs a punch. I have been waiting for a new good Brit flick to come along for a while now… If your a fan of British flicks then you'll recognise a few actors along side Dyer and I'm sure you'll enjoy this movie. Solid 9 for me.

Always feel that Brit flicks get tough reviews these days but i see this one picking up the pace a bit more with regards to ratings.
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Scary Movie 5 (2013)
If you watch this & don't laugh you need Anti Depressants
25 August 2013
I'll keep this short and brief. It's very funny and does not deserve these 1 star review I'm seeing here. Thats ridiculous and blatant sabotage against the idea of the movie and probably the whole series. If your a horror fan you will get all the jokes which in this one refers to Evil Dead, Paranormal Activity and few more references to other big films like year such as Black Swan, Planet Of The Apes etc.

Very funny from start to finish, was surprised to see Mac Miller and Snoop do their part near the beginning and end... was funny. Charlie Sheen is only in this movie at the very start not throughout the rest. All in all it should definitely give you a good giggle on a regular basis... the series of Scary Movie is still alive and funny.
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Evil Dead (2013)
It was never going to touch the original was it?!
19 July 2013
It was obvious that this remake of Evil Dead was never going to touch the sides of the original Sam Riami cult trilogy classic. Of course you can't replace ASH famously played by Bruce Campbell. Instead this is more blood, gore and serious. No funny moments like the original. At the moment in todays film world we are seeing tons of remakes... some do it better then others. I always try and watch a movie like this baring in mind there will be tons of people who have not even seen the original. Bare in mind the original Evil Dead would not get appreciated by modern day younger horror fans in my opinion. This is certainly a decent remake for modern day horror films and full of blood gore and jump out moments to keep a horror fans curiosity entertained so for that reason i give it a 6. Compared to the original though.... if you are a fan of the original Evil Dead then you will not enjoy this movie if you go in trying to compare it looking for a new ASH... hence the bad reviews on here.
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Cass (2008)
One Of The Better Films For It's Genre
26 June 2013
There's many British gangster movies / football hooligan movies. Cass i certainly a candidate for being one of the better ones out there. I never go into story lines etc and try to keep my reviews brief and to the point here on IMDb. Basically if your a fan of the better UK movies like Football Factory, Green Street, Rise Of The FootSoldier, Clubbed etc then there's no way you will not enjoy this. Being based on a true story makes it even more engrossing for me and it's one i would recommend hence me giving it 8 stars.

One downside is that it gives off a bit of a budget look... almost older then it is look with the visuals but its a solid British flick. Deffo check it out.
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Why the bad reviews? At least it's original
26 June 2013
Shocked to see so many bad reviews, i thought this was a solid flick for it's genre. Something new not seen before unlike the whole torture porn thing started by Saw, Hostel etc. I enjoyed this movie for what it is.... disturbing idea and storyline, a creepy main character and the start of a trilogy. Number 2 makes this one seem like a 15 certificate by the way but this was great to introduce the trilogy and really let you know what the whole theme of these movies are.

For me personally someone who is a fan of this genre i would give it a solid 7. PS. Human Centipede 2 is by far ten times worse and more graphic. This first one left a lot to the imagination - it's like an introduction for something A lot harder in number 2.
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The Prestige (2006)
Amazing twists & turns - mind blowing!
26 June 2013
This is one of those films that i ended up encouraging family and friends to watch... a must see in my opinion. Christian Bale did an amazing job as did Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman. Christopher Nolan directed this and id say without a doubt this is his best movie by a mile!

2 magicians at war trying to discover each others tricks which quickly becomes an obsession rather then rivalry. The more they obsess about trying to better the other one the story gets darker what unfolds before our eyes is amazing. The ending of this film made me want to watch the whole thing again and on doing so you see so many things you didn't pick up on the first time around. Don't hesitate to watch this and pay attention whilst doing so. A few friends of mine have watched it and don't seem as crazy about it as me but when we discuss the plot its clear that they didn't pay real attention to the full dialogue going on. You can get lost if you miss vital parts of this story so make sure you watch it with your eyes and ears wide open!

10 out of 10 for me. This is what i call a classic must watch movie.
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One of the most disturbing movies you'll see
26 June 2013
I love to check out a hard hitting disturbing movie from time to time.... part of being a film fanatic is that i enjoy all genre's and push to find the best of the best within each genre which led me to this... the human centipede 2. I was a fan of the first one, was great to see a new idea which has not been done before and to get away from the likes of Saw, Hostel and all the copy cat movies alike. The first Human Centipede had not been done before and was original... very disturbing storyline but hey thats what the films supposed to do right?

