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A Feel Good Romantic Comedy
26 December 2013
Endrendrum Punnagai starts off with it's intro to comedy which was hilarious, mostly due to the presence and comeback of Santhanam. The drama and emotions in this film take a turn in a few scenes, and is continued neatly and beautifully throughout the film, supported by the wonderful visuals. In terms of acting, every actor has done their role perfectly. Needless to say about the rest, but actor Vinay's comeback with a good role in the film raised many eyebrows as his previous films hadn't been doing very well. Andrea's role was short yet good, probably a cameo appearance. The technical values were very good overall. The songs are beautiful as well, kudos to Harris Jayaraj. Harris has also improved a lot in his BGM composition. Endrendrum Punnagai is a colorful and delightful film that should be watched by everyone. Highly recommended. Overall: 7.8/10 (74%)
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Biriyani (2013)
Fantastic, Different, Delightful, Delicious.
24 December 2013
To begin with, this film starts off with an absolutely different and fantastic opening with Karthi and Premgi trying to figure out their plight at the moment. As soon as the first song begins, you can already sense how different and fresh the film making is. As the story progresses, the audiences are revealed with the further details and characterization of the characters and story in an absolutely different manner. Then comes the intermission, which adds up the interest in the plot. In the end, director Venkat Prabhu hints an upcoming closure, which is then indirectly explained to the audiences. In a totally new style of film making, Venkat Prabhu has established himself as a trend setter and an absolutely creative director. Overall rating: 7.7/10 (68%)
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Dhoom 3 (2013)
Dhoom 3 - And Why You Should Watch It
22 December 2013
Firstly, Aamir Khan. Mr. Perfectionist has perfected every nook and corner in his role and has prepared many surprises for his fans throughout the film. Aamir has increased the brilliance in this film by a high percentage, along with the strong script which was good, yet easily ruined if fallen into the wrong hands. Aamir's efforts and dance. Watch out for Aamir's brilliant tap dance and his acrobat dance in "Malang" along with Katrina Kaif. Every frame which involves Aamir Khan will never leave you disappointed or half- hearted. In all words, he's just a fearless genius. Secondly, director Vijay Krishna Aacharya. Credit should be given to this director as he has succeeded to prepare a script on par with Aamir's standards, leaving the fans applauding for his brilliant execution, although he could've reduced the jokes involving Udhay and over commercialized intro for Abhishek, along with a few fight scenes involving Abhishek. Next, Katrina Kaif. Although her role isn't prominent in the film, she also carried this film through the awesome dance moves, and simple, but symbolic existence in the film. Pritam and Abhishek. I know everyone criticizes Abhishek for his acting, but yes, he was pretty good here, with just a few drawbacks. Pritam's songs were very catchy and nice to listen. Note that the BGM was scored by another musician, and not Pritam. Lastly, technical values. This film has technical values that will make you forget you're watching a Hindi movie, enough said. As for criticism on logic and unimaginative twist, the logic is only lost through the usual fights of commercialized Indian films, and it should not be criticized much as we see the same stuff in Oscar winning Hollywood films such as Skyfall. The twist and ending fits the plot and feeling perfectly. Miss this at your own risk in the cinemas. Overall rating: 7.5/10 (73%)
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Moodar Koodam (2013)
More Than An Ordinary Change in Comedy
15 December 2013
I watched Moodar Koodam recently, expecting it to be another normal attempt to make a different cult black comedy in Tamil cinema. I was proved wrong as the movie developed at it's own pace. Director Naveen has not just directed his debut with extreme hard work, but also with a great ambition to instill awareness in the mainstream audience. I found many reviews criticizing this film's loose script and almost fell for that trap. After watching this film, I was once again proved that Kollywood critics and reviewers aren't reliable at all. This film shouldn't be missed at all costs, miss it at your own risk. The philosophies in this film are perfectly fitted into the specified scenes. Yet again, this is another film which cannot be enjoyed and liked by everyone. If you're looking for a change in your daily mainstream taste of films, this is the film to begin with. Overall rating: 8.5/10 (82%)
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A Bold Masterstroke Of A Thriller
12 December 2013
That Girl in Yellow Boots, is a film which unapologetically isn't well- known to the world. But as usual, these aspects are sadly common for Anurag Kashyap's brilliant films. This movie is a must watch for everyone, especially thriller lovers. Kashyap takes his own pace in the revelation of the plot step by step. His mannerism of portraying the main character is flawless and fearless. This film is a unique take on daily issues of life, where some parts reach the extreme level. A story of a girl searching for her father, whom she believes to have loved her, yet abandoned by her family takes it's own pace in cracking shocking mysteries and truths. This film is another bold attempt by Anurag Kashyap in his directorial ventures. For real thriller lovers and movie buffs, this is a must watch. Overall rating: 7.9/10 (77%)
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Irandam Ulagam - Taking The Audience Into The Second Dimension of Cinema
23 November 2013
First of all, Irandam Ulagam isn't a film. It's imagination from an individual flawlessly splashed into cinema. I can't see Irandam Ulagam as a film, but as a canvas of unlimited imagination from the master Selvaraghavan. Let be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or any other cinema industry, a fearless splash of imaginative brilliance is nowhere to be found as every director maintains the systematic and mechanical structure of a film. Mr. Selvaraghavan has masterfully created a canvas of his romantic imagination in just 2 hours 40 minutes, and 9 seconds. Yes it may seem very lengthy, but this is imagination, and I never felt the time passing by. As for the "critics" which "reviewed" IU, ignore everything, because again, this isn't a film, it's a dream which will be enjoyed by predominantly children, who're careless of the mechanical world and filled with imagination. The proof of God's existence is clear throughout the film. The cast was perfect, and if you truly understand Mr. Selvaraghavan's vision, you'll find the cast perfect. And for the ratings or reviews, I have no comment, because this is my outcome: 10/10 and 100%.
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A Perfect Thriller
24 August 2013
Before the release of this film, the viewers were introduced to pictures of actor Bharath with his amazing physique. The hype was created, but in a low key. This film had really impressed and delivered quality for the viewers pleasure. Firstly,the performance from everyone was amazing. One could clearly see that everyone has put in their best efforts to make this film a success, especially lead actor Bharath. The storyline was mind-blowing, as it keeps you thrilled throughout with a number of twists in and out. The direction and cinematography were equally brilliant with wonderful visuals and sets. The music on the other hand, was a spoiler as it had spoiled several scenes, and making them seem clichéd. The music was good only towards the ending, and also for the "Elavu" song. Director Sasi has also tried to put some commercial elements into the film, which tends to seem useless, but this doesn't disrupt anything in the film. Overall, this film is a must watch as it implies a big change in actor Bharath's career in the film industry. 555 - 8.0/10 (74%)
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Maryan (2013)
Pain, Fall, Arise
21 July 2013
This film is, was and will always be amazing. It was an amazing experience from director Bharatbala, Oscar-winning A.R. Rahman, and of course National award winning actor Dhanush. Firstly, the film had the best cinematography ever, kudos to the Belgian film maker, Marc Koninckx. The music was of course, breath-taking, no doubt about that. The story was simple and perfect to fit the 'hope' theme promised. Every actor in this movie has obviously given their best, mainly actor Dhanush. The first half of the film reveals his origins as a fisherman, while the second half is mainly in Africa, depicting his working life there. Every frame of this film has been shot with meaning and realism. This movie, in my opinion, has surpassed many Hollywood films in many ways. Overall, Maryan is an amazing masterpiece and is highly recommended for 'A' class audiences only.

