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(SPOILERS!!!!!!)The Dark Knight Rises was really disappointing (and kind of dumb)
5 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS!!!!! Let me assure you I'm a huge fan of Nolan's Batman films, Batman Begins was good 7/10 and The Dark Knight was great 8.5/10. But on the other hand, The Dark Knight Rises was really really disappointing and REALLY overrated. This movie had good things and ALLOT of inconsistencies. The movie had some really good performances, especially from Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and also from Michael Caine (what little there was of him). Bane was a great villain he was ruthless, intimidating, was always one step ahead and you could tell Tom Hardy was having fun with the role, the only downside was his voice, it sounded really annoying and just laughable, I really couldn't take him seriously in some parts. Anne Hathaway did a great job as Catwoman being slick, sexy and always going back and forth, probably the best Catwoman I've seen on screen (sorry Michelle Pfeiffer). The soundtrack was fantastic and had some really neat shots. OK I'm done praising the movie now to get dirty.

THIS MOVIE IS RIDDLED WITH PLOT HOLES!!!! And I'm going to point them out (in no particular order)

How was Bane able to find Batman's armory if Luscious Fox stated that it was "off the books"? How did Bruce Wayne get into Gotham City after he SOMEHOW escaped the country?Why did GCPD send down most of their police force?How come the police force don't have beards when they got out of the hole?WHY DOESN'T BATMAN TALK NORMALLY TO SELINA KYLE OR ANYONE WHO KNOWS HE'S BATMAN??HOW DID BATMAN SURVIVE THAT NUCLEAR EXPLOSION IF HE HAD 4 OR 5 SECONDS TO ESCAPE??!The scientist was able to make a nuclear bomb in less than a minute?Why didn't the CIA check whom they brought on board before leaving Russia? How come Bruce Wayne doesn't check his employees before his stuff gets stolen by Kyle?Even though the nuke left the city before blowing up wouldn't it still destroy most of Gotham? The blast radius could affect the city? Also the film is poorly paced and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is really underdeveloped. Also WHERE'S BATMAN FOR THE FIRST HOUR AND 30 MINUTES OF THE FILM?? Now let me say this is in no way a bad movie or good movie, it's a really disappointing movie. Even though the ending was really bad, I don't the film isn't terrible overall, I mean it isn't as bad as Batman and Robin that's for sure.
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Fallout 3 (2008 Video Game)
A very realistic, fun post-apocalyptic role playing game
11 August 2012
OK bare with me, this is my first review so don't criticize it. The Fallout franchise had no meaning in my life, but when i first heard about this game on how critics from ign and gamespot gave this game positive reviews, I began to wonder what would this game be like. Well safe to say, I bought it and well... its a very good game. The story is very innovative as it can drag you in but can pull you out, because of all the time you will be exploring the Capitol wasteland. And i mean there are a lot of places to discover. The game (im not sure) is 50/80 hours long. The gameplay can be very diverse and fun. The game has a perk system which upgrades your character greatly, also the SPECIAL system works as well. There is a VATS system where you pause the game and aim at a specific body part of the person or thing your killing (go for the head). As I said the game is immerse, the environments though are not as lush as Skyrim, its actually kind of dull. Some of the characters you come across are interesting (not all of them). Though it also can get very intense as well as this game is very realistic, which its a welcome challenge so make sure to bring lots of ammo and stimpaks. The ending of the game is not that great, its rather disappointing, it has five endings (Bethesda claimed there were two hundred endings). The soundtrack is descent and also you get to tune into radio stations to listen to 1950's music, which they are really nice (I prefer Galaxy news radio). I highly recommend this game, it has its flaws (like it has a TON of glitches), but its creative, expansive and really Gory! Which is really cool!!
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