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Heroes (II) (2006–2010)
A painful fall from a 10/10 S1 to a 1/10 S4.
1 December 2015
This must by far be the worst butchering of a TV series ever. It is almost impressive how they totally trash a tremendous show along the way until only a burning wreck remains. The writers responsible should quit their jobs and live in shame for the rest of their lives. This is a painful display of inconsistency and incompetent writing. I was actually excited when I heard about "heroes reborn" but now that I have just finished s4 I am not so sure anymore. Maybe I will watch it out of pure curiosity and I am telling myself that it can not get any worse. This show desperately needs Hiro to go back to the start of s2 and bitchslap everyone around the writingtable.
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Revolution: Soul Train (2012)
Season 1, Episode 5
High hopes crushed.
17 October 2012
OK, my high hopes from episode 1 is getting crushed for every episode. I am having a hard time defending this anymore against the haters. Tracy Spiridakos acting hasn't developed a bit since her kids-TV-career and her acting abilities stays at simplistic entertaining of kids. Shes is definitely not helped by who ever wrote her character. Its not very likely that she managed to survive for 15 years in this false and brutal world being so sickly naive and constantly making mistakes.

Hats off for Giancarlo Esposito who outshines everybody with his interpretation of the psychotic Captain Tom Neville.

This show needs a miracle even more miraculous than the instantly-bumping-into-the person-you-look-for-in-a-crowded-town-syndrome that this show is suffering from.

Shape it up!
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Revolution: The Plague Dogs (2012)
Season 1, Episode 4
Did common sense disappear with electricity and got replaced with NAIVETY??
11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is an exciting show if you are able to disregard all the holes in the story and just see it for what it is, a fantasy-science-fiction.

It is entertaining.

But what I don't get is the siblings universally naive minds, that is just to much even for a fantasy-science-fiction. They have lived for 15 years among brutality, deceit and murdering for food and STILL she goes "please don't kill the armed henchmen who want to kill us, oops he came back for us, thats weird, I thought that he would leave us alone". Only to be exceeded by the brother when he helps the psychotic general and then goes "you s.o.b.??" when he gets re-arrested. W T H man!? Did common sense of survival disappear with electricity and got replaced with NAIVETY??
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Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014)
15 January 2012
Great show that feels brutally real and down to earth honest. Gladly without over exaggerated Hollywoodmanners in acting and fx.

The only obstacle to get a full 10 star is the feeling of some episodes being pure fillers and some unrealistic events and actions by characters just to bring the story of the episode home. But overall this is one of my favorite TV-shows for being somewhat alone in its genre, at least here in Sweden and the channels I access, and for the good casting of actors. An exception is the casting of prospects who are characterless and look far to bleak and geeky like if the only tough guys in the county are the ones around the table and in other gangs. The difference gets a little to much.
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The Walking Dead (2010– )
Awesome but not flawless.
15 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Great show with interesting characters.

Personally I think the weakest moments are when walkers are on screen, where my main issue is the lack of following the time-line and keeping to a given concept. A classic example is when a person runs like a madman with a stumbling walker behind who still catches up? And when clearly stated at the Healthdepartment that only the smallest piece of brain works to keep them stumbling and chewing, still walkers sometimes appear "smart" and tactical, like jumping a fence or crawling under it. Understandably necessary for the story but still sometimes too obvious which makes it somewhat lame. And the game-like tunnel vision is drawn a bit too far when a character can be surprised by a walker sneaking up a inch from his cheek without notice. People DO have a somewhat 180 degree angle of vision.

These are still small details that only keeps me from taking it from a already high vote too a full 10 star.
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