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Arctic Air (2012–2014)
Really Enjoyed The First Episode
11 January 2012
I really enjoyed the first episode, from beginning till end. It was funny, happy & sad. It was the perfect combination, not too much of one or the other. It was a perfect blend. The acting in my opinion was great, and the story line was great as well. Many people are comparing it to other Northern shows: ie: Ice Pilots. This is not the case. Ice Pilots is a reality show. Arctic Air is a drama, and is not just about flying planes. There is an actual story line, a great one I may ad. Also, many northerners who live or have at least been to Yellowknife are being a little over critical with regards to some of the scenes in my opinion. This is a TV show. This is not real life. There are of course going to be non real settings and surroundings, manipulations etc. Hollywood does it all the time. Take New York Minute for example, filmed in Toronto Ontario. All in all Arctic Air is A lot better then what I was expecting. I am hooked after show one and I cannot wait to see the next episode.
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Absolutely Enjoyed
10 December 2011
I went to see this movie tonight and I was unsure as to what the outcome would be. I find that movies with a wide array of celebrities are sometimes hard to follow and over all...not great.

This however was an exception.

From the beginning of the movie, until the very end I was amazed. I thought it was an amazing movie to be honest. It was very funny (and I generally don't like funny movies as I generally don't find movies funny even when they're supposed to be), it was very amusing, it was all around great. I laughed from the beginning till the end.

It had a great cast who all did a tremendous job.

It was not one of those cheesy sappy love stories to any degree as some people may expect it to be.

It was full of happy moments as well as some sad moments but they all blended together very well.

I would recommend this movie to anyone as it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.
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