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Great sequal
9 May 2004
After reading a lot of negative stuff about this movie, I was a bit dubious about how good it was before viewing. However, I am pleasantly surprised to say that it was great! And totally different from Number 1. Reasons I can say this? 1 - Corny 'vids': There! 2 - Horrific violence: There (And lots more 'eyuk' moments, too 3 - Bug Special FX? Great. Don't listen to reports that the FX have been 'borrowed' from the first movie. This is simply not true. There is a couple of shots, but most are BRAND NEW. 4 - New stuff: Yeah, lots of little 'infiltrator brain bugs', which give the movie a real 'The Thing and The Hidden' feel. 5 - Actors: Competent enough, with some really good roles: Dax; the Sarge; Sahara. The only thing that lets it down slightly is the embarassingly cheesy 'Salute' moments, but, then again, because those moments also happened in the first one, I suppose it almost gets away with it. And it does make you all the more unexpected for the down and dirty, blood-fest final half an hour, with some real shock-horror moments. All in, great stuff. If you loved the first, see it, and you won't be disappointed. Cheers, Allan
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Great Dirty Dozen style western
5 January 2004
Really loved this film when I saw it on BBC1 way back in 1981, when I was the grand old age of 11. One of those films I always wanted to see on TV again, but it has NEVER been repeated on UK TV. However, I managed to pick it up on second hand video from e-bay, and wondered how it would stand up today, over 20 years after I saw it. The verdict? Still great. True, it is dated in parts (Music, editing) but these are really minor complaints on the whole. The lead character is great; really ruthless and a true anti-hero. Some great supporting cast also; with some really unexpected moments. And it takes it's time getting to where it's going, which I feel a lot of todays films lack. In 'The Deserter', the characters are given time to breath, and it is not until well after the first hour that they inevitably start to die. This all leads up to an explosive last twenty mins, with some memorable scenes. If you love 'guys on a mission' movies, or westerns, see this little gem. Allan.
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