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Not that bad
3 December 2004
Not as bad as the rating might have you believe i don't know how it got a rating that low, its playboy 50% of the 70 votes are a 1, guess those guys where expecting a playboy movie with nude girls running around all the time and there's not that much of that, but they are lightly dressed most of the time and there's some good movie/TV stars in it to. I think most guys would like to go to a playboy party at the mansion, well this is as close as most of us will ever come and you have to take what you can get. There are footage from all the big annual parties they have at the mansion mixed with interviews with some of the famous guests that attend them and quite a bit of film of Hef just going about his business with all the girls around him as usual. I thought it was a pretty good documentary.
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Irréversible (2002)
totally overrated
19 June 2004
I have heard and seen so many good things about this movie, so today i rented the DVD. Just from looking at the cover you would think this to be one of the best movies ever made, just nice words and ratings from all the leading news papers and TV-shows. Put it in DVD player, didn't like the menu's even, right from the start there's's a lot of flashing going on, very annoying. But then it gets on it's way and that's one shaky road it's heading down, either the camera is shaking or it's turning around in some strange angle. I guess that's the tricks you have to use as a director when the story, characters and dialog can't carry the film. I do think the movie would have been better without those annoying things in it, and what's up with the flashing white light at the end ???? is that some kinda brainwash going on "you liked the movie, you liked the movie, you liked the movie", totally pointless in my opinion. on a 1-10 scale i give this a 5, it was OK but not very good.
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A truly great movie
29 May 2004
What first drew me to this movie was of course Kevin Spacey's name on the DVD-cover, in my opinion he has not failed to deliver in a single movie, i may have missed one or two of his films though. Now i thought i had seen somewhere before that Ryan Gosling was in it to, i knew from seeing him in The slaughter rule and The believer that he was pretty good, but in this movie he was just amazing i think. I just love the character Leland, how he just see thru all the hollow little white lies we all tell from time to time, and hear what we really are saying.

After some of the stuff written here about it, one didn't quite know what to make of the film, but it was far better than i thought it would be, and that's always nice.

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