9.0/10 (88%)
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Anbe Sivam (2003)
Love Is God
10 April 2013
Before I begin with the film, I want to express a doubt on this site's functionality. Have the critics gone mad? You guys give this masterpiece just a 7.8? This film beats Hollywood films in many ways, trust me. Firstly, the atheism theme in this film is not intended to encourage people to join atheism, but not to misunderstand atheists as they're human beings as well. Kamal Haasan has been highly underrated in most of his films although he teaches us things that we don't learn in the daily screwed up education syllabus. This film teaches us patience, love, honesty, and sincerity. The work of art in this film is undoubtedly wonderful as they're presented in subliminal ways. This film is not a remake of Planes, Trains And Automobiles, but just inspired character wise. This film deserves several Oscars and many other awards as well. Besides that, I really look low upon IMDb in this as films such as The Avengers and Skyfall are overrated despite their illogical film making. Overall: 9.3/10
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Typical Hollywood
28 March 2013
Explosions, Amazing CGI, top notch action sequences; these are substantial for getting a blockbuster verdict. This film wasn't really terrible, it was just repetitive. In my opinion, I feel films like these should gradually disappear. I'm not saying that Sci-Fi is a bad thing. I love sci-fi films like Harry Potter, LOTR, Inception, etc. GI. Joe failed in delivering a good storyline. The film felt empty and blind, as if the director just made the film to earn cash. On the positive side, The "Rock" was truly rocking, although his role wasn't heroic enough, the fight sequences were entertaining, and not forgetting the explosion of The London Bridge. Overall: 5.7/10
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Dasavatharam (2008)
A True Universal Hero Indeed
23 March 2013
I've watched Dasavathaaram for more than 10 times, yet still blur about it's brilliance. Recently, I watched this film again as part of a research. The Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory have been explained clearly and in a brilliant manner. The story was excellent and it really stunned me way more than the usual Hollywood scripts. Mr. Kamal Haasan has implemented many ideologies and metaphors involving the Hindu epic, "Mahabaratha". This film takes on one part of the epic where the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu is concerned. The idea of rebirth, hidden messages, and brilliant themes have made Kamal as the best director, writer, actor,singer, and many more. I'm proud of Mr. Kamal and his brilliant job in the cinemas. Final rating: 8.3/10
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An Amazing And Different Gangster Flick
2 March 2013
Aadhi Bhagavan: The film we've all been expecting from director Ameer and actor "Jeyam" Ravi. Many people had high hopes for it to be trend- setter. About the film, the storyline is different and amazing, yet not for everyone. The first half blends the artistic portrayal of a high class gangsters' lifestyle. It somehow makes you experience the similar experience while watching "The Godfather" due to the similar portrayal of a mafia family. The tone of the film in the first half makes you feel like this is going to be another masterpiece like "Nayakan". The BGM is also amazing , kudos to Mr. Yuvan Shankar Raja. The second half on the other hand, takes us to a whole new level, and that's where the real brilliance begins. Director Ameer really deserves a standing ovation for making gangster films in a total different manner. His way of contrasting two characters was flawless, and that was heavily possible due to Mr. Ravi's acting skills and expressions. In the beginning, even I sighed as I thought this was going to be another cliché where double acting is concerned. I was proved wrong as this film was wonderful and can only be enjoyed by A class audiences. For people who're expecting a commercial film, please head to the "Alex Pandian" group of audiences. As for the film being a trend-setter, I'd say it definitely succeeds.