OK on to this one. Well wow if you thought the first one was disturbing then your in for a wake up call with this. Human Centipede 2 makes number 1 seem like a 15 certificate mild movie in comparison. Remember all the things you did not see in Human Centipede 1? Detail wise, feeling uncomfortable with knowing what was going on but not really seeing it to much degree. Part 1 left a lot to the imagination whilst part 2 up's the ante giving you full on exposure leaving nothing to the imagination. The hype associated with this film is that it was banned and had a very hard time trying to get released, i read somewhere that it is the most cut film in history so far. Now i have heard hype like this many times, the original Texas chainsaw massacre for example and i was left with the feeling of 'it wasn't THAT bad.' This however meets the anticipated expectation of bing a full on disturbing and visually vile film. It achieves it's goals and does exactly what it sets out to do.

I know put this in my top 5 disturbing films list and i have seen a lot of movies of this nature as i have comedy & action etc (im a film buff remember?) I remember when i first heard this was all shot in black and white. I was totally gutted thinking it would ruin everything for me. How wrong was i. Being shot in black and white it somehow totally works for this movie. I do not want to talk about the most disturbing parts etc as i feel it would ruin the shock value for you but i would say if your looking for something to make your top 5 disturbing films list and your in the frame of mind and mood for a film of the shock value genre then your in the right place with this.

I hear there is going to be a part 3 that is even worse... how thats possible i have no idea.
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Total Garbage hyped by a cult like following of weirdos
25 June 2013
Seriously I'm all for a good shocking disturbing horror flick... Human Centipede 2 was just that. This however is absolute trash... from start to finish its nudity, blood & vomit all displayed in very strange ways by very strange people. This film along with the other 2 in the trilogy pretend to have some sort of plot and script which i found completely hilarious and a load of bull. Anyone trying to watch this for a storyline will end up vomiting along with the weirdo's on screen.

I understand everyone is looking for the most disturbing flick etc but this is not it, it's disturbing but not in the way your probably looking for. Its disturbingly weird, cringe worthy. To think some people pay huge sums of money to own these in special edition box-set dvds is an absolute joke. All i can say is the cover art is interesting and the director himself 'Lucifer Valentine' seems to be a satanist from what i have read after trying to understand why someone would make this a movie lol. Anyway if your reading this chances are you have heard about this in some top disturbing films list or some sort of similar hype, i know it won't stop watching it (i was the same) BUT at least you know what to expect. Good luck.
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City Rats (2009)
Absolute Rubbish
25 June 2013
Such a waste to see Danny Dyer go from the likes of The Business & Football Factory to films like this. Another great actor in this Tamar Hassan - a complete waste of a film for him to be in to.

