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WALL·E (2008)
Proof that Pixar are the Stanley Kubrick of contemporary cinema..
3 July 2008
I had low expectations for this movie, I mean I thought to myself.. Ratatioulle was amazing... how good can Pixar really get?.. Pixar really brought their vision to life in WALL-E.

I am not going to say much about the film, Just go and watch it.. and I mean really WATCH it.. it's one of the most beautiful piece of art ever made on the silver screen. WALL-E's flawlessness reminded me of the good old Kubrick days, and Pixar really got this to perfection.. This is not like any other Pixar/Disney movie.. this movie is totally different..

Pixar really got their message out to the people, CGI can be better than film..

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Babel (I) (2006)
Babel: Everyone Suffers. How to present a beautiful masterpiece without depending on dialogue!
4 March 2007
A movie like no other I have seen before. I think Syriana tried to reach the point that Babel did but failed. Amazing performances by all of the cast, and great artistic look at the sufferings of different people around the globe. The movie is very touching and moody. The movie tells the story of 4 different stories that are interconnected by one incident, and by one idea.

The movie was amazingly produced. Although the movie is abit slow and moody, once you watch the first 10 minutes of it, you get hooked up to it. The movie is not biased in any way, it actually looks at how people get mixed up in their stupidity and unrealistic actions which costs a lot to them and to others that they do not think they have any connection to. The story is very well presented and the editing is just awesome! The performances by the actors were also great. How each actor didn't have much screen time but they still showed talent. Especially Brad Pitt in the Phone scene in the end.. very nice! The movie does not depend on dialogue but more on the physical actions by the actors and the directing style of the talented director.

The movie is very emotional and touches different part of everybody's life.. so everyone SHOULD watch it. Might not be the best movie of the year, but definitely one of the BEST!
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Chaos (II) (2005)
Great Cast......Good movie!
5 January 2006
I went to this movie with the lowest expectations and i just thought i would see a van dammed type of movie. But I was in for a surprise. The movie has good twists and action, I really loved the acting from Jasom Statham who is a really good actor! If you are an action movies fan then you shouldn't miss this movie... and don't think this movie is an all action movie, the story is well written and the twists are well made. I'd say go for it if you don't know which movie to watch!

The movie starts with Jason Statham out of the force. So then they had to get him back because of a bank robbery and the bad guys asked for him. Something bad happens in the Bank, then the cops are after the bad guys looking for them. You will have to keep a close eye at the movie, it's a good action thriller that you will not expect to be as good as it is!! and after this movie i'll proudly say i'm a huge fan of Jason Statham (Snatch, Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Transporter, Transporter 2, Cellular, CHAOS), this guy is just amazing!
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The Aviator (2004)
Simply Excellent !
29 January 2005
cant say more cant say less, this movie is excellent.

Leonardo's performance was fantastic and I think he deserves an Oscar for his performance..

there are some bits in the movie where you just want to sleep, but as a whole this movie is worth the 10 bucks you're going to spend on.

The Aviator also deserves the academy award for best picture. This is not a movie you watch at home, the picture is great, and the video capturing was wonderful.

It's about the story of Howard Hughs, a very interesting guy, who was a businessman + movie maker + aviator.
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great story, performance, directing... 9.5/10
25 January 2005
When I bought the tickets to this movie, I was expecting a typical kungfu karate Jackie Chan movie, but the movie happened to be what I least expected, it was a GREAT movie, and JACKIE CHAN was at his best performance.

The director was great, and the movie looks like a high budget movie. Though the movie is Chinese but it's still very great. The story was very nice, it can make you laugh, cry, think, nervous. I think the Chinese really overcame Hollywood with this great piece.

Americans never made such a movie. It's an action movie that deserves the money you spend to a theater.
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