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Vamps (2012)
Two dead girls live in NY and try to have fun and fall in love.
15 December 2011
I saw this movie at a screening and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but this movie is bad. Real bad. I mean it's not good at all. I really wanted to like it. I mean how could a Amy Heckerling/Alicia Silverstone comedy about chick vampires be bad, right? Well, trust me it is. The jokes try so hard to be young and relevant, but come across sounding like what an old person thinks is hip and current. The acting isn't much better. S. Weaver pretty much phoned it in and the rest of the cast if forgettable. I wouldn't be surprised if this film never sees the light of day. I'm betting on a straight to DVD, or better yet, straight to Netflix Instant release. Please don't waste your valuable time seeing this movie. I can honestly say it sucks. No pun intended.
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