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Notting Hill (1999)
2 June 2004
This was by far, one of the most brilliant films I have ever seen!!

I often wish I could live the life like Hugh Grant did in this movie, although instead of Julia Roberts, I would like Renee Zellweger to enter my life. To fall in love with an actress...is like a dream. Much of my life parallels Grant's character, and needless to say, I know a few Spikes myself. This movie always makes me remember that "dreams do come true." What more could anyone ask for in their lifetime?

Notting Hill...one of the very best films I have seen in ages.
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The Electric Company (1971–1977)
What a blast from the past...
21 May 2004
...this show was!!

I remember this show so vividly, and thanks to the Noggin Network, old memories have now surfaced!!

My favorites on the show were when either Skip Hinnant (JJ) or Jim Boyd (Andy) would get themselves in a mess. J. Arthur Crank was a hoot!! Favorite one-liner..."somebody stole steal!!" ...but here's Harry...high in the sky...having his lunch..."Harrrrrrry...you forgot your lunch!!"..."A Peck on the Neck"..."House" (animated musical number)..."SpiderMan" (always was terrified of the Tickler because my sister would say she would get him on me or she would tickle my feet...what can you say for a naive eight-year old at the time?)..."Letterman" (there's where I get my nickname "Rolling O" from)..."Love of Chair"..."Bleached blonde Blanche blinked in the blinding blizzard"..."SuperGuy is a meatball"..."Tilt" by the Short Circuit ("stop playing pinball with my heart")..."My Name is Buddy, Buddy is my Name"...Paul the Gorilla with Jennifer of the Jungle..."A Very Short Book"...I could go on for hours...and at my age then, I would have LOVED to have met Denise Nickerson (Allison) in person!! She was downright cute...and still is today!!

Wow...the Electric Company...a true blast from MY past!!!
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Zoom (1972–1978)
30+ years later...
14 May 2004
...I still remember this show.

It's ironic...I was watching the "Zoom - Best of the '70s" video the other day and I cannot believe STILL how much of a crush I had on Edith then...but above all, Maura ALWAYS put a flutter in my heart. The show had a very strong impact on my life, especially since it got the chance for kids our own age then to interact and express their feelings (i.e. ZoomRAP) with one another. Almost like a peer group. Plus showing other's creativity through skits and projects. It sounds silly, but Zoom actually helped me with many my own improvisionary skills. Not only did it teach me to overcome my fears, but also to be who I am now.

I would love to know what any of the early '70s kids (Edith, Maura, Joe, Jon, Jay, Nina, Tishy, etc.) are doing with themselves nowadays...30+ years later!!! To me, ZOOM ROCKED!!

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Sesame Street (1969– )
Top to Bottom?
14 May 2004
Has Sesame Street hit the asphalt?

I sort of remember that day in November 1969...at the age of three...tuning into NET and here comes this big old yellow bird named Big Bird teaching me about the alphabet!! And learning to count with the Count!! To me that WAS fascinating!! I continued to watch the show RELIGIOUSLY throughout the mid-1970's...with Bob McGrath, Sonya Manzano, Will Lee (rest in peace, Mr. Hooper - loved you like a grandfather!!), and Northern J. Calloway (sorry to hear about his demise)...the show kept me always wanting to find the real Sesame Street in New York. I believed in the show. I had faith in the Muppets, thinking that puppets were really alive (thank you Jim Henson for the legacy you left behind with the show)...and to me, the early days on Sesame Street were, no doubt, the best times of my life...while learning to read, count, spell, and write.

Now today we have characters such as Elmo, Zoe, and others. I just feel that the show is being downplayed. Is it true that Bob McGrath is the only survivor after the show first aired in 1969? I was thinking of the comparison between what I watched and what my daughters were watching today...and by far, nothing compares to the old series at all. It seems today the show is stressed, tired, and drawn out, in my opinion. 35 years of Sesame. It is so incredible...and what an impression the show made on me...and millions of other kids worldwide.

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