It is honestly THAT bad, I'm not being harsh at giving this a 1 I'm being real. You'll understand if you chose to sit through this boring garbage... the first 20mins should give you enough of an idea that your in for a complete waste of time. Avoid this one you have been warned. Instead flick through my other reviews of UK based films and maybe chose one of them that have above 5 stars to watch instead of this mess.
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Scum (1979)
Not bad but not great either, seen much better
25 June 2013
Im a big fan of uk British films. Having missed this one i decided to finally watch it, the reason for not watching it is because i knew it would be to outdated for me, someone who did not watch this 20-30 years ago. I was right, to me it was a little boring and had a very slow pace for the first half of the film. Ray Winstone is fantastic and the acting is top notch in this from all but if your considering watching this for the first time now then expect to feel the same way as i did especially if your huge fan of British gangster films and hard hitting uk movies. Certainly worth a watch though. Just not as great as everyone makes it out to be... a little over hyped in my honest opinion.
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Another Great London Gangster Flick
13 January 2013
Seeing way to many negative reviews on this one so simply had to put this out there and give it some credit. I always feel films like this are watched by a lot of people who are not familiar with its genre of film and actors etc. We have a few actors in this from Eastenders from example. We have some familiar faces from Football Factory & The Business. This is a movie you put alongside these types of films - Rise Of The Footsoldier, The Business, Football Factory, The Rise & Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan, Bonded By blood. If you know about these films then you know what your in for with this one and you will enjoy it! Great cast in this one and great narrating. I really don't know why there's so many negative reviews... i feel a lot of the London based gangster flicks get it. This one was on Sky Box Office recently and im sure people watch it without even knowing about this genre of film. Tut Tut. Great film.
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Pleasantly surprised
24 December 2012
Im not understanding all the bad reviews here. I think to watch this movie for a start you need to have the acquired taste of east-end London cockney slang and gangster culture (drugs, sex and a lot of the word c**t) I was sceptical about this one... i kind of gave up with anything Tamar Hassan is in due to the disappointing movie releases he has had since The Business by Nick Love. I watched the likes of city Rats for example and was shocked he would take part in such a crap movie after the success of the Business. I feel like Tamar Hassan has been trying to get that 'right movie' of the cockney gangster that works well and has failed until this one! I saw this on Netflix so on a rainy day gave it a go with super low expectations expecting to turn off by the quarter way through mark. I was wrong, i was hooked on this one. Had a good few laughs at the raging scenes which are full of colourful language and i thought the storyline was enough to keep me watching. Stunned at all the bad reviews on here.
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The Walking Dead (2010– )
Yes it really is that good!
22 October 2012
Finally a new TV series to have me hook line and sinker! I cant keep my eyes off this show its amazingly well written and really does keep you guessing as the story unfolds. We start off with a Sherifs deputy who is shot & goes into a coma... when he awakes the world is at an end with a zombie apocalypse in motion. I wont say anything more... he is stranded does not know where his family or friends are and we literally follow his path from there. This is really gripping... when i first heard of this show and the whole zombie thing i thought im either gonna love it or hate it. If the zombie craze that we seem to have at the moment went on to be a TV series it would have to be done a certain way and they got it perfect. Amazing actors and cast... the complete first season is amazing and leaves you craving season 2. Don't hesitate to watch this just go for it!
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Wasn't as bad as i thought
22 October 2012
Watched this one on a whim simply because it was lying around close to me on a boring day... did i expect it to be decent?...maybe. Did i expect it to be as good as i thought (8 out of 10) NO! This was a pleasant surprise for me - its not solely football fact its not football hooligan based at all bar a couple scenes. Its more about credit card fraud done by a group of guys who also like the odd bit of football hooliganism. It made a change after seeing so many football based films like Firm, Football Factory, Green Street etc. The credit card fraud storyline works... its a thought out scam that you can imagine working and the storyline kept me watching without wanting to turn off. I see this has a lot of general negative reviews on here and i really don't think it deserves it. A solid 7 for me.
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Freh Mel Gibson Flick You Will Remember!
9 October 2012
OK so i was sceptical about this one, were the reviews to hyped? Was this film really as good as people say? I watched it with a lot of high hopes and i must admit for the first half hour i wasn't sure if it was going to deliver to the high standards i had set it but honestly past the half way mark in it really does get that good! A great movie with a great setting and a really good plot that twists and turns towards the end... the ending in fact was incredibly well done and i was so relieved at how they went about it as it finalised a solid 8 out of 10 for me. Is it something i would watch again?...maybe not BUT it is one i would certainly recommend to anyone i know to go and watch. Mel gives an incredible performance & this films certainly a winner. Bare in mind the first hour was debatable for me - started off REALLY strong with the car chase - you think this is going to be incredible but then it all slows down a little but be assured it definitely picks back up in a big way leaving you pleasantly smiling at the end with a feeling of enjoyment and respect for Mel Gibson. This is deffo his comeback movie for sure.
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Audition (1999)
Will not be what your expecting
1 October 2012
Hopefully everyone who watches this film doesn't do any heavy research first on the storyline and atmosphere of this movie. So if your a big gore fan and craving ultra disturbing scenes from the get go you will disappointed to hear that Audition does not offer this. I really didn't expect it to play out how it did but it had me sucked in and hooked! OK so the main horrific part of this movie is the last half hour of the film. The first 1hr and a bit consist of a story that should draw you in and keep you hooked as there is much mystery about the 'Audition Girl.' I loved the plot and loved the characters in this film. You kind of know things are going to go haywire but you have no idea when and it kind of happens when you actually don't expect it almost. All i can say is don't look for spoilers on first time viewing and make sure you can give it the attention it deserves... watch this with no breaks, no disturbances and with time on your side. Its one of those movies that so many people seem to really enjoy even though its nothing like you would expect for the majority of the film. The last half hour is crazy! I'll leave it at that and also recommend that you watch this one!
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I expected more....
25 September 2012
I saw this film with big expectations reading good reviews plus it has a actor i really admire - Kevin Spacey! Unfortunately for me this movie dragged on and i found myself a little bored with the storyline until 3 quarters the way through. i must say the double twist at the end is something i didn't see coming and the last quarter of the film was great. The first 3 quarters however just didn't do it for me, it had its moments but then became boring again. Maybe it's just me as everyone clearly seems to rate this movie highly but i just felt it dragged on a little. I guess i went in with expectations way to high. A 6 out of 10 for me.
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Project X (2012)
Wow this one surprised me...In a good way!
25 September 2012
OK so i watched this with an open mind not knowing whether i was going to like or dislike it. The fact it was an 18 certificate gave me encouragement suggesting this was going to be extreme! At the end i was grinning and thinking wow that was a pleasant surprise. Project X as many already know is about 3 high school kids who are general losers amongst their peers. Nobody knows who they are, they don't get any chicks and are deemed uncool. One of the kids (Thomas) has just turned 17 and his parents are going away for a weekend leaving him alone to house sit. Thomas's father has no idea his son has it in him to throw the party we end up witnessing. The neighbourhood is peaceful and the house is huge with a swimming pool in the back and plenty of space to throw a crazy party. Thomas is not keen at first on the idea of a party but his mate convinces him and the word gets out on the internet and local radio.... about 1,500-2000 people show up including all the cool kids in high school and plenty of hot chicks. Be prepared from this point on to see the craziest house party you will ever witness on film... the sort of house party you watch wishing you could experience. Chaos is an understatement... i myself watched it thinking OK so things are going to get out of control but i couldn't have guessed how far it could go! As long as no one spoils the extremeness of how far things go then you should really enjoy this and be surprised and shocked at how far the chaos gets!

