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Hellraiser: Judgment (2018 Video)
Return to Hellraiser my @$$
5 March 2018
Yeah... Having the house in this movie supposedly be the one that belonged to Larry Cotton means absolutely NOTHING. I am someone who actually ENJOYED Hellraiser: Revelations. It's a bad movie, too, don't get me wrong, but I like it.

This P.O.S? There are things I know a friend can't stand about this movie, and I'm indifferent to those particular moments. I am actually more grossed out and offended by this film because all they want to DO is gross you out and offend you. Royal success in that.

They tried to make Hellraiser a SAW film. That's all they tried to do. And, apparently, they think more that the cenobites are all about being completely grossed out ... and they also seem to think that Pinhead would just hand over the reigns... Even Clive Barker had him do something more interesting than that, and I did not like The Scarlet Chronicles, either!!!!

I'm sorry I am not being more creative with my crap-all-over-the-film review. I usually don't try to do that. But this movie is just SOOO *BAD*. And for the curious - like I started - who don't want the movie spoiled for them, I really can't go into detail without ranting for pages on end.

What this movie does is try to combine Hellraiser: Inferno - a sub-par sequel that didn't start out as a Hellraiser film at all and just had Pinheads' and the cenobites shoehorned into it - with the worst and most disgusting parts of the Saw franchise. Then they added a couple of bad references to the original film as if any one would GARA... We DON'T.

I'm ready for the full on remake that has way more blood than necessary. Because this movie fits the very description of indecent.
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Stranger Things (2016– )
I really hope for more in the future (Spoilder FREE but TOUCHES on brief ending moment)
21 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching "Stranger Things" on a two-day binge. I know, not hard for a series only 8 hours long... but who cares, right? I binge watched it. That meant it was good enough to keep my interest. If it weren't for needing to be up early this morning, I'd have finished it in ONE day.

I noticed several negative reviews - on Netflix and on the web in general.

Yes, this movie has a whole lot of familiar tropes in it. YES, it hearkens back to the days where everyone knew what "The Shop" was. It calls to mind everything from "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial", to "It", and even - in my eyes - to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

And - no - this isn't an alien movie. Not by my book, anyway. This is an all out thrill ride of fun-loving tropes that call us back to the days of slightly more wholesome but still just as terrifying (because many of us were still kids watching movies like "Poltergeist", some of us more sensitive than others to those scares or the more minor ones in family friendly movies like "E.T.") as when we were young kids throwing popcorn into the air because we jumped so high.

I know it sounds like something stupid, but those were moments of sincere ENJOYMENT for many of us 80's kids. This movie takes place in the 80's, calls to mind (very deliberately and straight to your face many times) that era... and still manages to keep a modern audience entertained. Now, I don't call for total originality in a story line. I am perfectly fine with the very familiar and been-done concepts that are common horror/fantasy/sci-fi tropes nowadays. As long as it isn't boringly so, I am able to be entertained by something I've seen before in one way or another.

This is not quite that movie. It is filled with all those very familiar things ... but it manages to mix them up just right, and lacks many (if not all) of the cringe worthy dialogue and tropes that we know so well from overuse. And... it left it with plenty of closure that could mean trauma from the events in the series will always haunt the characters just as they hopefully will the audience - or that there will be more to come.

Dear God... I know a season 2 will probably blow it... but let there be more to come!!!!!!
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Vantage Point (2008)
Edge of my seat thrill-ride
24 February 2008
Hey all. I just came back from seeing this movie at the theater, and I just want to say that I thought the movie was well made and extremely well thought. It was extremely repetitive and that got rather dull, but beyond that, I have to say that I adored this movie, and I think I alarmed my husband at one point that involved Matt Fox's character that made my jaw drop. He doesn't usually see that happen, and action movies are usually so not my style because I have an eye problem that makes it hard for me to follow fast paced movies. Yet this movie was VERY followable, even for those who see worse than me. I have to say that when you want to hire "flustered" for a character, Whittaker is the man to hire, as he proves in this movie! I had to get used to seeing Fox as someone other than Jack in "Lost" Since I am not used to seeing him in anything else, and this was a pleasure to view! Not everyone will agree, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!
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Saw IV (2007)
Really not bad.
24 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hey all. I just want to say that although I have to watch this again (It's playing right now in fact) ... so that I can better understand some twists and turns, I rather like this movie. Generally through it I thought it couldn't hold a candle to the others. Like many others SPOILER ALERT ... I wanted to know what happened to the little girl - if John/Amanda/other ever REALLY had her at all - who was supposedly in such great danger at the end of Saw III. There's no payoff involving her, because of course by the end of this you just end up wondering what happened to her. But despite some confusion and discrepancies, I thoroughly have enjoyed this movie and I am surprised to still be looking forward to Saw V when I had no real hopes for this one!
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A beautifully expanded tale.
10 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I have read one other comment based on this story, and I think that although they have every right to their opinion, they're a little bit harsh on a story for young children. Let's face it, folks, this movie does exactly what it was meant to do - entertain the youths and their families! Which is exactly what it did when I was five years old! I have adored the Cannon Movie Tales since I was a toddler, and "The Frog Prince" has been tied up with it's sister story "Beauty and the Beast" since I was that young. "The Frog Prince" is enchanting as a story of morale and true friendship ... and I think that the music - although some songs are not as pretty as I recalled - is definitely more than charming.

(Spoiler??) I'm not sure if this is really a spoiler, but I truly enjoy the ballroom scene ... if you have seen the movie you know which Scene I'm talking about. Ribbit, who is the Frog Prince in the movie, teaches the young Princess Zora how to dance. Or at least ... something along those lines. I lost my old VHS many years ago now, and I long for it to join it's sister stories in DVD format.

All in all ... this is a spectacular story, and since I've only ever seen two other versions of this on film, I think it's the best that the film industry has created.
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Much better than given credit for
30 January 2004

My father was actually the one to rent this movie. I dragged him down to the rental place and came home empty handed. I didn't look at the plot once I saw Connery was in it. He's not a bad actor, I just don't really care one way or the other about him.

Then he came in that night and tossed it into my lap. "You'll like it" he said. And I read the back. The word VAMPIRE automatically caught my attention and I was hooked from that second onward. The movie isn't the greatest, I'll admit. But it's definately engaging. You can't take it too seriously as it's based on fictional characters and takes place in an alternate universe. But it's funny, and has wonderful moments in it for the ladies who go for the hotties, or the guys who go for the action!
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