Direction: 8/10

Acting: 8/10

Music: 7.5/10

Overall: 8.2/10 (74%)
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Podaa Podi (2012)
A Cool And Fun Romantic Film
9 February 2013
Podaa Podi is all about love at first sight and it's consequences. Firstly, our hero STR looks nice and lazy to fit his role perfectly in this film. The film starts off with his amazing dance moves in the song "Love Panlaama Venaama". Our heroine Varu also looks cute and pretty in this film. She plays the role of a dancer, committed to her career, without a care about the serious life. The story is really good, although it should have been extended. The songs are also a plus point for the film. It's visually good, and it looks rich with the UK picturesque. I don't get why is it highly underrated. Str's acting was amazing and so was Varu's. Ganesh plays a funny role in the film. The main characters have acted really well and this film deserves to be a Super Hit. Overall: 7.5/10
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Billa 2 (2012)
Solid Gangster Flick..
22 August 2012
This is the most stunning Tamil gangster movie ever to be made. My expectations were beyond fulfilled when I watched this film. The opening credits creates a great impact on how the film would be, depicting the Don's history. The picturization was brilliant, and so was the camera angles. The story was hardcore and good yet simple, although it lacked twists and drama. Ajith's acting was brilliant as usual, and the rest of the crew did well, too. Director Chakri has done a superb job in the way he had directed the fighting scenes, and not to mention the classy screenplay. It was bloody, stylish and synchronized. The music composed by Yuvan was great as well. The "Gangster" song, being so popular, was placed during the end credits of the film, decreasing the film's commercial value. Many scenes were taken from well known gangster movies like "Scarface", "The Godfather" and the video game "Mafia". Overall review: Story: 7/10

Screenplay: 8/10

Direction: 9/10

Music: 7/10

Performances: 9/10

Cinematography: 10/10

Movie: 8.6/10
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3 (I) (2012)
A Brilliant,Beautiful and Touching Masterpiece...
4 June 2012
I just watched 3 a.k.a "moonu" 2 months back. There are many things to be told about this movie. Firstly, this movie was written and directed by a debutant director, Aishwarya.R.Dhanush. Well, all I new about her was she was director Selvaraghavan's apperentice, and wife to actor Dhanush. Now about the movie, she has done an AMAZING job in the story, screenplay, and especially the touching dialogues. Despite being a debutant director and writer, she has done a perfect job in the way she portrayed Ram and Jananai's characters. It was as if we were living in their story.The music was equally brilliant by Anirudh Ravichander. If we think out of the box, only then this movie can be our cup of tea. Agreed that there were a few flaws; "Why this koleveri di" video, a bit exaggerated scenes of crying, etc. But, come on! This is just Aishwarya's beginning! I agree suicide in bipolar isn't normal, but it has been shown clearly that Ram doesn't take his medication properly and towards the end, avoids Senthil from accompanying him into his house before the suicide. This movie is underrated, and deserves a much better recognition. Don't miss it. It's a movie of a lifetime. :)
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