This movie is easy to watch, no complicated storyline, no deep thinking, character development but hey if there was then this film wouldn't be what it is. Its just a fast paced fun adrenaline rush which manages to keep getting crazier beyond belief. I really enjoyed it! Plenty of laughs along the way as-well as shocks and i found that i was torn between feeling sorry for this Thomas kid and feeling the opposite. I was like that all the way through. I gave it a strong 8 - well worth checking out.
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Irreversible (2002)
A lot more then violence and shock value....
13 September 2012
This is one of the kings as far as world cinema goes. Everybody hears about the 2 scenes in this movie that shock and are hard to watch... i agree they really are as described but there's so much more to this film then them 2 scenes. The character development, the acting, the storyline, the unravelling of why what you see at the beginning of the film is happening. This was a mind blower. A film i highly recommend as long as you can get past the 2 extremely hard hitting scenes and believe me they are not over hyped they really are hard to watch and extremely disturbing. I own the collectors edition of this on DVD and easily recommend it to anyone really into hard hitting films with serious directing and character development the acting is supreme and watching the movie that starts at the end and finishes at the beginning is an incredible journey with Irreversible that keeps you hooked, guessing and shocked at the same time. Great movie a solid 9 from me!
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Flash Gordon (1980)
Guilty Pleasure! Hang On Why Am I Guilty?.....
13 September 2012
Planet mongo Queen soundtrack Ming The Merciless

