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Excellent movie, highly underrated!
26 January 2019
Me and my wife were watching 'Koffee with Karan' where Karan was hosting Shahid and his brother Ishaan. I love Shahid a lot and based on his suggestion in the show ended up watching this movie.

My comment is not biased based on what Shahid mentions but Ishaan has got talent. I hope he gets through all the challenges and does well in future. I wish him to concentrate on his career and be the best he can be.

Thank you Majid sir for this amazing treat. Loved the movie. Sad that the movie is so underrated and very few know about it.
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Excellent script and direction by a telugu director..ATLAST!!!
6 May 2017
Excellent movie which depicts depth of knowledge the director has not only in directing a movie but also on the historical ethics, morals, values, way of life, thinking etc. Some scenes in the movie were precious and startling (something which I've only seen in Vedam movie). A scene which can convey thousand messages. It was priceless. I have never been fan of Rajamouli or Prabhas or anyone in specific. But am in love with the movie, they way it has been depicted and taken. I can see days and nights of multiple thoughts behind each scene. Excellent work. Once in a lifetime achievement for Rajamouli garu. I wish him all the best to deliver good movies (than the usual make hero happy, producer happy and run movie as any other business. Its an art and not a business). Some movies like this prove that statement!
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Katamarayudu (2017)
Why Pawan Kalyan, why act in such useless directors movies
26 March 2017
First of all Pawan Kalyan was good as usual. And that's the only thing which is good about this movie. Shruthi hassan looks so artificial, moving away from natural sense. I believe looking natural is no more the go way.

Direction was worst. Not sure why Pawan Gabe chance to this guy. Its become a trend to pull in great actors into such bad scripts and directions. Something which I saw with Rajnikanth sir.

Wish movie had better flow, direction. It deserves not more than 4/10.
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Amazing direction sets and atmosphere
19 December 2015
Sir Sanjay Leela Bhansali is famous for his talents which I mentioned in the summary title. This movie was no exception. It was depicted the way it was meant to be depicted. Acting was flawless and the sets, direction was flawless too. I would like to thank Sanjay for bringing to light the great Maratha warrior 'Peshawar Bajirao Ballal Bhat'. Such an important person in our Indian history and I am sad I never came to know of him till now. Thanks a lot for that. Coming to acting, all the characters should be lauded for their performances. This movie needed equal compassion and commitment from each of them to make it what it is and they delivered the same. Maintaining the flow of antiquity and sets was a difficult thing and the director and his team managed it perfectly. Wars could've been made more realistic if possible but the present war direction was enough to throw its impact as the movie was more about LOVE than wars. Loved it, is my rating !!!
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Chandralekha (1997)
Flawless script and precision direction
18 January 2015
This movie should be held as an example for implementation or direction of a good but difficult script. This movie stands out as it is a mix of unending comedy, attracting story and unbelievable acting. This is a must watch and one should appreciate the direction of priyadarshan. Coming to acting, each and every actor played their role to perfection. Amazing Lalettan(Mohan Lal), Srinivas, Innocent, Mamukkoya, etc. I have watched this more than 20 times and even now it feels so refreshing and peaceful to watch this movie. Its been almost 20 years that this movie was released and am giving a review now. This should explain the impact this movie leaves on one, compared to present generation unmatured direction and rarely to be seen good scripts. This movie stands out as a classic entertainer. Thank you for presenting this movie to the world.
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Immature and highly commercial movie
3 January 2015
Let me start with the positives. Few things which can be applauded in this movie are Nithin's acting,... am thinking... Nothing else !!! I think director and producers got the money they thought of (return on INVESTMENT). Story is worse, Songs unbearable (except one) and everything else heats up the brain. True cinema lovers, please avoid and save your money on something more productive. I don't know why directors cannot go for good movies and why talented actors go on to take such bad scripts. Once a bad cinema is directed, its a waste trying to get fake accolades off it. One a whole, waste of money and time.
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