Yeah sure its retro, corny and total fantasy but its a great movie! A classic in my eyes as i first saw this when i was about seven. Was also great to see Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) and references from this film in the recently released movie 'TED.' Not a long review here but i'll finish it with this.... gas chambers, memory erasion, telepathic talking, robot soldiers, men flying with wings, spikes, more spikes, tilting floors - LOL i could go on but I'm hooked to this film and always will be. Im not a big Sci Fi fan... not a huge fan of Star Wars or anything like that but this little gem is one i really appreciate. Give it a chance and one watch if you have not seen it.
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Srpski film (2010)
A movie you wont forget if you see the uncut version not the uk DVD!
13 September 2012
I'll start by saying i was lucky enough to see a downloaded uncut version before seeing the uk DVD released version which is heavily cut! For starters i recommend anyone who watches this film to make sure they see the uncut version as the director intended. The UK release DVD was actually the most cut film in 16 years & had 4mins 11seconds cut. If you watch the uk DVD release you will think this film is over hyped controversy and a piece of garbage (The way our UK British Board Of Classification want you to see it.) Let me say that i see no resemblance in this film to politics in Serbia like the director claims. I think it's an excuse to seem sane after making such a movie! Anyway you'll often see this movie in top ten most disturbing film lists etc. What i did love about this movie was its storyline... the sort of storyline Hollywood could run with if they had a super watered down version with high profile actors. The storyline gripped me (i wont go into storyline as I'm sure you already know it!) I loved the main character Milo the acting was top notch. This movie does indeed have some very disturbing scenes... the infamous baby scene is very shocking along with the ending of the film... the kind of ending where you guess it straight away but hope your wrong and totally stunned when confirmed right! I give it an 8 out of 10 for the story & the acting. If you love a bit of gore and violence then this is going to be right up your street to as long as you see the uncut version. The film also has pedophile elements in it to which i know upset a lot of people... i found it hard to watch at times but the pedophilia is mainly suggested rather then acted upon. The ideas suggested in the film are disturbing. The film had an impact on me and its one i wont forget thats for sure.
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Lockdown (2000)
A Good watch but not up to par with the competition
13 September 2012
I was eager to see Lockdown as its a movie i quite simply missed in the past. Finally got around to grabbing it on DVD for cheap and it was certainly a good movie and I'm pleased to have it in the collection but being a huge fan of the old HBO Gritty Prison drama OZ and a fan of Prison Break this did definitely have its weaknesses. At times it dragged on and just didn't always have the full hard hitting grit i thought it would have. I did expect more from this movie. It was great to have a ghetto based prison movie as i have not seen one in a long time - the last one i saw was Prison Song with Q Tip (great film!) Lockdown gets a 7 out of 10 from me. A good watch but not enough gritty surprises it was quite predictable.
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Hostel: Part III (2011 Video)
Not as bad as people would make you believe!
4 February 2012
Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of Hostel 1 & 2 along with the Saw franchise etc. OK so i first saw Hostel 3 available in my local Tesco store on DVD. I couldn't believe my eyes... another Hostel film?! Why hadn't i even heard about this. Being an avid IMDb user i immediately looked it up when i got home and was gutted to see so many bad reviews about it. I was instantly put off and thought "ok i won't bother with this one." Hearing Eli Roth had not directed it either was a major blow to me and i instantly forgot about it. A few days later i came across a Hostel DVD box set of all 3 movies for a tenner. I was gob smacked seeing that 3 had only just recently come out and was £13 in my local Tesco store! I snapped up the box set off of Amazon and thought well at least iv'e got all 3 of them for a tenner and one day i might watch part 3.

When the box set arrived i still didn't check out part 3 due to the bad reviews i have heard and the amount of slating going on about it. It was a week later on a boring rainy afternoon that i thought what the hell let's see how bad this really is. I said to myself i'll watch half hour and if it really is that awful i will turn it off and never go there again.

Hostel 3 in my opinion given the chance will keep you watching beyond the half hour point. The movie opens up with a twist fairly near the start that i didn't see coming for such an "awful" movie. I actually really enjoyed the first half hour and didn't think about turning it off. The first say 45mins of the film is all leading up to that big first kill... i expected a kill a lot sooner but never the less the story and build up kept me hooked.

The first kill was Hostel worthy without a doubt.... I've seen this first kill get slated on other reviews saying it was unrealistic or not gory enough etc I disagree and think it would meet the needs of those looking for that Hostel style kill.... i say no more about that.

My gripe is with Hostel 3 is that i wish Eli Roth had directed it... if he had taken this idea on and executed it his way then i wouldn't have found the 2nd half of the film as disappointing as i did. I loved the first half of the movie and the first kill but it seemed to go a bit downhill from there. The second kill was weak in my opinion and it's the twists and turns in the movie's second half that kept me interested rather then the kills. I gave this movie an honest 6 but i did enjoy it. It's hard when your competing against the first 2 Hostels but i certainly think it deserves more then 5 for the effort. The storyline is engaging, there's twists and turns you wont see coming and there's a gory kill (the first one). I think the ending along with the second half of the movie was a let down gore wise and after all this is what Hostel is supposed to be about... imaginative gory kills. But don't completely write it off as i did. It's deffo worth a watch if your a Hostel fan. ;0
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